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Joseph Kanon has been writing spy novels set largely in post World War II Europe since 1997, when his debut novel, Los Alamos, was published That book won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel well deserved recognition for an outstanding thriller that was also an accomplished work of historical fiction Most of his six later novels were equally captivating well written, well researched, and well received by critics and readers alike.The Prodigal Spy, the only one of Kanon s seven novels that I hadn t yet read, was his second book Unfortunately, like so many second novels, it appears to have been a struggle to write The novel is very slow on the uptake, requiring a long, sometimes tedious recitation of the childhood observations of its protagonist, Nick Kotlar Only in Part Two of a three part novel does the action really get going.Un American activitiesUnlike Kanon s previous work, which is set in the years 1945 to about 1950, The Prodigal Spy opens in 1950, slips directly to 1953, and then gets really interesting in 1969 The subject matter revolves around the anti Communist witch hunt in the United States in the 1950s The story focuses on a Congressional committee that is a stand in for HUAC, the House Un American Activities Committee, which is distinguished by having conducted its affairs in a markedly Un American manner without having uncoveredthan a handful of ineffectual Communists In Kanon s novel, an investigation by the Committee leads to the exposure of a genuine Communist spy in the State Department That spy turns out to have been Nick Kotlar s father, Walter.An action filled spy novelNick Kotlar grows up under the shadow of his notorious father and cuts a path through life that is meant to prove that he is a true patriot He even serves as a soldier in Vietnam for a time When his mother remarries a wealthy family friend, Uncle Larry Warren, a senior Washington official, Nick is happy to take his new name.When the book finally gets around to 1969, Nick is 29 and a graduate student at the London School of Economics, and the action gets underway He is befriended by a young woman who, it turns out, is carrying a message from his father Nick had long thought his father dead in Moscow Now he resolves to visit the old man in his new home in Prague, with the young woman in tow Naturally, romance blooms, though not right away.I loved every other one of Joseph Kanon s novels I merely liked this one. This book was a lot of fun it had many unexpected twists and turns It s the story of the pursuit of U.S during the Cold War Well s, a senator was investigating un American activities He was pursuing Walter Kotlar, a young State Department official During the hearings Walter against the advice of his friend Larry, senior state department official, defects to the Soviet Union Leaving his young son, Nick and his wife, Olivia After Walter defects Larry marries Olivia 20 years later Vietnam war protest in Paris, Nick runs into a Rolling Stone reporter named Molly, and they talk, after a few discussions she tells Nick that his real father Walter, wants to meet him Molly takes a hesitant Nick to Prague to meet his father And this is where the story begins Remember before when I said people always take sides What if it s the wrong one That ever happened to you Kanon 145 During this book your perspective is always shifting, you re always looking for the person that s good or bad The only rock in the story that we know is honest is Nick And everything he will learn from here on out will change his life In the story perspective changes the meaning if it s a first person narrator the actions are justifiable, because he will explain his choices or will maybe change the story But, if it s a third person narrator then it s up to your own interpretation.You never know what is up and what is down in this book because it is constantly shifting and that is was made this book so great This book will require a lot of patience to read and will make you scratch your head All in all though it is about deceit, and about who can be the best liar. Walter Kotlar is the son of working class immigrants who attends Yale and becomespart of the establishment He s caught up in the 50 s fear of the Red Menace and forced to testify before the Committee on Un American Activities He seems a very unlikely Communist but before the hearing is concluded he has disappeared defected to the East, though not before the chief witness against him has committed suicide 19years later his son Nick receives a message that his father wants to see him in Prague.Nick wants to reject this but a deep curiosity drives him to go to Prague only a year afterthe Russian invasion He discovers that his father is dying and eager to come home Helearns that the events preceding Walter s defection were not as simple as he thought, butbefore he can work out what happened his father is dead, probably murdered Sure now that his father was a victim Nick knows that he can only prove this in America.But he is stuck in a country where rules of evidence and justice are ignored and getting out is goingto be a real problem This is a very good story and I gave it a 4 I m going to babble a littlebit here This book is from 1998 and I found it in our neighborhood library It was onthe let s get rid of these table and it was 50 cents and in great shape I m retired and withthe government and state of PA taxing me to death along with grocery stores and utilitycompanies raising prices every other month us retirees have to find bargains wherever.So if you have small local libraries please support