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~FREE ⚇ Land of the Dragon ♕ China Is Among The World S Oldest Civilizations And Home To Many Of The Earliest Achievements In The History Of Humankind Until The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century, The Chinese Emperor Ruled By Heavenly Mandate As The Divinely Appointed Son Of Heaven, Intermediary Between The World Of Gods And Mortals Heaven And Earth In An Unbroken Dynastic Tradition Some , Years OldThe Origins Of China S Imperial Rulers Lie In A Time When The Worlds Of Men And Gods Were Closer Than They Are Now Chinese Mythology Relates These Origins And Those Of China, Together With The Many Gifts Given To Its People By The Gods It Was These Rich Stories Which Subsequently Inspired And Shaped The Three Major Religions Found In China Today Very nice book, even to the point that pages are desirable to touch It is a nice short intro, but obviously there is to read up on the Chinese culture, which I actually now found fascinating. As a coffee table book, this probably wasn t intended to be read cover to cover too often, but it held up well when I did so It s not a scholarly work by any means, but its brevity is its comparative advantage it gave me a good overview of Chinese mythology and how it relates to history, material culture, etc And now if I want to become a specialist I can go and read something thicker or footnoted, if that s a word.