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I can understand that others might try this book and say ho hum but because I m interested in the settlement of the Canadian west and North and the stories of our natives I found this book gripping.It is a love story about a young Scottish lad who comes to York Factory as an employee for the Hudson s Bay Company He meets a Dene native woman who has escaped from her captor after being stolen and ravaged from her home tribe and finally near death wanders into the fort It s the mid 1700 s and life is savage and one wonders why the fort exists The answer is the same as drives men to extremes today religion and gold The two young people become a couple and are sent on an expedition in search of her homeland to verify her stories of finding precious metals they start out with thirty Cree natives and plenty of supplies and dogs but by the end of their journey they are alone with one teenage boy Alive, thanks to her knowledge of how to survive in the frozen artic They return to the fort as the woman is pregnant, the supply ship from England comes in and she s convinced her man will take off but he doesn t because he loves her Alas, and I didn t see this coming, she dies in childbirth The lover wanders off into the open tundra and dies Only then at the end of the book do I see it s a true story James Houston has written several books about his twelve year stay in the artic and each one of them includes artistic references and drawings because he is an artist He initiated the BAker Lake Arts co operative and was responsible for it s connection the the Canadian Guild of Crafts which marketed the art pieces A fine legacy. What i loved about this novel is the adventure They went on a long journey and found a lot of stuff about the west The main character was kicked out from his scottish homeland and moved to canada, He knew he wanted to do somethingthan just to be a clerk He met a woman who went to the north and fell in love with her I also liked that the girl had a past and was hurt so they both helped each other to get through the things that did hurt them The main character helped the lady because she was and enslaved I liked that he was helping her to get away and that is why i liked the title of the book running west because when they were free they ran west or in other meaning they were just simply running away. Editorial Review Unjustly banished from Scotland, William Stewart and Thana, a beautiful Dene Indian girl, journey deep into the heart of the unexplored sub Arctic wilderness, in a story of love and survival set in eighteenth century Canada. *READ BOOK ⇦ Running West ☂ An Extraordinary Tale Of Adventure, Based On Real People And Actual Historical Events William Stewart Is Unjustly Banished From His Scottish Homeland And Indentured As A Clerk To Canada S Hudson Bay Company Thana Is A Canadian Indian Girl Whose Peaceful Life Has Been Shattered When A Rival Tribe Massacres Her Family And Enslaves Her The Two Meet And Undertake An Unprecedented Trek Into Uncharted Wilderness To Search For Gold