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Handwriting for HerosKathleen E YancosekI have always wanted to learn to write with my left hand, I was surprised when I came across this workbook I was expecting nothing then alot of reading, as most books are that way I was surprised to see that, there was much hands on expereince then reading This workbook is for anyone no matter their age, that wants to learn how to read with their left hand If you have ever had an injury which hurt your right hand then, you know how hard it is to write with your non dominate hand.Each chapter is filled with exercises that increases the positive writing skills The six chapters has tips which includes exercises and information about proper posture and lighting It even goes as far as to provide homework asignment that can be done while you are relaxing Learning to write with your non dominate hand can make it easier for alot of things and it is a rewarding accomplishment along life The authors done a wonderful job with this workbook, and I recommend this book to any and all people out there. Occupational Therapists Kathleen E Yancosek and Kristin Gulick collaborate in their 2009 release titled, Handwriting for Heroes Learn to Write with Your Non dominant Hand in Six Weeks A solid six week regime, their daily exercises are coupled with motivational messages and hope towards recovery and normalcy for their readers Handwriting for Heroes is written with the adult reader in mind While various physical or mental injuries and amputation can happen to anyone at any age, this volume recognizes the discouraging effect an elementary level handwriting book can have on an adult attempting to relearn this basic but essential life skill The seven daily practices the reader is to accomplish are mature yet interesting, keeping readers from feeling talked down to by a children s workbook Each of the exercises focuses on cursive form instead of printing Further, several topics are addresses between lessons, such as additional non writing exercises to strengthen fine motor skills, chair height, lighting, paper position, writing surface, stretching techniques, holding a pen or pencil, and pain While I am neither injured nor have any problems with my dominant hand, my interest in completing Handwriting for Heroes Learn to Write with Your Non dominant Hand in Six Weeks was simply to try something new And it s a lot harder than it looks Having specific exercises to complete each day made the learning process much disciplined and I stuck to it much better than if I would have attempted to just do this on my own Yancosek and Gulick write in tones of love and encouragement, showing empathy for their readers while pushing them to believe they can succeed and return to a life of normalcy Handwriting for Heroes is an essential tool for the recovery of both body and spirit Occupational Therapists, Prosthetics and Orthotics professionals, and those recovering from amputation, severe physical injury, or stroke can all benefit from the information and exercises contained in this book Authors Kathleen E Yancosek and Kristin Gulick deliver tried and true methods from week one through week six on accomplishing this goal and even include a certificate of completion at the conclusion Reviewed by Vicki Landes, author of Europe for the Senses A Photographic Journal ^FREE DOWNLOAD ↜ Handwriting for Heroes: Learn to Write with Your Non-Dominant Hand in Six Weeks ☂ By Targeting Adults, This Book Preserves The Dignity Of Those Who Must Re Learn The Basics Of Handwriting By Providing An Alternative To Children S Workbooks All Tasks Are Oriented To The Adult Learner Handwriting For Heroes Is A Task Oriented Workbook That Approaches Learning To Write With Your Previously Non Dominant Hand Through Meaningful Repetitions Of Purposeful Writing Tasks Handwriting For Heroes Captures The Extra Ordinary Learning Process Of A Very Ordinary Task Handwriting HThe Methods Of Instruction Are Based On Motor Learning Principles And The Dynamic Process Of Skill Acquisition This Is A First Of Its Kind Workbook Designed For Adult Populations Who Sustain Injuries To Their Dominant Hands That Permanently Impair Dexterity Functions Learning To Write With The Previously Non Dominant Hand Can Be A Rewarding Accomplishment Along The Recovery Path It Is An Accomplishment That Leads To Improved Self Esteem, Increased Opportunities For Hobbies And Work Occupations, And One Illustration Of The Adult S Ability To Overcome AdversityOccupational Therapists Acclaim For The Handwriting For Heroes Method I Used Handwriting For Heroes With All Of My Patients, Some Had Lost Hand Function From Amputation, Brachial Plexus Injuries, Stroke, Or Extensive Soft Tissue Trauma To The Dominant Hand All Of My Patients Benefited And Enjoyed The Workbook And How It Helped Them Return To Handwriting Tasks Stephanie E Daugherty, MS, OTR L, CHT, Army Lt Col Ret This Workbook Is Extremely Practical And Functional It Is An Essential Tool In Hand Dominance Retraining For The Upper Limb Amputee Oren S Ganz, MOT, OTR L Handwriting For Heroes Is Than A Workbook It S An Investment Into The Future Performance Of My Patients Who Need To Return To Occupations That Demand Handwriting My Patients Enjoy The Challenge And The Success Of The Program Kristi A Say, OTR L Learn About This Book At HandwritingForHeroes From Loving Healing Press LovingHealing