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Buckskin Cody is a riotous romantic comedy that had me chuckling on almost every page and frequently laughing out loud Amanda and Zack are cousins who live together in a big country home in Mississippi where they are helping each other to build their businesses There s Little Gay Gardens which celebrate Zack s gayness and his love of colorful plants, and Buckskin, USA, Amanda s menswear company Zack goes with Amanda to the rodeo to search for a hot cowboy who will model her designs, in particular her men s briefs There they find Cody who is perfect as a model, but unfortunately, who just happens to have warrants out for his arrest.Author James Montgomery doesn t stop at making us laugh He has created characters who grow throughout story On the outside, Amanda is a sassy Southern woman in love with her sewing machines and her guns She is perpetually on the local church congregation s prayer list Before the story is over, Amanda deals with deep seated fears, and she comes to beat peace with herself Zack learns he is a much bigger and better man than he ever realized And Cody comes to understand that he has great value as a human being, despite his rough beginnings and his run ins with the law.The authentic portrayal of Southern culture and language is exceptionally accurate and completely lacking the mean and demeaning descriptions that outsiders often give to Southern good ole boys and girls Montgomery understands the pervasive role of fundamentalist Christianity in the South, too, which acts for both good and evil, sometimes at the same time And Montgomery can turn a phrase How about these a Mexican version of the Underground Railroad and the SEAL team of prayer warriors Amanda and Cody find their HEA, and even Zack comes upon a young Cajun cowboy who has a lot of relationship potential Buckskin USA gets built, love prevails, and we get to laugh our way through this sweet and funny story. Five starsBuckskin Cody, by James Montgomery is funny, witty, well written, cute, easy to read book that serves up Southern life and antics in major portions Even though, I myself am Southern, I was still laughing and utterly charmed by the dialect, slang, characters, and action I was able to finish the book in an afternoon and enjoyed the light hearted, wit and tone of the book It was a lovely escape.The book centers around two cousins with heads for business and a chance encounter with an old friend and wanted criminal It focuses on second chances, honesty, looking out for one another, loving people and being big hearted Some of my favorite passages involved using a gun scope as binoculars, the parents driving around the block spying on Amanda, the creative way the boys create a win win situation and get the use of the billboards, and inclusion of language and Southern phrases that kept me laughing from the first page to the last.Also, there is an underlying plot line of Amanda and Cody starting and building a loving relationship And although, I loved them together and the dynamic of their nurturing, easy, supportive relationship, I was glad that this was not the main plot line and it just slyly slithered throughout the plotline making it a subplot but not the main plot.Buckskin Cody is a creative, well seasoned little gem that I highly recommend It is chocked full of love laughter and southern redneck charm Definitely 5 stars. I really enjoyed reading this book I honestly dont read much, but when I do it has to be interesting This book isthan that With its easy and to the point reading,it held my interest Id recommend this book to anyone who loves to laugh and has loved Knowing the Author and his unique way with words, I can hear the sayings and see the gestures as he captured the Real Southern Hospitality and Hostility that engulfed the Southern States With intriguing characters , gut busting laughter and a suspenseful plot, it will keep you hooked I found it paired nicely with my morning coffee and cigarette or my extended bathroom breaks There is Amanda and Zack who are entrepreneur kin that go from rags to riches Joining them is the Crystal Blue Diamond in the rough ,Cody whose life is in the hands of the town With Vicky Babcock, a hussie in New Orleans that had plastered the Buckskin USA name from coast to coast Then there s the Mexican families who helped spice up that little town Finally, the Gay Division Ladies at the Church, who were pumping out the Little Gay Garden orders When everyone was together and worked with each other you got the real essence of the South With God, hope, faith, friends and family anything is possible And, even if your not from here you ll learn that Its not just the South, its Mississippi Dont judge a book by its cover. ExceptionalThis is just a page after page turning novel First, I really liked how the book title was well chosen with the characters themselves Very eye catching indeed Determination of both Amanda and Zack is one trait that I usually admire I like determined people in life and seeing how determined they are to get the business off the ground is a thumbs up for both of them Going to the rodeo to search for a hot cowboy for their brand Buckskin shows how hardworking they are Unfortunately during this road trips to look for the perfect guy comes with the unexpected Cody,a convict on the run is who they settle to showcase their men s briefs designs In this situation,they are in dilemma because Cody have a warrant on his arrest This twist of event really made me to like how the author wrote the book.Amanda from the big country home in Mississippi is not only in love with menswear but also her sewing machines and her guns The church also impacted on her way of life and also impacted on the business Amanda with prayer also brings things at peace with herself Throughout the reading,you can learn that Cody also became a very important person in the Buckskin wear and this is what Amanda and Zack wanted to get off the ground their company Zack not only became much better but also very good and outstanding character James ,the author of the book really made me to laugh at this interesting comic book Exceptionally perfect by the author. [ EBOOK ] ♾ Buckskin Cody ☪ Amanda Parisi And Her Gay Cousin, Zack, Are Determined To Transform Their Line Of Men S Clothing, Buckskin USA, Into A Household Name But There S Just One Problem They Can T Afford To Hire A Male Model For Their Upcoming Underwear Campaign Then A Chance Encounter With A Convict On The Run Named Cody Campbell Turns Their Dilemma Into An Answered Prayer Once He Agrees To Do The Job For Free Well, As Long As They Re Willing To Provide Him Shelter Until The Heat Dies DownShelter Well, Hell Yeah, They Ll Provide Him Shelter Whatever It Takes To Get This Freakin Company Off The Ground But Neither Amanda Nor Zack Has Any Idea How Much Impact Cody Will Have On The Buckskin Brand, And The Small Business They Ve Been Operating Out Of Their House Soon Becomes A Juggernaut Of Epic Proportions Thanks To Help From Jesus Himself, The Congregation Of Mt Moriah Pentecostal Church, A Hoard Of Mexicans Hoping To Avoid Deportation, A Narcissistic Cop Who Likes Posing For Naughty Pictures, A New Orleans Housewife Out For Revenge, And A Spot News Reporter Who Will Do Anything And I Do Mean ANYTHING To Win An Emmy