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I have read all of Imogen s previous titles and am delighted that her latest release is equally engaging and secures her position as a reliable author of quality family drama The Last Piece is another carefully constructed and well written page turner that presents us with a good, solid and believable story that draws inspiration from the nature vs nurture debate and highlights what it means to be part of a family I was quickly drawn into the lives of the Nightingale sisters and found myself caring very much what happened to them and their parents Whilst there were no particularly surprising plot twists, I found I was actually farinterested in the why The explanation given provided a fascinating insight into an unfamiliar aspect of our recent social history I also thought that the ending was in itself an interesting twist on what could so easily have been a predictable conclusion It left me thinking about the impact of adoption on both mother and child long after I had finished reading.I am grateful to the author and the publisher for an advance copy of this book in exchange for which I have agreed to give an honest review. I enjoyed this book It was a quick, easy read and just what I needed Whilst I can appreciate theserious themes of the book, I did not feel like it was considerably memorable The characters were great and very distinct, and I liked how we could see their different personalities through how they lived their lives However, I did not see the book as life changing or one I would insist on recommending to friends I would recommend it to people needing a relief from the current situation. I did not dislike this book, but I am not raving about it either Cecily gave birth to a daughter, in a mother nd baby home when she was 16 She was then adopted 50 years later she contacts her birth mother who is now married with 3daughters Certainly an interesting story idea, which is told from the viewpoint of Cecily and her 3 youngest daughters Marnie, the eldest, is a mystery at the start of the book and seems to have be an unsociable character Her reasons for contacting her birth mother are not clear and do not seem to get any clearer as the book moves on Cecily, as expected, has never forgotten her daughter and hopes that they can have a mother daughter relationship, which is perhaps a little optimistic when they meet each other only a few times The stories of the other daughters are interesting though some detail seems irrelevant to the main story The part of the book about the confinement is extremely well written and gave understanding in Cecily s mindset, both around the birth of her first daughter and later in life Certainly a book to give you something to think about but it left me with lots of unanswered questions.Thankyou to Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Thank youPublishing UK for the eARC.What a lovely, heartwarming and heartbreaking story this is, I loved it.It features the Nightingale family, mum, dad and three daughters who happily live their lives with its ups and downs Until the mother, Cecily, disappears to Greece, for reasons only her husband knows When she returns home and tells the family why, their lives are upended and will never be the same again.The characters are so real, they come totally alive, I empathized with each and everyone of them and recognized feelings, good and bad, that I have experienced myself You really don t know what s going to happen next, so you compulsively have to keep reading And the ending was unexpected, but made so much sense that I was quite content with it Terrific read, highly recommended The Last Piece is a breezy, sentimental read that showcases the Nightingale family during a tumultuous time in their lives Cecily spontaneously leaves for Greece with no word left for her three adult daughters, and their father, Norman, isn t giving away the reason Mom left But when she comes back, she reveals a secret that changes their family, and introduces someone new into their lives you could probably guess but I won t tell you either The story revolves around how these characters handle this new person along with everything going on in their lives Felicity, after going through years of IVF, finally had her boy, Hugo, and she is putting all her energy into being the best mom possible, but her husband isn t on the same page Julia, the younger twin kind of a cool story here to Lily, is struggling with her impending biological clock and takes a plunge that not everyone in her family supports And then, Lily, our patient, kind, mother of five boys with no complaints, angel of a character is struggling to be the person she feels she needs to be to fit in with her sisters I loved the characters in the book they were very alive and realistic and their storylines were so true to life I appreciate that they weren t necessarily resolved at the end of the book in the truest sense of the word, as their lives continue past the end Speaking of the end, I thought it was interesting the path our new character chose, not only throughout her whole life but at the end here too It s not a traditional choice and that was refreshing Overall, it was an entertaining family drama with likable characters and an interesting premise. The novel started fine, with a fast pace, a mystery that wasn t that mysterious in the end, in my opinion , and the promise of a good story and yet, I didn t enjoy this one.The plot is weak and it s easy to see where it ll take the reader The focus is on Cecily Nightingale, a mother of three daughters, who discovers that the daughter she gave up for adoption fifty years ago has summoned her to Greece This isn t a spoiler because you learn this fairly early in the book.I don t know why there were chapters focusing on all her three daughters, yet