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Really beautiful illustrations I liked the gentle story. A retold Chilean folk tale that is as heart breaking and heart warming as Hans Christian Andersen s Little Mermaid, but in a new way Motherly love shines brilliantly through this story of an older woman who once lived a very solitary life The illustrations are so beautiful I want to cover my walls with them @Free E-pub ó Mariana and the Merchild: A Folk Tale from Chile ⚤ Old Mariana Longs For Friendship, But She Is Feared By The Village Children And Fearful Of The Hungry Sea Wolves That Hide In The Sea Caves Near Her Hut When One Day Mariana Finds A Merchild Inside A Crab Shell Her Whole Life Changes But She Knows That One Day, When The Sea Is Calm Again, The Merchild S Mother Will Come To Take Her Daughter BackA Memorable Story Of Unconditional Love, This Poetic Retelling Of A Traditional South American Folk Tale Beautifully Conveys The Joy That May Come If You Open Your Heart To What You Cannot Keep An interesting folktale in its own right, but definitely had a South American flavor in its pictures and some things they had no qualms about displaying It wasn t a huge surprise, as I d heard plenty of stories from friends and brothers who served missions in South America But I don t think I can pass that off in a story time Perhaps I can book talk it, but. This was a beautiful story about a lonely woman who lived on the sea The children were afraid of her until one day in a storm a merchild is washed ashore and she has a child to love It is so beautifully illustrated and the detail is gorgeous I want to read of her books and see of the illustrator s work Beautiful. Wow This is awesome Gorgeous art I just thought one thing was weird how the mermaid s hair stuck straight out behind her in the air If you just flip thought the book, you ll know exactly what I mean Samuel 5 spent a long time drinking in all the details in the beautiful art and the unusual story it tells. Really great book, I got it as a gift for my birthday probably 10 years ago and it is still a favorite in my collection I love folk tales Jackie Morris has provided beautifully illustrations A must for all elementary libraries My six year old son picked this book out from the library yesterday on his own He said it was like The Happy Prince I didn t know what he was talking about because The Happy Prince is set in Europe and this is a folk tale from Chile, and the stories seemed quite different As I was reading this book to my son tonight, he pulled The Happy Prince from the shelf and said, Look at the eyes They are the same And he was right The style of illustration is similar, but slightly different, but the eyes, especially the sad eyes, look very much the same And, as I read the book, I realized that there were similarities between the two book than just the artwork And they both made me cry. I think this is a decent fantasy book for students k 2 This book could be used to branch into other subject like what scares them, and lessons that they ve learned in life It wouldn t be my top pick because it seems to lack direction unless you give the students something to contemplate before reading it.