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FREE E-PUB ê The Talisman (Daughters of the Moon, Book 10) ⚞ Maggie Is Running Out Of Time On This Earth And Before She Can Name Her Successor, She Reflects On The Incredible, Age Old Journey That Brought Her To Where She Is As A Girl In Ancient Athens, Her Father Was A Great Warrior And Leader Of Men However, It Was Maggie, Known Then As Penelope, Who Chose To Battle The Greatest Enemy Of All The Atrox After Seeing An Innocent Man Succumb To The Atrox And His Shadowy Followers, She Takes A Vow To Help Cleanse The World Of Its Evil But In Doing So, She May Have To Forego The Love Of The Great Soldier, Hector, And Lose Her Sister To The Dark Side Well this book had many of the same flaws as its predecessors Conversations and interactions would go way too fast Characters moods change dramatically and often I would keep thinking to myself, Well, that escalated quickly What I did really enjoy about this book is what really sets it apart from the rest in the series The book was about Maggie s life back in long ago Athens So it s great to have the change in scenery and it s exciting to learn a little about Maggie.I love Greek Mythology and that s the reason I was first drawn to this series as a young adult This book really got into it It was pretty good.I am excited to finish this series I m so close to the end that I m beginning to get impatient. This book gives insight into Maggie s life, before she dies Not bad. Maggie s story was interesting enough to keep me entertained, but it wasn t my favorite I think I skimmed a good portion of the end, only reading the dialogue I feel like I m at a point where I just REALLY want to know what happens at the end of everything Now, this is where I quit reading this series 10 years ago, so the next 3 books for me will be brand new and never read, which is kind of exciting POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEADI think Jimena is going to be the new Maggie It really lead to that in this book, but I m really confused about how Maggie is supposed to tell her since she became a mist there at the end I guess maybe Chris Also, side note, I really adore Chris I m glad he s become a bigger part of this story Also, does anyone else find it weird that Vanessa AND Catty have both made out with someone Maggie did Like, 2000 years before I mean, honestly, it s kind of really weird Just saying.I ll miss Maggie, but I m interested to see if Jimena is the girl that replaces her I m like, 99% on this for some reason On to the nextanother Catty book, which I m OK with. A very action packed book I have to wonder who is taking Maggies place and what happened to her child, what role he or she played.This one has none of the daughters in it, it is purely Maggie s story Probably the best one so far.