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I don t normally read first person accounts I prefer to view history through a lens but I first learned about Hearne in Adam Shoalts History of Canada in Ten Maps and wanted This was a fabulous account from an anthropological standpoint It was fascinating to see how an 18th century man who lived with the indigenous population essentially as one of them who wasn t there to proselytize described them. A remarkably literate and thoughtful book, clearly written by a man who had received a classical education yet often with very modern sounding turns of phrase. Read this as my 18 yr old son canoed the Coppermine River for almost 7 weeks It gave a remarkable description of the life of the tribes in the area and of the relations with the Hudson Bay Company Surprised me with how interesting and perceptive it was as it opened my eyes to life in the late 1700s in northern Canada. ^Read E-pub ↞ A Journey to the Northern Ocean: Samuel Hearne (Classics West) ☜ Widely Recognized As A Classic Of Northern Exploration Literature, A Journey To The Northern Ocean Is Samuel Hearne S Story Of His Three Year Trek To Seek A Trade Route Across The Barrens In The Northwest Territories Hearne Was A Superb Reporter, From His Anguished Description Of The Massacre Of Helpless Eskimos By His Indian Companions To His Meticulous Records Of Wildlife, Flora And Indian Manners And Customs As Esteemed Author Ken McGoogan Points Out In His Foreword Hearne Demonstrated That To Thrive In The North, Europeans Had To Apprentice Themselves To The Native Peoples Who Had Lived There For Centuries A Lesson Lost On Many Who FollowedFirst Published In , Than Two Decades After Hearne Had Completed His Trek, The Memoir Was Originally Called A Journey From Prince Of Wales S Fort In Hudson S Bay To The Northern Ocean In The Years , And This Classics West Edition Brings A Crucial Piece Of Canadian History Back Into Print