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~Read Kindle ♋ What She Doesn't Know ☺ It S BeenYears Since Jolie Royale Witnessed The Brutal Crime That Left Her Mother, Her Aunt, And Her Aunt S Lover Dead, And Jolie Critically Wounded Ruled A Murder Suicide, The Case Was Closed, Although Rumors Of The Murderer S True Identity Abounded Now, Jolie Is Coming Home With Mixed Feelings About Her Father S Funeral Those Feelings Turn To Dread When The Case Is Reopened And It Becomes Clear The Killer Is Still On The Loose Ugh I really enjoyed this one for 90% then the ending just became a silly shit show The killer that was revealed was absolutely no secret All the relationships that mended themselves instantly was just silly so damn rushed The Epilogue was just basically bullet points for every single cliched HEA possible I m sadly dissapointed bc I was so engaged throughout the majority of the book I also hated how youre in the point of view of one character and the next paragraph you re in the point of view of another There was no dilenation as to the fact the character perspective was changing This felt like a long drawn out read for a wham bam ahhh fuck it I m tired of writing this ending. Barton is one of my favorite authors to read when I want a light, quick book with a great story This is one of her older ones that I finally after years of looking thru used bookstores found in the library The search was worth it This is one of my favorite Beverly Barton books This is the story of Jolie Royale, the only daughter of a wealthy southern couple, and Max Devereaux, the son of a former prostitute When Jolie is 14 years old she is shot and thought to be dead by the same person who killed her mother and aunt The story picks up twenty years later and depicts the love hate relationship between Max and Jolie and also Jolie s search for the real murderer Their relationship is really intense which is something I like in my books Jolie was a bit snotty and I did not really agree with some of her reasoning in the book, but she later realizes some of her former assumptions were false and she moves on with her life Great story 4.5 Forget your usual romantic suspense story where the mystery plays a secondary role. This was exceptionally good, I could not wait to find the culprit and I was kept guessing until the end. This book booked me a flight to the South today The odor was rich and I met people I liked The characters personalities were unique and the family clans were to be remembered I also enjoyed it because it reminded me my long past habit reading Agatha Christie s books now, who can the killer be plus romance for all ages included for 20ies, 30ies even 60s. the sisters figures Clarice and Yvonne were leading. Now this is the Bev Barton I love to read Jolie and Max are in perfect balance she s very feminine but tough as nails and he is all alpha and suaze They are perfect and the story moves quickly along with the right amount of surprises and the suspense is great This book and Murder Game is why I buy Bev Barton because there is always a gem in her works finding it is the problem, and missing out on one of her 4 star efforts is unacceptable I am no expert in romantic suspense but What She Doesn t Know is hands down the best one that I ve read so far.It s got all of my favourite elements enemies to lovers, dark family secrets, many suspects to keep me guessing whodunnit, a hero to die for and an intelligent heroine Add the gorgeous scenery of the South and I can t ask for much .If I REALLY had to complain about something, that would be the frequent POV change between the characters Other than that, it was perfect. This is the first book ive read by this author and I must say that I was very satisfied Good character development kept me connected to the story and the suspense kept me reading At first I thought there were too many characters to keep track of but t as thestory progressed the characters evolved and it was easier to maintain the connection to the plot.I think I will try another title by Barton.