Book ♿ The Fetch ☩

I did not finish this book I stopped around page 90 or so and just lost interest in this book. I also fell into a reading slump It s possible I ll pick up the book later on when I havetime I m either reading very slow or the pacing is very slow Inside his grandfather s old sea chest, Sky discovers some runestones and a journal When his cousin, Kristin arrives, they explore the journal and the runestones combined with a ouija board and find themselves drawn into the lives of their Norse ancestors and time travel to fight a blood feud that is centuries old. Book ☨ The Fetch ☧ FETCH The Apparition, Double, Or Wraith Of A Living PersonIn The Attic, In An Old Sea Chest, Secreted Away, Are A Mysterious Journal And A Set Of RunesStones That Will Change Sky S Life ForeverWhen Sky And His Cousin Kristin Find Their Norwegian Grandfather S Runes, Sky Feels Like The Wait Is Over, Like He Can Now Release The Breath He Wasn T Even Aware He D Been Holding But When He Lays Out The Stones In A Runecast They Find In Sigurd S Journal, He Is Catapulted Into A World Filled With Possibilities And Danger Than He Ever ImaginedThis First Entry In The Runestone Saga Is An Utterly Unique Blend Of Horror, Supernatural Possibility, And Historical Truth That Will Leave Readers Wrung Out From Tension And Clamoring For This is a tale of magic, horror and bloodshed Fetch is a fantasic piece of teenage fiction and is brilliant for girls and boys who like history, like a thrill and most importantly can handle a death or two, or maybe three hehehehe The chapters and short, sweet and full of drama, action, tension and mystery so there is no way you can stop reading until you finish it really The plot was incredibly well thought out, the characters are not at all stereotypical, each unique and independent as teenage friends ending up on a adventure through time and around the planet I loved the way Chris has portrayed one viking s experience of the Battle of Stamford Bridge, especially his depiction of Harald Hardrada happy to run with his men when pursued by Harold Godwineson and his army The ending had a really big twist in it which had my fingers glued to the pages It truly was a very big pleasure to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I believe anyone of any age would It is a viking fantasy unlike any other I ve read I personally can t wait to get my hands on the sequel of this riveting trilogy. Maybe I didn t give it enough of a chance, but I followed my 50 page rule and it was difficult I didn t connect with the main character and though it was interesting reading about runes, which are my hobby, I didn t get a good feel from the book about what it was all about. It s so dark and unlike any book I ve ever read It keeps you on your toes with lots of unknown corners that light gets thrown to a little later in the book Sky is a very typical boy, and you kinda feel that he too is getting caught up in the book as you, the reader, are also getting whirled into this world of the Norse. Absolutely wonderful Just the right amount of action, suspense, and darkness. will not be reading anyof these. Reviewed by Spreeha for TeensReadToo.comA young boy named Sky is just a normal fifteen year old except for the fact that he moves around England a lot and can t stay with his old friends Where he s at now it s hard for him to make friends, because, well, he s the new kid in school Since moving to his new home Sky has been having weird problems with sleeping at night He finds himself on the floor when he wakes up in the morning and his parents think that he s sleepwalking But when they take him to the doctor there seems to be nothing wrong with Sky One day his mother tells him to come and check out this sea chest with her She said it was his grandfather s before he died She never really talked about him that much but she had her moments Although he didn t get a chance to open the sea chest with his mother, he found his chance that night Sky was looking through it but didn t find anything interesting until he was just about to leave Sky felt something in the top of the chest, as if there was something hidden there He let his curiosity go too far, cutting open the top of the chest There he found a bag of stones which turn out to be rune stones and a journal with writing he couldn t understand He didn t want to tell his mother that he had opened the chest and then just cut the whole top part of it off It is two weeks before spring break, and his cousin, Kristin, is coming home from her boarding school in Norway to visit Since she s been away she is a totally different person When they were younger the two used to go out in the woods and play lots of fun games, but now she is always on her cell phone talking to her friends about girly stuff When they used to hang out before they had just one rule When one of them falls the other always comes back to help But will it stay that way now Now they re facing the challenge of figuring out the mystery of their grandfather together You ll just have to read the book to figure out the rest, but it s a great ride I would recommend this book to people who want to read a paranormal fantasy adventure I certainly enjoyed reading THE FETCH, and I bet you will, too I never finished this bookI was probably two or three chapters from the end when it was due back to the library and I just didn t care enough about it to renew or plow through the last few pages.I guess I was just uninterested in the characters and their lives It is apparently part of a series and I realized I wasn t going to get the questions I wanted answered until the next book or maybe the one after that They weren t exactly keeping me up at night so I have no desire to readof this series I think there was just too much going on The protagonist spirit travels to different lives and times and it s all supposed to tie into who he is and what his life is like now I would just start getting into this new character and dilemma when he would return to the present day and his present body, which wasn t all that intriguing His cousin has some potential to be interesting but was relatively extraneous.I really wanted to like it as the idea appeals to me a teenage boy learns the art of shamanic spirit travelling through his fetch and begins to learn the runes It s appealing to a Heathen like myself but just fell flat for me.