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One of the better written books about the era...
Check out the InkHorns Reading Group, for discussions on this book. #Free E-pub ⚢ Lionhearts: Richard 1, Saladin, and the Era of the Third Crusade ⚜ The Book Is A Dazzling Paralell Of Two Of The Greatest Figuresof The Twelfth Century In Alternating Chapters, Regan
presents The Early Years And Rise To
absolute Authority Of Each Man Captivating nonfiction accounts of King Richard I and Saladin. Interesting, if somewhat dry, story of the two very different personalities who dominated the Third Crusade. The bits about Saladin are worth knowing, but the story really takes off when Richard enters the scene. What a bad ass. This guy was like Conan, except real. His individual feats of valor are amazing. Unfortunately, not enough blood and guts for me to make it riveting. Still, worth a read if you want to understand the era. A brisk, rich, and clear history of the Third Crusade.

Regan does a great job showing how Richard was shaped by power struggles within his family, and how Saladin rose to prominence through military acumen.

The book doesn’t really have a solid analysis of the battles; the campaign’s sieges just kind of happen, without any explanation of the effort and innovation they required. He uses lots of medieval terms and just assumes that the reader knows what they are. Also, we never really get a glimpse of what motivated the knights and soldiers. Regan also tries to make the case that Richard’s massacre at Acre somehow required “moral courage,” but the reasoning in this part of the book is as unsound as can be expected, and his account of the massacre is almost boring

A wellresearched, wellwritten and accessible work overall.