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@Read Epub ⚜ Start Me Up º Lori Had Always Planned To Get Out Of Tiny Tumble Creek, Colorado, But When Her Late Dad Left Her His Beloved Auto Body Shop, She D Stayed Now, According To Her Crazy Best Friend, Molly, What Lori Needs Is Some Excitement, In The Form Of Hot, No Strings Attached Sex And Lots Of ItQuinn Jennings Has Buildings On The Brain Not Love And Romance A Serious Architect, He S Delighted To Discover That Lori Is Willing To Skip Dating Protocols And Head Straight For The Sheets And Aided By The Steamy Books On Lori S Bedside Table, He S Busy Indulging Both Of Their Wildest Fantasies But When Life In Tumble Creek Takes A Dangerous Turn For Lori, Quinn S Protective Instincts Kick InSuddenly He Cares More Than Either Of Them Ever Expected This one was almost as frustrating and not nearly as fun as the first book in this series Talk Me Down The entire time it was like two separate stories going on and no cohesion between them Lori Love gave up everything to come home and care for her dad and his business after a brutal accident She s spent the last ten years of her life in limbo, most of the town thinks she s a lesbian, she s buried under a pile of debt, and she s still dealing with her father s death after a year For some reason, the one thing she fixates on the most is her lack of a love life, and she starts to believe that if she can just revive that part of her life, then the rest will be bearable But she doesn t want anything long term, she just wants a summer fling, something hot and wild where she can act out her fantasies The unlikely partner in her plan in Quinn, Lori s best friend s brother, an sexy architect nerd who s often than not distracted by thoughts of work Quinn is starting to see a new side to tomboyish Lori, and he s liking it When Lori accidentally reveals her plan to him, he s than ahem, up for it But when his feelings start interfering with Lori s no strings plan and someone starts pressuring Lori to sell a piece of valuable land, everything starts to unravel Lori was so frustrating, and on a completely different level than Molly was in TMD She s stuck in the past, scared to move forward with her life and unwilling to change She s not happy being a mechanic or living in Tumble Creek or being alone, but she s not willing to do anything to change it Quinn was a great beta hero for most of the book He took a back seat to Lori s needs and tried his hardest to fulfil her every fantasy But in the end I was so disappointed by his grand statement of saying I like you than buildings Blech Between the tepid ending and the lack of any real connection between the story of Lori s life and her sexual relationship with Quinn beyond Quinn unkindly telling her that her life is basically stagnant which was true but he was very cruel about it I was let down by this one C 4 stars Contemporary RomanceTop Ten Things I Loved About Start Me Up 1 A deliciously sexy beta hero Nerdy architect and ultimate fantasy giver with a wild bedside manner Quinn Jennings2 A sassy, feisty heroine Girl mechanic Lori Love3 Heroine s obsession with erotic books and hero s willingness to please and serve in the bedroom that leads to lots of hot sex, steamy role play, and wickedly fun fantasy reenactments4 Quinn s sultry Spanish bedroom talkYOWZA 5 Witty dialogue and saucy banter6 Lots of lighthearted humor 7 Sweet, spicy romance8 Funny, clever writing and great characters9 A dose of mystery and suspense thrown in for good measure 10 Small, Colorado mountain town Tumble Creek and its quirky residentsMy only complaints are that the heroine Lori got on my nerves on several occasions and that the ending was a little bit too abrupt, but it was still a highly enjoyable and fun, sexy read 4 stars AhhhI loved this book It had everything I like in a contemporary romance lots of humor, snappy dialogue, hot sex, quirky but lovable heroine, adorably sexy and romantic hero, a little bit of suspense, and a HEA that had me tearing up And it s so fast paced, I just breezed through it After reading Victoria Dahl s first contemporary, Talk Me Down, I had high hopes for this one, and I m happy to say that she didn t let me down And there will be another one coming out in early 2010 Yea This was the story of tomboy auto mechanic tow truck driver Lori Love, best friend of Molly Jennings Talk Me Down , and architect Quinn Jennings Molly s nerdy but sexy brother I loved their relationship Lori s 29, had her college life and her future plans interrupted 10 years ago when her father had an accident and she then became his caregiver Her dreams of traveling the world were cut short when she had to take over her father s auto mechanic business so she could pay the medical bills Her father has recently passed away but Lori s stuck behind a mountain of bills and her life in general is in a rut Her friend Molly writes erotica, and lately Lori s been gobbling up the romance books and spinning some fantasies of her own She wants to feel like a woman again, and figures a fling may be just what the doctor ordered But a fling with who Quinn Jennings is a successful architect living and working in Aspen, but from the same smalll town Tumble Creek, CO as Lori Quinn is a bit of a nerd, living and breathing architectire, but a sexy nerd His relationships don t last long, because according to him he s a bad boyfriend forgetting important dates and not showing up on time since he s always absorbed in his work But when Lori Love comes to fix his backhoe and they get to talking, he s a little intrigued by her, even though he s known her all his life And he s dying to see what her coveralls are hiding When Quinn finds out, in a comical, round about way, that Lori is looking for a no strings summer fling, he volunteers for the job.After much hesitation, Lori agrees to take him on And oh, what fun they have Quinn takes some of Lori s erotic romances to read for research , and they later act out Lori s dirtiest and kinkiest secret fantasies Hot, hot, hot What a fun and sexy time they have, and Quinn is just a perfect lover, giving Lori everything she ever desired, but was to afraid to ask for There was a scene in an alleyway outside of a restaurant, where Quinn has his way with Lori, and she asks him to speak Spanish to her sighEs esto lo que deseas Deseas la prueba de mi lujuria Eres mia Siempre que deseo Ven para mi, querida Tomalo Tomalo todoWickedly hot stuff there I could go on and on about all the sexy fun that Lori and Quinn have, but sooner or later you know they have to make a decision about where all this is leading Quinn finds himself falling for Lori, but Lori is afraid to really admit her feelings, afraid to love, just afraid of life in general She s stubborn, has an inferiority complex, and is far too complacent in her life There s a bit of a mystery and some tense moments when Lori s business is vandalized and it looks like someone is trying to scare her into selling some property that her dad owned Will she really let Quinn become a part of her life like he wants to , or will she keep him on the fringes like she has been Will she take the steps needed to get on with her life or is she content with the status quo Is she finally ready to let go of the past and gamble on her future This book was scorchin hot of course loved Quinn and Lori together , had some real funny and tender moments as Lori and Quinn act out her fantasies, but darn if I didn t get frustrated with Lori a time or two I wanted her to reclaim that life she missed out on when she ended up having to take care of her disabled father I wanted her to grab onto Quinn and never let him go I wanted her to be a participant in life and not just an observer Thankfully by the end of the book after a little mystery gets cleared up which leaves Lori a bit shell shocked Lori starts to come around and she and Quinn come to an understanding that brought tears to my eyes Yea, Lori If you enjoyed Talk Me Down , and if you re looking for a smokin hot contemporary that s laced with plenty of humor and has characters that you ll be rooting for this is the one you ve been waiting for I think I may have found another author whose books click with me 5 big stars. Don t even try to make this into something weird, Lori We grew up in the same place, so get over your complex Unless, of course, this is part of your fantasy The asshole rich boy and the noble girl from the poor family Fuck off, she growled In this book we meet Quinn, Molly s brother and we meet Lori, mechanic, who had to return home to look after her Dad when he had an accident She always had dreams to travel the world Quinn and Lori decide to hook up for sex, just sex, no relationship, thank you and it will be over by the end of the summer But will it A bit of a mystery thrown in I had guessed who it was early in the book I think he could handle being used It would be good for him He s having trouble sleeping.