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Some good insight.I purchased this book on the recommendation of a friend I found some beneficial advice from the pages written I appreciate the authenticity of the author. I think its a really good book It s not a book teaching you how to prophesy, but yet bringing an awareness of how God talks to us God does talks to us, its just that some of us don t realize it When you read this book you will be amaze and memories will come to you where you will realize that hey , that was God talking to me This helps you recognize his voice and different ways that He does speak I took a prophetic training class and this is the book the pastor was teaching from It was interesting we did different prophetic exercises that helped I really like the book I don t wont to be misunderstood This doesn t teach you how to be a Prophet as far as the office of a Prophet Only God appoints but it shows that everyone who is filled with His spirit can prophecy It also shows the difference between the office of a prophet and a spirit filled believer who can prophecy. Simple Sencillo Directo y muy pr ctico. Really great A very good book on the gift of prophecy I love that he says it comes from a relationship with God Love God and people first I d def recommend it to others [ E-PUB ] ♝ You May All Prophesy ♫ The Bible Reveals That Every Christian Can Hear From God And Speak Prophetically To Others This Book Provides Scriptural Encouragement And Practical Instruction To Help You Discover How God Speaks To You Discern When And How To Speak Prophetically To Others Understand And Interpret Dreams And Visions Recognize How Prophecy Functions In The Local Church Overcome Obstacles Unique To Ministering Prophetically Steve Thompson Is A Skilled Prophet He Writes From A Wealth Of Diverse Prophetic Experience And Years Of Patient Scriptural Study You May All Prophesy Is The Most Practical, Helpful, And To The Point Book I Have Read On Prophetic Ministry For what it is, this book is exceptional Obviously not a grand, holistic, comprehensive treatise on the prophetic, You May All Prophesy gives extremely helpful and wise explanations and instructions of the gift administration of prophecy.Thompson has ministered prophetically for a couple of decades and has a ton of experiences to draw from He utilizes not only testimony, but also Scripture very practically and beneficially, to enhance understanding as well as eliminate myths that much of the Church has held onto.It s a truncated but encouraging enlightening guide on how to lovingly, wisely, and biblically walk in prophetic ministry. This book was fantastic As you might assume from the title it is very encouraging and empowering for average Christian to walk out and operate in the gift of prophecy Not only was I encourage and instructed in the gift but I felt like my relationship with the Lord was strengthened while reading this book Highly recommended to people interested in the prophetic should be every Christian and to church leaders. great perspectives and insights it s just refreshing for me after all is said and done to read a book by someone who has made sense of the world around him despite having a different perspective to the majority that is seeing and feeling what others don t I want everybody to read this book. Very balanced book on prophesy Really easy to understand Very New Testament Edify, encourage, build up Encouraged me that we really ALL may prophesy Some interesting food for thought here Also some practical advice on how to practise, develop and avoid upsetting people.