them They need your help and it isdeeply appreciated Thanks for reading this and if you can please try to help. this is the first spy novel I ve read for about thirty years I loved it it was thoughtful, well paced, detailed, and cerebral it occasionally required a bit of a leap, and the villain of the piece was signalled way at the start, but apart from those few minor niggles, it was a first class effort, and a definite stand out in the genre.it has got me back into the espionage subculture again, and ill definitely be readingof Kanon s work.do yourself a favour, take a trip to 60s London, Prague, and DC. Joseph Kanon has written a number of very good novels involving espionage and other crimes, set in the second half of the twentieth century in a wide variety of places, from the American Southwest to Istanbul His characters are well realized, his plots devious, and his sense of place vivid In short, I like his stuff a lot.This one starts in McCarthy era Washington, D.C and then jumps to Prague in 1969, the height of the Cold War It tells the story of Nick Kotlar, whose father, when unmasked as a deep cover Soviet spy in the U.S State Department, fled to the USSR, abandoning his wife and son The wife re marries, the stepfather adopts Nick, and life goes on Twenty years later Nick is in London doing research at the LSE when a young American woman who has just returned from Prague gets a message to him his father wants to come home and is prepared to pay his way by spilling the beans on another high level spy who is still in place in Washington, leaking secrets to the Soviets It s a classic premise for a Cold War espionage tale, and the twists and turns, as Nick and the girlfriend dodge heavies in Prague before returning to D.C for the rabbit from the hat denouement, are all they should be Kanon s settings are richly textured and his people credible A very good writer in command of his materials. The problem with this novel is that it is schizophrenic there is a leisurely character development and exploration of an historical era, and there is an exciting spy caper with a climax including J Edgar Hoover as a character At 536 pages, the novel is almost long enough for both The first half suffers from a lack of movement and when everything does start moving the actions of two amateur detectives performing surveillance in Washington, D.C is too quickly and unexplainably successful for credibility At the book s midpoint, is a four page sexual encounter that has him performing an oral act that is so detailed it belongs in a gynecology text or a porn novel.Thriller Once, Nick Kotlar tried to save his father From the angry questions From the accusations From a piece of evidence that only Nick knew about and that he destroyed for his father But in the Red Scare of 1950 Walter Kotlar could not be saved Branded a spy, he fled the country, leaving behind a wife, a young son and a key witness lying dead below her D.C hotel room Now, twenty years later, Nick will get a second chance Because a beautiful journalist has brought a message from his long lost father, and Nick will follow her into Soviet occupied Prague for a painful reunion Confronting a father he barely remembers and a secret that could change everything, Nick knows he must return to the place where it all began to unravel a lie, to penetrate a deadly conspiracy, and to expose the one person who knew the truth and watched a family be destroyed. .Read Book ☤ The Prodigal Spy ♏ In A Time Of Accusations, Treachery And Lies, Some Secrets Were HeartbreakingOthers Were DeadlyOnce, Nick Kotlar Tried To Save His Father From The Angry Questions From The Accusations From A Piece Of Evidence That Only Nick Knew About And That He Destroyed For His Father But In The Red Scare OfWalter Kotlar Could Not Be Saved Branded A Spy, He Fled The Country, Leaving Behind A Wife, A Young Son And A Key Witness Lying Dead Below Her DC Hotel RoomNow, Twenty Years Later, Nick Will Get A Second Chance Because A Beautiful Journalist Has Brought A Message From His Long Lost Father, And Nick Will Follow Her Into Soviet Occupied Prague For A Painful Reunion Confronting A Father He Barely Remembers And A Secret That Could Change Everything, Nick Knows He Must Return To The Place Where It All Began To Unravel A Lie, To Penetrate A Deadly Conspiracy, And To Expose The One Person Who Knew The Truth And Watched A Family Be Destroyed Previously I d read some of Joseph Kanon s later books, so it was fascinating to see many of the same elements in this early novel exotic atmosphere, claustrophobic foreboding, and a likeable main character who doesn t give up The story dragged a bit in the middle part of the book And in the fast paced and complicated conclusion, I had some trouble following the developments, so for me it would have been better if Kanon slowed that part up enough just to explainfully what was happening It s an absorbing and enjoyable read. An okay Cold War spy novel Was a bit iffy to begin with, and I don t know why Kanon always feels the need to include a love story at least in his first two books it s like he s pre Hollywood izing his books for the screen This one even included a very explicit sex scene, which was weird But the book recovers and even gets pretty good in Cold War Czechoslovakia Starts slow, finishes strong. OMG so boring I couldn t even finish this book If you need something to help you fall asleep at night, I d definitely recommend that you pick this one up I couldn t get through 2 pages of this at a time without my mind wandering or drifting off to sleep I eventually put it down because life if too short to read boring books