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READ PDF × My Life and Hard Times ⚨ Widely Hailed As One Of The Finest Humorist Of The Twentieth Century, James Thurber Looks Back At His Own Life Growing Up In Columbus, Ohio, With The Same Humor And Sharp Wit That Defined His Famous Sketches And Writings InMy Life And Hard Times, First Published In , He Recounts The Delightful Chaos And Frustrations Of Family, Boyhood, Youth Odd Dogs, Recalcitrant Machinery, And The Foibles Of Human Nature My Life and Hard Times James Thurber 1933 Perennial Classics 106 pages ISBN 0060933089.Okay, okay, so I know James Thurber is a celebrated author and artist who spent the majority of his career writing for The New Yorker, but that was over 50 years ago I really need to start washing my hands of classics such as these because they re just too old I can appreciate his talent, but from an enjoyment standpoint I just need to stick to later, humorous biographies written by people that are still alive and dwelling in current times Even reading Garrison Keillor s Lake Wobegon Days is pushing it.My Life and Hard Times is a very short, little book telling funny little stories from James Thurber s childhood, teenage, and college years I have heard these types of when I was young we walked 20 miles up the hill to school in snow stories BILLIONS of times, so although this book may have been original at some point in time, it definitely isn t for me My Life and Hard Times is not terrible or poorly written, but is however fairly boring and made me sleepy.My favorite chapter is University Days Thurber tells of his frustration in science class trying to get the microscope to work without any luck His rant about seeing dust particles or seeing his own eyeball is hilarious because I can totally relate Although the book is only 106 pages long, I would definitely recommend picking up amodern humorous biography if you re just looking for light and funny entertainment David Sedaris is quite prolific in the humorous memoir world, and many successful comedians such as Sarah Silverman and Wanda Sykes have their own books as well Readbook reviews by DreamSE22 at Before starting I need something light, and I love memoirs, so this should be perfect.And it was A very short memoir that says it all Some writers don t have to talk and talk and talk, just a few short episodes, all humorous, tell about the essential elements of James Thurber s boyhood growing up in Columbus, Ohio the flatlands Even though the chapters could be seen as short stories, they are not They are true episodes in this humorist s life The book was written in the 30s and it has lost none of its charm and humor That is what I call a classic.So many classic s are dated in their writting style This isn t What is covered his relationship with his mother, from whom he got at least part of his biting humor, eccentric relatives, dogs, of course dogs, school and military training, ghosts, burglars, the day the dam broke and yet didn t and of course his difficulties with his fading vision So few words, but they say it all and they say it with humor. I remember having to read The Dog That Bit People in class during my sopho year of high school Twenty five bowed heads in a room, each making no sound save the occasional sigh , and one nerd giggling his bespectacled head off, which was meThese stories are absolutely superb The Night the Ghost Got In and The Dog That Bit People are wonderful, and the episode in More Alarms At Night where his dad threatened to get Buck is laugh out loud hilarious I love the characters, as well Thurber s grandfather, a Civil War veteran, steals the book, and the Get Ready Man is one of my favorites.I don t know what else to say about this book, except that I love it. I read this book for the first time shortly after moving to the Midwest I moved here from Boston when I was ten, and a year or two later, I was flipping through my anthology textbook for my Literature class and found a short story written by James Thurber It was absolutely hilarious, so I went to the library and checked to see if he had written any actual books This popped right up so I borrowed it and took it home to read.This short autobiography is dry, witty, self deprecating and interesting, but for me, it was a lesson in how to be Midwestern I became muchfirm in my Midwesternity after reading this It s an odd thing to say, and I realize this, but you really do have to read this book to understand what I mean, and once you do, you will You really, really will This book oozes Midwestern values and perspectives It s absolutely undeniable I d recommend it to anyone looking for something light and fun, but still serious in a self deprecating, exasperated way It d make a great airplane read you d probably be able to finish it on a flight from DC to Chicago You won t learn any axioms about the universe, you won t feel emotionally purged, and you probably won t be on the floor laughing, but you ll take something else away from it, I m sure I think it has to be different for everyone After all, this is just a man telling stories about his family, which is what makes this book so pleasant, irritating, and fun to read.