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I took out this book, a collection of short horror weird fiction by Daphne du Maurier, on library loan.Two stories I highly recommend are The Birds This story was adapted into the famous Hitchcock movie But there are major differences between the two The original story takes place in Great Britain, and it is a family under attack by birds And it is implied that this is just one battle in the world wide struggle between the human race and the berserker birds The original story is better than the movie, in my honest opinion Don t Look Now This story was adapted into a film made by Nicholas Roeg, starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie This might be the case of a fine story adapted into an excellent film A couple is vacationing in Venice, trying to work out the death of their young daughter, but uncanny, occult events intervene.Two stories that are worth reading Kiss Me Again, Darling A story that has elements of romance, noir, and naturalistic horror A young man is attracted to a movie theater usherette, but then realizes she is a serial killer of a certain type of man I recently discovered that a TV episode based on this story was made decades ago The Blue Lenses A Twilight Zone style story In this story, a woman undergoes an operation on her eyes, and has to wear lenses With these lenses, everyone she sees has the head of an animal and the animal head is reflective of the nature of the person For example, a nurse has the head of a snake the woman s husband has the head of a vulture Others look benign, such as a cow and a fish The story has a twist ending.The other stories in this book didn t grab me. Short stories from Daphne du Maurier this and The Breaking Point , which I read at the same time and had some of the same stories included were fast reads and some were better than others The Birds was fantastic very different and I feel convincing, creepy and thought provoking than the movie Not After Midnight was bizarre and spooky, as was The Apple Tree and Kiss Me Again, Stranger I enjoyed both books but they felt far removed from the novels I ve read from her. #FREE DOWNLOAD Û Echoes from the macabre: Selected stories õ Best Ebook, Echoes From The Macabre Selected Stories By Daphne Du Maurier This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Echoes From The Macabre Selected Stories, Essay By Daphne Du Maurier Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Aka, the fine art of storytelling Nine mostly longish short stories ranging from the delicate, wistful fantasy of The Pool to the growing apocalyptic fear of the classic The Birds Other favorites include the also classic Don t Look Now with its still shattering conclusion, the dark humor of The Blue Lenses, the morbid Kiss Me Again, Stranger, and the shortest tale here, The Old Man, which concludes in such a surprising fashion I had to go back and reread a few pages just to see how DuMaurier, a real master, managed to completely hoodwink her readers 1 2 out of the stories contained in this collection was ok. Real edge of the seat stuff I can see why her books were made into movies. This was a fairly solid collection of stories complete with terrific and well below average offerings This was my first Du Maurier read and I can clearly see that she is a gifted storyteller Her writing is fluid, descriptive without being overly so, and has some well placed wit within it My favorite stories in the collection were The Birds, I love the film, and The Blue Lenses which I found to be highly inventive The biggest stinkers of the bunch for me were The Pool, The Old Man, and The Chamois This was a bit of an uneven collection for when Du Maurier was on her game, the stories were terrific but when she wasn t, the stories were quite tedious to get through and lacked any sort of payoff As a whole, I think it s worth a read if only to get acquainted with a popular well known female author of suspense and horror fiction I am bumping up my rating to 4 stars simply because my favorite stories that I mentioned previously were simply that good and there were a few other standouts in the lot such as Don t Look Now and the Apple Tree. This is Du Maurier in her uncanny and supernatural mode Three of the stories, Don t Look Now , The Pool and The Blue Lenses , have to do with visions of the protagonists, a bereaved father on holiday in Venice with his wife, an adolescent girl, and a woman recovering from eye surgery The question for the characters and the reader is to what extent the visions correspond to objective reality and to what extent they might be a sign of mental instability The Apple Tree is a or less traditional ghost story, though the revenant is entirely embodied in the tree of the title, or perhaps only in the guilty conscience of the protagonist In Kiss Me Again, Stranger a car mechanic has a one night stand of a sort with an enigmatic femme fatale The Old Man , the shortest story here, is a sort of riddle tale in which the unnamed narrator story describes characters and events which turn out to have a form and meaning that are completely different than the reader has been led to believe The Chamois is the story of a hunter s obsessive quest for a single type of game told by his cooperative but unsympathetic wife In Not After Midnight an amateur painter on holiday in Greece unwittingly rents the chalet of a recently drowned archeologist and finds himself caught up in unraveling the story of his predecessor s fate The collection ends with The Birds , the basis for the Hitchcock film, and a very terse version of a John Wyndham like catastrophe story Unlike Wyndham, Du Maurier does not give the reader a neat denouement, offering an unresolved ending, which, other than the idea of the avian attacks themselves and the image of a farmhouse and its occupants destroyed by the birds, is all that is carried over into the film The story itself is set entirely on a farm and a neighboring cottage in southern coastal England, familiar Du Maurier territory, and follows a single character, a local farmhand with a wife and two children, as he attempts to deal with the sudden rebellion of the birds The universal nature of the catastrophe is only hinted at by a kind of synecdoche the silence of the radio and the distant sound of aircraft crashing, heard the during the night.Du Maurier s prose in this collection varies from the overly poetic evocations of The Pool to the straightforward first person masculine narrative of Kiss Me again, Stranger the sheer range of styles presented here is impressive and makes it possible to read the collection straight through without a feeling of surfeit I d highly recommend Don t Look Now also made into a very good film , The Blue Lenses , and The Birds to fans of supernatural fiction, though the entire collection is worthwhile in showing the versatility of this author. ECHOES FROM THE MACABRE is actually the perfect title for this collection of longish short fiction from the reliable Daphne Du Maurier Up to this point, I d only read The Birds which appears here inescapable in many an anthology of