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Book 1 of trilogy.Book 2 is The Last To Die Book 3 is As Good As Dead I picked this up not knowing it was part of a trilogy Genney, abit of a recluse, uses her strong pyschic abilites to help find a serial killer Dallas is an FBI agent that arrives to aid this small community and he has a personal vendetta, too.I enjoyed the story, but the first half of the book contained quite a bit of reiteration It could have used a good edit Oh well It was still a good read suspenseful with a dose of romance There is a small group of devil worshippers in this book and a few chants that gave me the willies FYI I know I m in the minority here but I just could not get into this book I found there were too many characters dumped in all at once The book opened with a graphic in your face scene Then we go through pages and pages of various people, all with their backstories, all at once I found there were too many characters with viewpoints There was no one main character that stood out right away and too much information dumped on me that I didn t immediately need I also didn t like the way some of the females were portrayed They seemed to have no backbone at all One went weak kneed every time this certain guy came around and he had been doing nothing but using her for sex for years Yet she continued to fall for him Another was in a bad, somewhat abusive marriage and needed a man to rescue her Therefore she seeks that by risking stupid affairs rather than simply leaving the jerk.When I read fiction, I need characters that I can really latch onto This book simply didn t do that for me. @Download Í The Fifth Victim (Cherokee Pointe Trilogy, #1) (Griffin Powell, #2) à Some Things Shouldn T Be Seen Cherokee Pointe, Tennesee Deep In The Smoky Mountains, The Victim Lies, Sacrificed On A Makeshift Altar The Gruesome Work Of A Killer Who Has Evaded The Authorities In State After State FBI Agent Dallas Sloan Knows The Scene All Too Well Just As He Knows The Killings Won T Stop Until There Are Four Bodies Some Warnings Won T Be Heeded Genny Madoc S Sixth Sense Has Brought Many Of Cherokee Pointe S Residents To Her Isolated Log Cabin, Looking For Help From The Disturbing Visions She Sees Images That Are Getting Stronger And Violent Day By Day Some Fears Can T Be Stopped Thrown Together By Necessity, Drawn To Each Other By Desire, Dallas And Genny Must Band Together, Searching The Darkest Heart Of A Town S Hidden Secrets Before A Twisted Killer Can Complete A Sinister Plan That Will Make One Of Them The Fifth Victim I love a serial killer murder mystery but this one left me disappointed.You have a killer that sacrifices women in fives, the fifth victim being special There is also a psychic lady and a non believing fbi agent that has a personal agenda for finding the killer Now I m all for falling for someone pretty quickly but this fbi agent is not one for commitment but after seeing the psychic he falls in love after 2 minutes.We have a whole chapter on Genny the psychic and Dallas the fbi agent getting it on, that was a yawn fest for me.This wasof a love story than a serial killer thriller I was expecting.I found the characters irritating, I found the story boring, predictable and repetitive and I could not wait to get to the end not in a good way I guessed who the killer was pretty early on but i was hoping I was wrong so I could get a shock factor which was lacking for me.High point I quite liked being in the head of the killer.Low point The love story between the two main characters. Started with a bang but fizzled out.The dialogue is poorly scripted and the characters are superficial I found it difficult to care about any of them and the paranormal aspects were poorly integrated. From the beginnning, this book irked me It just did not set right with me at all I didn t feel a connection to any of the characters, the dialog felt fake and forced, and the writing style was sometimes very frustrating I didn t hate this book, but I didn t really like it either I kept reading because I wanted to know who the killer was, but it it wasn t for that I probably would not have finished this book There were too many weak females, and the characters you are supposed to care about Genny, Dallas, Jacob, Jazzy got less page time that characters that didn t really matter This isn t the first Beverly Barton book I have tried to read Tried being the operative word I just don t like her work, so I guess I just need to give up, even thought the books do sound good I would love to know what happened with Jazzy and Jacob in the two other books in this trilogy, but I just can t wade my way through Barton s writing to find out. Couldn t really get into this one The characters lacked depth and with dialogue that felt forced I found it hard to connect with any of them Police procedure in relation to the crime was pretty weak too, I m no expert but I found myself frustrated by their lack of action a lot of it just commonsense Still, I did read until the end to find out who the crim was so I gave it three stars but I won t be picking up another Beverly Barton novel anytime soon. This is the first book in the Cherokee Pointe Trilogy by Beverly Barton It s not