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I discovered a battered copy of this book in my school library when I was about 10 I found it veryaffecting The book made me angry and sad, but I would return to it over and over as a sort of cathartic I was not the sort of kid who cried at books or movies, but this book made me cry I know it affected my writing for a long time, perhaps to this day. A must read.Sir David Attenborough wrote, in his forward for Seton s biography Ernest Thompson Seton The Life and Legacy of an Artist and Conservationist, I was given a copy of Wild Animals I Have Known when I was eight I still have it It was the most precious book of my childhood I knew very well that the man who wrote it understood the animals he was writing about with an intimacy, perception, and sympathy that was not equaled by any other author that I had read. I haven t reread these stories since when I was a little kid, and they make the same deep impression on me now as they did then The stories aren t an easy reading, for, as the author warns in the very beginning, the lives of wild animals seldom end peacefully, and they are full of such love of the nature that you really begin to commiserate with every protagonist and share their everyday worries, be that a rabbit, a mustang or even a partridge The book deals with the minutest details of the lives of animals I have no idea how much time one have to spend in the wild nature to have such a keen eye but you will learn from it about the fauna of North America than from a visit to the museum of natural history.P.S If you have a choice between the illustrated version and the text only, choose the former Seton s drawings are simple, but very atmospheric. 4 stars from me 5 stars from 11 yo son who couldn t get enough of these well written stories. Lovely point of view of a wildlife illustrator that lived his life adjacent to many farmers and trappers, which allowed him to become a keen observer and empath of animal behaviors and emotions a relatively new concept during his lifetime I loved this book and am glad to have learned of Ernest Thompson Seton and continue to be impressed by his works and accomplishments. I was somewhat disappointed by this book but regardless, it was still a good insight into the natural animal world in parts of Canada 100 years ago The author had a real talent for observation of the animals he came to know and described what seems like commonplace animal activities, to be activities with real meaning to the creatures and their life Social order, communication and bonds were seen and recorded. What an absolutely delightful book Our entire family loved this read aloud Cheeko the squirrel is now a permanent part of our vernacular. *Download Book ⇧ Wild Animals I Have Known ↡ A Stirring Account Of The Lives Of Eight Wild Animals, Including Lobo, The King Of Currumpaw Silverspot, The Story Of A Crow Raggylug, The Story Of A Cottontail Rabbit Bingo, The Story Of A Dog The Springfield Fox The Pacing Mustang Wully, The Story Of A Yaller Dog And Redruff, The Story Of The Don Valley Partridge I really can t say whether I liked this book or not since there were some stories that I thought were decent while in others the author was quite hypocritical And yet at the same time he was hypocritical he was showing the views that people, especially outdoorsmen had at that time, around particular types of creatures, especially those of the canine family The writing was decent but didn t quite catch the attention so it was a mediocre read There are definitely no really rough words to understand although there are a few spots where the usage of a dialect accent made it hard to understand what was going on or sometimes where certain terms were used that are job related The illustrations were wonderful and were mostly sketch types with no colors besides the medium to draw them The details were deep in the pictures although I did find some of the animals in their facing were a bit abnormal but otherwise the illustrations work as a portal to the reader while distracting you a bit from the story as you are reading along All in all I am still up in the air due to the misconceptions of the canine family and the deep sadness where each story is truly a tragedy In the end the book will hopefully bring some readers to respect their fellow animals that share our world and hopefully won t condemn those we do fear as does the author s writing Now if I can figure out whether I want to keep the book or not is the next step. I was first introduced to this book than 50 years ago My parents and my older sister read the stories to me until I was able to read them myself I especially loved the legends of Lobo, King of the Carrumpaw, and of The Pacing Stallion When my family acquired a German Shepherd puppy, we named him, Lobo About 10 years ago I found a 1926 hard copy of the book that looked like the one I d loved as a child I was thrilled to purchase it I ve recently purchased an mp3 of the audio edition, read by Laurelie Westaway, David Thorn, and Bobbie Frohman I m looking forward to listening.