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Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research.Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast.Read for personal research found this book s contents helpful and inspiring number rating relates to the book s contribution to my needs. the spiritual life doesn t just stop at freedom from sin only, it proceeds even upto our legitimate human natural being. InformativeintenseintricateIn the degree that we look off unto Him to that degree are we delivered from self Second preface pg 18 The fall of man 1 Tim 2 14 Gen 3 12, 13 pg 47 The flesh and salvation Gal 5 24 sin of flesh Gal 5 17 self of flesh To wholly conquer sin the believer needs but a moment to deny the self he needs an entire lifetime Only on the cross did Jesus bear our sins yet throughout His life the Lord denied Himself The same must be true of us pg 78 79 The cross and the soul the higher our knowledge and the profound our experience, the hidden shall be our soul life, and the harder, consequently, to detect and eject pg 184 The deeper the Word of God penetrates Heb 4 12 , the deeper works the cross and the further the Holy Spirit completes the union of the life of our spirit with the Lord Jesus pg 186 Spiritual believers and the soul Our natural life is a formidable obstacle to spiritual life Never satisfied with God alone, it invariably adds something extra to God pg 194 The first and original sin of man was to seek what is good, wise and intellectual according to his own idea pg 201 gaze upon our Lord Jesus Who endured the cross, despising the shame Heb 12 2 3 pg 207 Bless the Lord, O my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name Psa 103 1 pg 207 Yo poseo la version del 1989. Revelation knowledge that Watchman Nee shares with readers Understanding the differences in detail between spirit, soul, and body For those who are truly seeking, not wanting to seek. i want to know about spritual life `Free Book ☠ The Spiritual Man: Volume 1 ⇜ The Ordinary Concept Of The Constitution Of Human Beings Is Dualistic Soul And Body According To This Concept Soul Is The Invisible Inner Spiritual Part, While Body Is The Visible Outer Corporal Part Though There Is Some Truth To This, It Is Nevertheless Inaccurate Such An Opinion Comes From Fallen Man, Not From God Apart From God S Revelation, No Concept Is Dependable That The Body Is Man S Outward Sheath Is Undoubtedly Correct, But The Bible Never Confuses Spirit And Soul As Though They Are The Same Not Only Are They Different In Terms Their Very Natures Differ From Each Other The Word Of God Does Not Divide Man Into The Two Parts Of Soul And Body It Treats Man, Rather, As Tripartite Spirit, Soul And Body