each thread is left blowing in the wind because we have no real closure or finality to their stories Maybe this is because Cecily s story isn t a strong enough story line on its own There is a build up, but you can plainly see Cecily s story and secret, and the same is true for Julia, one of Cecily s daughters.We are also handed everything on a platter, little is revealed through conversations Norman, Cecily s husband, thinks of the past and voila you have their history presented to you That s too easy for me There aren t many characters in the novel, yet I didn t feel any fondness towards anyone in particular However, I know for sure I didn t like Cecily She seems naive to the point of entitlement and even judgmental the wobbly stomach of another woman she sees in summer clothing makes Cecily feel nauseous , but she feels proud of herself for going to the beach and showing her wobbly thighs.Marnie, the fourth daughter, is a fifty year old woman However, I constantly had to remind myself of that because from every interaction Cecily had with her I had the impression that Marnie s in her 20s Cecily refers to Marnie as young people which makes everyone seem silly Speaking of silly, Marco, one of Cecily s sons in law, after twenty years in UK can t seem to be able to use the verb to be, for the life of him Why make characters silly and fake The relationship between Cecily and Marnie is cold and Marnie is plain mean, not to mention somewhat disturbing, given the obsession we learn she has with the Nightingales Why she insisted on meeting Cecily on an island in Greece, when they all live in UK, is beyond me For the sake of change of scenery, I assume.I am hitting this novel hard, I can see that But as a reader I didn t see any depth The characters were merely sketched, I couldn t like anyone because there was no character development, and everything was just handed over to read, not revealed, if that makes sense It does read rather fast, and maybe if you ve read Imogen Clark before you might find this enjoyable It wasn t the novel for me, although I was looking forward to it.Disclaimer I received this novel from the publisher via Net Galley All thoughts expressed here are my own. I was lucky enough to receive a publisher s copy of this book free of charge I had already read some of the author s work and found the books interesting and enjoyable After reading the first couple of chapters of this one, I was beginning to wish that I had not accepted a free copy as I was feeling guilty that, having agreed to write a review, I would be writing a less than positive one The characters seemed to be two dimensional and the thoughts and feelings expressed by the characters seemed to belong in another era Even Cecily s name seemed particularly old fashioned and I somehow did not believe that she would just take off without a word to her family.However, despite my original misgivings, I persevered and I am extremely glad that I did so Although I could not entirely shake off the idea that what had happened to Cecily in the past was muchlikely to have happened in the late fifties or even the early sixties, rather than 1968 when ideas had really begun to change, my view of the novel was modified as I continued reading I became absorbed in the story and the interactions between the female characters and, after a slow start, I could not put the book down I found the novel charming and easy to read It was light, without being twee and had a thought provoking conclusion It was definitely a worthwhile read. I have read Imogen Clarks books in the past and have enjoyed her writing They are easy to read and perfect for escapism when sometimes life needs to give a little release.This is largely centred around a family called the Nightingales and we have Dad Norman, Mum Cecily and their grown up daughters Felicity, Lily and Julia.When mum disappears to Greece totally out of character without any warning the daughters try to immediately question why would their mum do that The reason we find out is that Cecily gets a letter from her fourth daughter who she gave away for adopted nearly fifty years ago and since that day has never seen or discovered what her long lost daughter became.The Last Piece goes between scenes in Greece and the UK and shows how their daughters are all living different lives with their own challenges.Lots of family drama, secrets and arguments feature in this novel and will tug at your heartstrings.Although I enjoyed it, it s not one of my favorite Imogen Clarks books.Certainly gives you something to think about and I learnt a lot about how the adoption process may have been in the 1970 s this may give some readers feelings of abandonment provoked by adoption.Thank you Netgalley for the ARC. A well written, heartwarming family drama about a mother who raised 3 daughters and meets the daughter she gave up when she was a teenager I thank Netgalley andPublishing for the opportunity to read and review this book. `Download Book ☔ The Last Piece ⇱ A Sudden Departure A Story Decades In The Making The Chaotic But Happy Equilibrium Of The Nightingale Family Is Thrown Into Disarray When Cecily Whose Children Can T Remember Her Ever Being Remotely Spontaneous Disappears To A Greek Island With No Warning Or ExplanationHer Reasons For Doing Something So Out Of Character Are A Total Mystery To Her Three Daughters, High Powered Executive Felicity, Unfulfilled GP Julia And Organised Mother Of Five Lily What Connection Could She Possibly Have With Kefalonia But Cecily Has Gone To Continue A Story She Thought Ended Decades Ago One That Could Have A Huge Impact On Her Family And When She Returns, She Ll Have To Tell Them The TruthWill Cecily Be Able To Hold Her Family Together Once She Reveals Her Big Secret And Might She Discover That She S Not The Only One With A Story To Tell