my youth , Don t Look Now love the story which appears here as well as the excellent film and the odd parallel timeline piece Split Second not here , so it was nice to be able to sink my teeth into a solid selection and explore her writing.What you get here, as might be expected, is solid skills wedded to some interesting tones and themes As I said ECHOES FROM THE MACABRE is apt the stories move on the peripheries of genre and sub genre nothing here is straight ahead horror of most any definition there s suspense and thriller structures, to be sure, something like the traditional English ghost story in one case, an enigmatic tale that struck me as very Robert Aickman, some pieces that rub up against the weird tale without being that weird , psychological examinations in a way, she shares a lot with Shirley Jackson, I feel a decidedly dry, British take on Jackson, to be sure The Old Man is the shortest piece here, an interesting observation of odd family dynamics at a distance, with an ending that s not so much a twist as it s a complete change of focus that makes us reconsider our moral judgements I imagine that ending might bug those who felt they d just signed on to be told a story and finish off feeling tricked , but I enjoyed the sudden, near surreal shift of conception and reminder just how much control a good writer has over the reader this would be a good writing class story, as well, I think The Chamois is perhaps the most maddening story here it s an enjoyable read but I also felt that the gestural vagueness that Du Maurier can evoke was perhaps here a little too vague at least for me A husband and wife not so much emotionally distant as mutually independent deft psychological writing lucidly and concisely sketches this out for us pursue rare chamois in the Greek mountains, lodging with a rural goatherd to help with the hunt It s hard to say if I thought this story was successful because it s hard to say exactly what happens here the revelation of the husband s fear of heights was quite well done, offering an unexpected, suspenseful moment But the wife s fixation on the goatherd, paralleling the husband s fixation on the elusive chamois, seemed too vague to me especially considering later statements near the climax As to the significance of said goatherd s name being Jesus , well A good story to discuss, but it leaves you hanging a bit, and not completely in a deliberate, intended way, I feel.When I first read Don t Look Now , long after seeing the film, I was surprised at how much of the movie is actually in it including that truly bizarre and disturbing ending those who hate the movie, or even just the ending, might get a chuckle out of the husband s last thought at the closing of this written version A husband and wife, visiting Venice the drowning city after the death of their young daughter, run into a pair of sisters, one of whom has psychic visions and speaks to the dead An emergency splits the couple up, but when the husband sees something that doesn t make any sense, he s off on an endless chase round the City of Death, trying desperately to figure out what s going on and why Once you know the secrets of this story, it s a pleasure to read for minor details the setting, the double return, the warnings, the initial appearance of the rain slickered girl Truly, an odd little gem.There s a long tradition in the horror genre in its broadest definition here as the strange and supernatural tale of explorations into the imaginations of children Sredni Vashtar Thus I Refute Beelzy , and the film PHANTASM spring to mind , especially those bordering on adolescence when something is being left behind and some other knowledge is being gained The Pool , while dramatic, is probably the gentlest story here a tale of imagination and the private rituals of thoughtful children, in which the loss of innocence and growing awareness of the approaching confusion and complexity of the adult world ends up expressed in self destructive actions I expected this was based on some of Du Maurier s personal memories and was proved right with a little research The Blue Lenses in which a woman recovers from an eye operation only to discover that everyone around her now look distinctly different saying how would ruin the fun is an extended foray into the suspense thriller form in ways, reminding me of Ira Levin s Rosemary s Baby as our poor harried protagonist succumbs to mounting disbelief, desperation and paranoia all while Du Maurier does a nice job sketching out the power dynamics between convalescent patients and doctors nurses The solution when it comes, may be unsatisfying to some but one can see it as another example of her playing with the author s control over story And the ambiguous final tag , I felt, had some nice psychological depth to it Kiss Me Again, Stranger is an extended character study but quite a well done one Du Maurier gets right inside the head of a young, working class mechanic, somewhat bored and jaded, and her command of his internal voice is so authentic it impresses immensely honestly, not very much happens in this story, but the thoughts and musings and observations of this young man as he goes to the movies and falls for an enigmatic young woman who works as an usherette impulsively taking her out for the evening and a jaunt which culminates in a visit to a diner and then a graveyard just flows along on marvelous, lucid writing that tumbles from thought to thought effortlessly There s that psychological interiority of Aickman I mentioned before, but not as obscure as Aickman, and the story itself which resolves into an odd, after the fact suspense tale tinged with sadness really only has one of two possible endings I ll say this it is NOT The Tale of the German Student But I think that fans of Robert Aickman should really check out Not After Midnight because it s here that Du Maurier s stylistic explorations comes closest to that singular writer A British Professor, not a fan of much human contact in truth, a wonderfully charming snob his snobbery forms some of the most entertaining reading , vacations in Greece nice evocation of the beautiful, rugged, sun drenched countryside , commandeering a recently vacated cottage after complaining about his sub standard, plebeian rental and running afoul of a debauched, loud mouthed American Southerner and his wealthy wife who reportedly spend their days scuba diving There s intrigue, night swims and effective plotting as our narrator discovers to the situation than meets the eye and delves into the dark rites of Silenus I m not totally sure the ending is successful but then I d really like to discuss the ending with someone I won t give anything away on this side of the spoiler zone but the story is told in flashback and the opening heavily implies that our narrator has returned from Greece with view spoiler some kind of social disease that ruins his career, although the ending frame suggests a subtle reading is that he returns as an incipient alcoholic with a newly acquired taste for young boys Hard to say hide spoiler Read it years ago Amazing The Birds and Don t Look Now are scary