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I really enjoyed this collection of stories They were really thought provoking and despite the fact that they were short I found myself getting immersed in each of them I would even think about them when I wasn t reading the book A lot of them deal with issues of race, immigration, class, and identity, but there s also a lot about family and romantic relationships Didn t expect to enjoy these as much as I did, but it was really worthwhile reading. Lord this was boring First of all, it s short stories, which I tend to disklike b c I wantfrom my characters and time Secondly, the short stories were too short haha And, really it was almost like they were trying too hard to be quirky or something I just really thoroughly did not enjoy reading this The only reason I did was b c my Italian mother in law gave it to me as a joke for Christmas, as the new solo Irish girl in the family Here was the rub it s about Asians, not Irishmen, HAHA, the joke is on me So I don t recommend this on any level. [Download E-pub] ☤ Who's Irish?: Stories ☪ The Stories In Who S Irishshow Us The Children Of Immigrants Looking Wonderingly At Their Parents Efforts To Assimilate, While The Older Generation Asks How So Much Selfless Hard Work On Their Part Can Have Yielded Them Offspring Who D Sooner Drop Out Of Life Than Succeed At ItWith Dazzling Wit And Compassion, Gish Jen Author Of The Acclaimed Novels Typical American And Mona In The Promised Land Looks At Ambition And Compromise At Century S End And Finds That Much Of The Action Is As Familiar And As Strange As The Things We Know To Be Most Deeply True About Ourselves I really enjoyed this book Although from skimming the other reviews, it seems like some felt that Jen is better suited to novels than short stories, I disagree Sometimes, Jen s novels feel a little schizophrenic to me in the middle, like Jen loses her attention span and is racing around from perspective to perspective In the short stories, obviously, Jen doesn t need to maintain her attention span through 300 pages, and I feel the book is better for it I really enjoy Jen s writing style and her perspectives on interracial relationships She does have an uncanny ability to see through the eyes of many different kinds of people and to make each viewpoint seem real and valid. It takes a lot of talent to weave stories involving the same characters through a series of books and short stories Gish Jen is a master at this I read therecent books first, and now find myself looking eagerly for the appearance of a familiar character in the earlier short stories. Love me some Gish Jen Her writing is compassionate, whip smart, and always a delight to read I didn t actually find most of these stories to be nearly as good as her novels, and there are definitely several duds in this collection Duncan in China in particular is kind of a snoozer but still definitely worth a read. That first story is simply a knock out. I didn t realize when I picked this book up that it was short stories Not my favorite read As I always end up caring about the characters and then they are gone Same is true here The first story about the mother grandmother was funny Jen s prose took me right there and I could picture the scene and was giggling at the mother s thoughts of her son in law s family during a Thanksgiving dinner Priceless The second story tore at my heartstrings of a broken man who was afraid of everything after a divorce Each story made me care about the central character and then.they were gone On to the next If you like a short story perfect for reading on a commute train you could finish one a trip I recommend this one Well written. What a great collection of stories I picked this up after reading a Samantha Lan Chang interview where she cites Gish as a similar author Gish has a wonderful roughness to her writing, a deadpan humor that eases the harshness of the stories While I wouldn t necessarily compare these stories with Chang s, I m eager to pick up a novel House, House, Home, the last story in the book, really got into the question of voluntary exclusion Juxtaposing an eccentric and affluent art professor with Pammie, a child of immigrant parents who was raised poor and with struggle, told a bigger story of how we ascribe ourselves to an identify just as much as we rebel against that which we came from. Dazzling Eight short stories focused essentially on the Chinese experience in America, with one on the Chinese American experience in China The title, stemming from a Chinese woman s view of the Irish American family her daughter married into, is misleading Expertly articulated Jen has a gift for rendering tiny details with exquisite flair in her depictions of foreignness and alienation The final story, House, House, Home, flips the script, with the protagonist getting a new perspective on foreignness from a Hawaiian man she falls for Not by design, but I happen to not read many, or enough, female authors Who s Irish offers a very unique, and feminine, perspective on every page, and I loved it.