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Scary scenarioIt well could of happened, or something similar that we were never told the truth about The unknown cause of the submarines Scorpion, and Thrashed come to mind. @Free Book Ö Torpedo! ⚡ The USS Sharkfinwas Twelve Hours Out Of The Strait Of Gibraltar On Course Degrees True, Destination New London The Men On Sonar Watch Weren T Listening For The Approach Of An Enemy They Were Primarily Concerned With The Sonar Search Patterns That Were Being Beamed Out Ahead And To Each Side Of The Submarine S Bow There Was A Chance That The Sonar Operators Might Have Heard The Whining, High Pitched Noise Of A Torpedo Racing Up The Submarine S Wake But It Was A Remote Chance The Sharkfin Sbig Seven Bladed Propeller Was Turning Fast Enough To Drive The Huge Submarine At A Steady Twenty Knots, Making Just Enough Noise To Almost Muffle Any Sound That Came From Directly Astern The Torpedo Zeroed In On The Spinning Propeller And Exploded With A RoarThe Stricken Submarine Shuddered And Slowed, Its Interior Utterly Still, Filled With Water, As The Sharkfincoasted Downward On A Long, Planing Descent Into The Black SeaIt Was An Unprovoked Attack, A Deliberate Act Of Aggression When Vice Admiral Mike Brannon Of The US Navy Received Word That The Wreck Of The Sharkfin Had Been Found, With A Gaping Hole In Its Stern, He Could Only Conclude That The Soviets Had, Without Warning, Attacked And Destroyed A US Nuclear Submarine He Could Not Let The Incident Pass Unretaliated Yet Whatever Steps He Took, He Risked Leading The Two Superpowers Into A State Of War If He Informed The President, It Might Take Weeks For Congress To Take Action Too Long Whatever Response Was To Be Made, It Had To Be Made Decisively And ImmediatelyHarry Homewood, Author Of Final Harbor And Silent Sea, Has Written A Novel Of Mounting Tension A Story Of Today S Naval Superpowers Locked In A Deadly Battle That Brings An Unknowing World To The Brink Of Nuclear HolocaustHarry Homewood Was A Qualified Submariner Before He Was Seventeen Years Old, Having Lied To The Navy About His Age, And Serving In A Little S Boat In The Old Asiatic Fleet After Pearl Harbor He Reenlisted And Made Eleven War Patrols In The Southwest Pacific He Later Became Chicago Bureau Chief For Newsweek, Chief Editorial Writer For The Chicago Sun Times, And For Eleven Years Had His Own Weekly News Program Syndicated To Thirty Two PBS Television Stations Standoff political suspenseNot really a torpedo or submarine story The almost mutual world destruction scenario could have been with land based missiles or bomber aircraft Still an entertaining read. Incredible Story As a self proclaimed student of WW II, I really enjoyed the first two books I read by Mr Homewood, and thought I d take a chance and read his third book, Torpedo I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who likes War Stories I would like to be able to ask the author the reason he made a point of putting two officers in his first two books who were obviously Jewish, the sonarman who went down with the sub whose name I believe was Cohen, the rabbinical student, and then Stein in the second book. This book goes further in Mike Brannon s career There is a lot politics, but plenty of suspense as well, but not much in the way of battle scenes since WW II ended in book II.The question to ponder is if you are one of the two big boys on the block as far as military might is concerned, when do you flex your muscle As you develop high tech weapons that have no means to legitimately test except in battlefield, how do you resist the urge to test themor do you Think about that as you read this book.This is a good read no pun intended and the completion of the Silent War trilogy I liked them all I recommend them to anyone who likes military novels. Cold War revisitedGood story on the cold way, keeps you turning virtual pages Story like a little improbable but it s fiction right. Great book.With the time to read Enjoyed the entire series of books You will not be disappointed in reading these books. Unfortunately, despite the author s previous two books being pretty good, this third book is another book where I found the main premise to be completely unbelievable That really made the whole story not work for me, so I didn t enjoy this book The writing was OK, but the characters weren t particularly well drawn, so sometimes I had a difficult time trying to keep track of who was who I wouldn t really recommend this book, even to someone who is interested in submarines there are much better books out there. Intense to the very endThis book sort of reminded me a little bit of the movie Crimson Tide Although the stories are different the edge of your seat non stop drama adding in the fact that each side sank another s sub Tensions are extremely high throughout Makes you wonder if stuff like this really did happen.