the first book I ve read by Barton but it was fairly amazing I loved the characters and the entire story line.FBI Special Agent Dallas Sloan comes to the town of Cherokee Pointe, Tennessee after connecting the murder of his niece and at least twenty other women in the various states surrounding Tennessee with a murder in the small town After driving into a ditch, Sloan ends up at Genny Madoc s cabin He is highly skeptical of Genny s sixth sense Genny doesn t give up hope that eventually Sloan will come to realize that she s not some crackpot, like every other person he s come in contact with claiming they have a sixth sense They were put together by the necessity of finding the killer before someone becomes the fifth victim.My favorite character was Genny Madoc, she was so unique It seemed that the entire town of Cherokee Pointe liked her, despite the weirdness of her gift FBI Agent Dallas Sloan was another of my favorites There was great chemistry between those two.I enjoy books like this because there s always a romantic spark that lightens up the whole murder plot This book certainly didn t disappoint. The Fifth Victim was an engrossing and very suspenseful book I really enjoyed the two main characters and the sweet romance that develops between them The fairly explicit descriptions of the violent acts committed by the villain would be too rough for some readers I found this first book in the Cherokee Pointe Trilogy well worth reading, and will definitely read the other two.Special FBI agent Dallas Sloan is on a personal quest to find the monster who brutally murdered his teenaged niece in what appeared to be a sacrificial killing Dallas has found a pattern in other murder cases across the south It appears that the killer has committed twenty murders five in each of four different geographical locations during the last eight years Now Dallas is contacted by the sheriff of Cherokee County, Tennessee due to a murder there that shares the characteristics of the other twenty Dallas hurries to Tennessee, runs off the road during a snowstorm, and ends up in the cabin of Genny Madoc Genny, cousin of sheriff Jacob Buler, has the gift of a sixth sense It was her vision that made local law enforcement aware of the murder in their area and led them to the body Dallas is stranded at Genny s cabin for the night, and she experiences a vision alluding to another murder while he is with her Dallas is extremely skeptical, and does not believe in psychics of any kind, but he soon finds out that the rest of the community gives credence to Genny s gift As the murders continue, Dallas and Jacob Butler search for clues to the killer and organize a task force, while Genny continues to experience visions and begins to connect telepathically with the murderer Soon, it becomes apparent that the killer has included Genny in his evil and gruesome plans While Dallas works to both protect Genny and find the killer before he continues with of his satanic practices, he begins to trust in her psychic gifts As Dallas and Genny acknowledge their love, they begin to experience a telepathic connection to one another Before they can have a future together, Dallas must save Genny from the brutal serial killer.This book was intense, and I was riveted almost from the beginning There were quite a few characters in the story which kept the identify of the villain from being obvious from the start Readers who are put off by graphic descriptions of murder might not like the manner in which the sacrifial killings were portrayed I enjoyed the fact that the hero and heroine surrendered quickly to their deep feelings for one another This book contained quite a few paranormal occurences between the heroine and other characters, as well as a few between the heroine and animals If you love suspense, and are looking for a fast paced book that includes a good dose of touching romance, you should enjoy this story. 1.5 stars because I finished it Yet another RS where law enforcement agencies are portrayed as stupider than stupid can be I was having fun telling their fictional asses what to do and how to do it, and I don t have a clue about such investigations except for the education I got from crime films One thing you do, when you narrow your list of suspects down to six, is to tap their phones and have them tailed especially when they and the victims are all living in a town of 10,000 people how difficult could that be Another thing you do is when you get a lead after a central character is shot, definitely to tap a particular home s phone And then when another character disappears you have their phone records checked first before you go traipsing around the Smoky Mountains There, I ve done your work for you, and had you been minimally convincing as law enforcement agents you d have nabbed the wacko serial killer in no time The rest of the story, that should have been interesting given the setting, the Gothic underlying theme and the weight of sorrow the main characters supposedly carry on their souls, was so formulaic, so tediously written, so flat and toneless that you ended up not caring one iota what happened to the characters, not caring whether they lived, loved, stayed or the opposite to all that.