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The Bone Jar by S.W KaneI am always very excited to get the first book in a series This was myPrime read for June, so doubly excited to get it for free And I totally loved it For a bit, in the beginning, there are so many characters that it became confusing Turns outthere wasthan one mystery wrapped up in this investigation, so the spider wove a very large web An HEA ending, of sorts, the kind where the tragedies are all accounted for, but still no less tragic I really enjoyed this one and will certainly readin this series. The Bone Jar is the debut from new author S.W Kane and is an intriguing start to hopefully a new series.Starring 2 protagonists, rather than focusing on the Detective, this book introduces the kinda cool detective Lew Kirby and urban explorer new to me Connie Darke.When an elderly woman is found dead in an abandoned asylum, Kirby and likeable partner Pete Anderson investigate and find Connie Darke is inexplicably linked to the derelict site.With a property developer waiting to build on the site and a old patient still inhabiting an old building there are no lack of suspects..The creepy atmospheric setting is done very well by Kane and almost gets under your skin in an unassuming quietly disturbing way.There are some great characters in this book, Raymond Sweet is a great creation, but none of the characters seem to take over which is quite a change and something I quite liked Paced perfectly, this book holds your attention and the suspense builds well and the twists come at you as the book races toward its satisfying finale,A very good debut, a quality police procedural and an interesting thriller in a darkly creepy setting with some cool new protagonists on the crime scene.Recommended 4 I am leery of Detective novels series especially, but this stood alone while the characters were well done, Detective Kirby did not steal the show to the point of overshadowing the story.There is nothingengaging than reading an author that writes what they know, architecture urban exploration are fascinating This story had a great setting The plot was well developed, intricate, well paced, with interest until the very end The author s skill with humor came through in a subtle, pleasing way I also want a cat that I can name Terror Thomas Mercer seems pretty consistent in good content In any case I will be looking forstand alone novels from this author. Pretty goodI enjoyed this book although it isn t a real page turner Just a pleasant murder mystery Would read another book by this author. I really enjoyed this read I liked the characters and the mystery creepy former asylums tend to be pretty evocative There are twists to this as with most mysteries, but I was happy to find they didn t feel forced or convoluted.I m starting to come to the conclusion that I like UK and Irish mysteries better than US mysteries I ll keep my eye out for the next in this series. I picked The Bone Jar as my freeprime first reads choice for June and I enjoyed it a lot I appreciate crime fiction where I can clearly picture the places described and the eerie threatening presence of the old Victorian asylum at the heart of this novel felt very real and very well described In my student days, I had a friend in a dodgy part of London that was very close to a now closed and even then rather dilapidated Victorian hospital and this was the one I had in my mind when I was reading.The choice of two protagonists a handsome policeman called Lew with a taste in old cars and good coffee and a so called Urbex or urban explorer called Connie who works in an architectural library or museum leaves a lot of scope for this story to develop into a longer series Investigating two deaths that seem to be linked but it s unclear why, gives Lew and Connie the chance to meet some colourful characters with plenty of dark secrets An altercation in an unpleasant pub called the Welcome Inn put Connie in contact with the father of one of the two dead whilst Lew is leered over by a onesie clad dipsomaniac and maneater whose mother is the other The book is full of interesting characters I particularly liked the ex patient squatting in the grounds of the asylum and getting in the way of potential developers and fascinating locations It reads as very real if you know what I mean There are plenty of sub plots that leave space to take the series further but you don t have to worry that you won t get the story done and dusted in the one volume That s a particular hate of mine so called series books that don t finish the story within the first book so you have to buy another.I m reminded of a bit of a combination of early Minette Waters and a dose of Nicci French s Frida Klein books with a strong London authenticity and an interesting plotline Recommended. `Free Book ☠ The Bone Jar (Detective Lew Kirby, #1) ↠ Two Murders An Abandoned Asylum Will A Mysterious Former Patient Help Untangle The Dark Truth The Body Of An Elderly Woman Has Been Found In The Bowels Of A Derelict Asylum On The Banks Of The Thames As Detective Lew Kirby And His Partner Begin Their Investigation, Another Body Is Discovered In The River Nearby How Are The Two Murders Connected Before Long, The Secrets Of Blackwater Asylum Begin To Reveal Themselves There Are Rumours About Underground Bunkers And Secret Rooms, Unspeakable Psychological Experimentation, And A Dark Force That Haunts The Ruins, Trying To Pull Back In All Those Who Attempt To Escape Urban Explorer Connie Darke, Whose Sister Died In A Freak Accident At The Asylum, Is Determined To Help Lew Expose Its Grisly Past Meanwhile Lew Discovers A Devastating Family Secret That Threatens To Turn His Life Upside DownAs His World Crumbles Around Him, Lew Must Put The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together To Keep The Killer From Striking Again Only An Eccentric Former Patient Really Knows The Truth But Will He Reveal It To Lew Before It S Too Late