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I am not quite sure what I think of this book I did find some things in it interesting However, I also keep looking at it with the word pseudoscience in my mind I need some corroborating sources that are mainstream I think before I get too excited about what is discussed in this book Having said that I find some of the arguments possibilities very interesting and actually kind of fun to think about I would welcome further input by Goodreads people regarding this book or others by Farrell I give it an average rating simply because of some of the fringe history and science issues. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⛓ The Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter ⚹ The Philosopher S Stone Reveals The Connections Between Little Known Ideas In Physics And Ancient Alchemy Examining American, Soviet And Nazi Research, Farrell Traces Out Alchemy S View Of An Information Creating Physical Medium, And Shows How This Idea Is Related To The Phenomenon Of High Spin Rotation And The Unusual Properties In Matter That It Induces Joseph P Farrel s book was one of those I picked up on a whim, having some interest in the philosophies that collected under the term alchemy that later led to the protosciences that went underground in the secret societies of the 17th and 18th Centuries and emerged as the modern sciences of chemistry and physics Farrel asserts that some of these alchemical quests have persisted into modern scientific efforts, especially in the Soviet Union s experiments with nonscalar time and the Nazi experiments with nuclear physics and weapons Among his disturbing speculations are that the Nazis may have been further along toward the creation of the bomb than has been generally thought Much of this information became the property of both the U.S and U.S.S.R., both of whom worked over this research during the cold war It does make you wonder what sorts of thinks our own government may be playing round with And whether they should. A good attempt to link theoretical physics with alchemy, The Philosophers Stone connects the dots of red mercury and the Nazi Bell to their possible theoretical origins in alchemy. Some very interesting elements in this book Mr Farrell refers to some of his previous works in this book and I feel like I would have understood of the subtleties and implications of his work if I had not started here I appreciate his enthusiastic blending of knowledge from multiple disciplines I will return to this book again after laying groundwork for my own understanding My best analogy for the experience of reading this the first time is of listening in on a conversation that tantalizes you with interest but you are unable to hear enough of it to repeat it So that just leaves me wondering where to start with Mr Farrell s prolific bibliography An unreadable book on what could have been an intriguing subject. If you re unfamiliar with the work of Joseph P Farrell, then shame on you I ve had the good fortune of hearing him speak on George Noory s Coast to Coast program on a few occasions, and, despite the fact that I may not be able to keep up with everything he discusses, I ve always been captivated by the man s ability to grasp a huge command of facts while synthesizing it down to the fine points He s explored such controversial subjects from history as the pyramids, high finance, fringe science, and the Nazi Party While most readers might be quick to dismiss these topics as already vastly understood and question what might be gained from continued exploration, it takes a truly wise mind to see through the various half truths, misconceptions, and obvious canards that have been presented and accepted as fact throughout the ages I d encourage you to pick up any single one of Farrell s book and not find the conventional suitable challenged Who knows He might even convince you all on his own to look further NOTE The following review will contain minor spoilers necessary for the discussion of plot and character If you re the kind of reader who prefers a review entirely spoiler free, then I d encourage you to skip down to the last paragraph for my final assessment If, however, you re accepting of a few modest hints at things to come, then read on Now, I m going to admit right up front that there are far better schooled minds than mine capable of providing Farrell s book, THE PHILSOPHERS STONE, with a solid review The truth is I m no science junkie Granted, I ve kinda sorta tinkered off and on over the years with some fascination with physics and the like, so much so that I ve picked up a basic understanding of the greater world at large But the I read the I realize I don t know and, much worse, how much genuinely escapes mankind s collective understanding Farrell s books this is my third have a way of demonstrating this repeatedly as he peels back the layers of what we ve been told to hopefully bring us closer and closer to what may ve been misplaced or forgotten from history.A topic as innocuous as alchemy one often dismissed as a flight of fancy is, perhaps, the perfect example By recounting what we know about legitimate scientific investigation into alchemy, Farrell encounters freakishly frightening similarities hidden in other realms of exploration so much so that it becomes statistically impossible to dismiss them as mere coincidences And who of us hasn t been told that there s no such thing as coincidences What I found increasingly surprising in the book s first section was just how much research much of it dated had been done into matter transformation and I m not talking about recently Farrell cites references to show that kings and priests of old were fascinated with what appears to have been lost to the ages or maybe not so much lost as it has been misdirected.STONE is, essentially, divided into thirds though the author crafts it as four parts the first part explores the distant past and some of the heavier concepts relating to alchemy s association to physics the second part and the most fascinating to me detailed the experiences of a contemporary Arizona farmer who stumbles across modern day scientific anomalies that look an awful lot like what we all thought was fantasy might be authentic and the last part ventures into some German and Soviet