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Excellent book for sailors at all skill levels Instead of just presenting a collection of knowledge, terms and skills, the Blue Book organizes things based on sets of skills that good sailors should have E.g sail trim, docking, navigating, etc This is a great way to organize the information, allowing for sailors to work at improving skills in different areas I also very much appreciated that this wasn t a gigantic tome, but short enough to read cover to cover. A very informative book for the serious sailor The selection of topics is comprehensive Yet I have found it to dive too deep too soon I would have preferred agradual approach withillustrations. .Book ☺ The Blue Book of Sailing ♬ Transform Basic Sailing Skills Into True MasteryNo Other Sport Is As Complex Or As Gear And Technique Intensive As Sailing The Details And Nuances Are Vast, But Beneath The Surface AreElements, Or Core Areas Of Knowledge By Understanding These Principles You Can Attain True Mastery Tie Any Knot, Shape Any Sail, Take The Helm Of Any Boat, No Matter How Large Or Unfamiliar