experiments that most likely had much to do with securing exotic matter than anything else For the record, I ve just started one of the works heavily referenced by Farrell Hitler s Uranium Club and, while that author and Farrell s interpretation of the facts might be different, they certainly both demonstrate that the Nazis were up to something that indeed could ve changed the outcome of World War II had they gone far enough in application As I said, this is my third Farrell book, and, to his detriment, I ll say that the man doesn t always relate his subject matter in terms for the lay mind thinking of my own here That s not a huge fault, though it is one that does present certain obstacles in my enjoying his work personally One of the great unrecognized talents of some writers is their innate ability to take a very complicated topic but display it in terms all of us can understand that s an area I d encourage Mr Farrell to continue getting better at I m not asking that he dumb anything down rather, I m encouraging him to help pull the rest of us up so that we can appreciate what he brings to the table with even earnestness.It s a fascinating read Yes, much of it was over my head such is life when it comes to science , but there s a fair amount in here that I fully grasped What I did understand certainly challenged me to think about my world a bit differently, and I wouldn t be surprised if you found it much the same.THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE ALCHEMY AND THE SECRET RESEARCH FOR EXOTIC MATTER is written by Joseph P Farrell The book is published by Feral House It s a relatively meaty 300 pages complete with the author s research citations and bibliography The book bears the cover price of 17.95, a bargain for all of the insight in contains.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED So long as the reader can wade through the science heavy first section, the remaining two thirds of THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE delivers on the premise of examining some secret and some not so secret searches for exotic matter or, much simpler, the practical ability to transform one substance say, lead into another say, gold I live with no doubts regarding author Farrell s sheer genius to comprehend all of this data, though I ll be the first to admit that his delivery isn t necessarily targeted toward the commoner a mind like my own Still, it s a great read at times riveting and I d encourage others to explore the subject. Disclaimer This book took waaaay to long for me to finish, granted my only excuses for such procastination are only two things One, I started this in summer and got distracted by women, Two, I found other, much fast paced books to pick up Regardless, two months and one college semester later, I finally decided to pick up such well valued subject material and actually tried to read it to the best of my ability TO THE REVIEW Alright, because this book, while possessing so much history that it could potentially bore a museum curator to death, is split up into the four major parts and does not read like novel, it shall be evaluated differently from my other reviews And trust me, this by no means reads like a novel Part One Introduction 5 5.Here is where I believe Farrell s writing shines best He explains the intricate and paradoxical details of alchemy in a matter of fact, relaxed, and controlled tone Pacing is wonderful, and there is much subject material to explain his arguments Granted I felt that his versing in alchemy is not as encompassing as it should be he focused almost entirely on western alchemy as opposed to the other forms, egypt being the only acception , but regardless, this part was incredibly interesting and cited very well known as well as some esoteric sources that meshed together quite nicely Part Two The American Gold 5 5.Another round of applause for Farrell, never have I though subtle details of American history Post colonial to be precise could be so interesting Well here is the evidence Hudson s experiments with the gold was completely and utterly riveting Part Three The Soviet Mercury 3 5.This part started well investigating the legendary and infamous Red Mercury , the culprit that could have or never had existed in the first place But then at one point Farrell decides to include the work of the Russian Scientist, Kozyrev and well all hell began to break loose.I find myself a relatively ambitious college student who desperately needs to conquer his penchant for procrastination and also consider myself acceptably versed in the matter of physics and chemistry ITS A PUN D But the moment Kozyrev s work entered the picture I was completely and utterly blown away, like mentally So much so that you could say that it was at this point when I stopped reading the Philosopher s Stone in my summer The subject material was extremely dynamic, to the point in which I was practically frightened That, mixed with the depreciating prose and the CONSTANT citations advertisements of Farrell s previous work resulted in a muttled explanation of a topic that could have been interesting.Part Four The Nazi Serum 2 5And here s where I simply had it World War II is interesting I openly admit that it is freaking amazing, and I don t mean the gruesome battles that took place in it, I m talking about the race for technology This section of the book avidly covers such a racehowever I found it so chaotically organized Chastise me for the oxymoron later that it simply irked me beyond all belief.And then came the citations from the Author s previous works Talk about last straw The Nazi Serum IRR Xerum 525 was great, but I didn t see the connection to hermic alchemy in the slightest Further, I have developed an interesting hatred for the term alchemical Quotes included , due to Farrell s overuse.In this section, I simply feel that Farrell began to insert his own agenda into what had originally started as a very interesting and fun topic Oh, whateverLet s see the totals 5 5 3 2 15 20 4 A solid 4, which means the book wasn t bad at all Final Verdict My head hurts It could be the lack of pain meds that I refuse to take due to my wisdom teeth removal or it could be trying to grasp the epicness of this work Whatever the case, time to go pop some advil and pick up some lighter reading.