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Good story will hold your interest.It could have been shorter and the ending was too abrupt There was a surprise at the end that gave a twist to the story, Remember Me is about Lincoln Crusoe, a college guy who was going to be a lawyer but instead ended up being accused of rape, found guilty, and spent 10 years in prison Just before he was to be release after they found out he was innocent he gets in a fight, not of his doing in jail and ends up in a hospital with no memory of who he is or anything He only knows what they tell him in the hospital and they told him his friend Tori has been there every day waiting for him to wake up Tori, is really the girl who thought he raped her and now feels so much guilt of Linc, as he prefers to be called, losing everything and having nothing Tori really never got over her rape, but she not wants to help out Linc to really make herself feel better Things get complicated between Tori and Linc Tori has moved Linc into her house and done everything for him to help him heal from his wounds What will happen when he finds out who she really is Will he remember Will Tori tell him What about the real rapist Will he ever be found and brought to justice Read the book to find out the surprising twists and turns in this book I loved it You really can get involved with how Linc and Tori are feeling and you will secretly hope they do get together I received a free copy but voluntarily reviewed it. [Read Epub] ♾ The Mistake She Made ♦ SPIRIT CREEK, ARIZONA Where Secrets Outnumber The PeopleHe Can T Remember She Can T Forget Years Ago, Artist Tori Amherst Was Assaulted And Now The Man She Accused Of The Crime Has Been Found Innocent And Exonerated Consumed With Guilt Over Her Part In His Sentence, She S Desperate To Make AmendsBefore Lincoln Caruso Is Released From Prison, An Inmate Fight Leaves Him Hospitalized, With No Job, No Money And No Memory Determined To Get His Life On Track, He Accepts Help From Tori, A Woman Who Claims To Be An Old College Friend But Luke Doesn T Trust Himself DNA Proved He Wasn T Guilty Of The Rape, But For All He Knows, He May Be As Evil As The Prosecutors Claimed Him To Be As Passion Ignites And Love Grows, Remembering Becomes Urgent Linc Needs Answers And Vows To Find The Monster Who Took Ten Years Of His LifeTori Never Imagined Falling In Love With The Man She Sent To Prison, And His Quest To Find The Perpetrator Challenges Their Growing Feelings Tori S Wants Than Anything To See The Monster Behind Bars, Too, And Agrees To Help, But She Knows When Linc Discovers Who She Really Is, She Ll Lose EverythingMisguided Loyalty, Bitter Betrayal, Obsession Seduction, Covert Passionsthe Secrets Of Spirit Creek Will Astound You 3.5 stars rounded up.Mostly good The style was a bit overly descriptive for my taste when describing scenery and overly detailed about minor stuff like making coffee I really would have likedemphasis on the romance mystery anddetails on the resolution It ended abruptly without a full explanation who broke her gate and did they poison the dogs, what was the blackmail, why the mentions of the ex s that went nowhere, details of the switch from being a doctor to an artist, what was in the journals, how much memory did he regain DON T LEAVE ME HANGING After I read the story I should NOT know all about Arizona landscapes, colors, every neighbor in town, how the h likes her latte BUT NOT know the answers to plot points. Remember Me is a touching love story with an unusual plot that seems just a bit contrived at times For example, when Linc starts calling people on an alumni list in hopes of finding someone who might remember him when he was a student at ASU, he scrolls down to the W section and picks a name at random Jonathan Wilinski who turns out to be the actual rapist of Tori He also calls Zack Crane, the guy who lied to protect Wilinski Really, what are the chances of randomly calling these two men from a long list of alumni We re told that Linc s mother died of cancer during his trial for rape He needed to know about her The person who, based on her letters to him in prison, had loved him, believed in him, even though he didn t remember her How, one wonders, could she write letters to him in prison if she died during his trial, before he went to prison The editor should have caught this mistake Linc and Tori are likable characters who certainly deserved their Happily Ever After after everything they went through Their story held my interest but never grabbed me emotionally, perhaps partly because their sexual encounters pretty much qualified as clean and wholesome not what the cover leads one to expect. Reviewed at Romance Is AgelessRemember Me is the type of story where you may find yourself asking some self evaluating questions as you get deeper into Tori and Linc s story What would I have done if I was facing what either of these two people are facing And my honest answer is simply I don t know I simply cannot imagine the fear, confusion and anger for either Tori or Linc to wade through to find a normal ever again.Dumb luck was what gave Linc his freedom after ten years in prison for a crime he didn t commit Dumb luck, better DNA testing and a detective somewhere trying to close a case by blaming it on Linc but the newer, better DNA testing proved Linc s innocence instead He might have stepped out of prison a free man heading out on a far different life except for a crazed inmate and a guard who looked the other way Now Linc was in the hospital in a medically induced coma suffering from breaks and a memory that no longer gave him the information he desperately needed like who he was.Tori has spent the last ten years in a far different type of prison than Linc s Her prison consists of triple locks, a safe room, intense self defense training, a gated home with tight security and two loyal guard dogs Tori might have been free, but she was locked up in a different manner Her world fell apart again when she learned that she d accused the wrong man of assault and rape She d drawn a picture of him, picked him out of a lineup, pointed him out in a closed courtroom and she d been wrong She had to do something to make this right for Linc But how Remember Me is an intense story of two people rebuilding their lives in similar yet different ways I don t think you can read this one and not think, What if that was me The pace is comfortable and builds to the conclusion We meet Tori s friends, and people who will play their part in their own stories in this series A small town feeling, close even overprotective friends, and you can feel the changes in the town, in the people happening as this first story moves along There is a romance building for Linc and Tori, but the focus of this one, for me, waswatching them rebuild their lives based on what they did and didn t know now Any omission of truth will come back to bite you, that s a given fact And it s sad to see it happen to Tori yet watching the new woman who emerged from this crash of emotions was well worth the fall.I enjoyed this story and I ll follow the series to see what happens next for the citizens of Spirit Creek.I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. Wow its about a book was surprising, intriguing and kept your interested until the last page A modern romance with substance Tori a survivor that learn not just survive but to take her life back and move forward She is a artist and has been handed devastating news that will change his life Linc has just been sentence n served time for a crime he never committed He was beat up so badly in prison he has lost his memory and is in the hospital I don t want to give anydetails This story will have you laughing, heart stopping and holding your breathe Also those moments to cherish If you love modern day romance stories with substancethen boy meets girl n happy every after a little reality shit happens and solve some crimes this is the book for you Violence 2 3 , sec 2More opinion or reviews please check out my blog my2centsbookreviews.com thanks Giving back10 years is what both of then lost Tori was raped at 17, she was an achiever and in college She ended up dropping out but finished but she testified against who she thought did it New DNA test proved Linc didn t do it Just before he got out he good beaten up and lost his memory She wants help Will they find all the answers. FREE ontoday 12 27 2017 Blurb SPIRIT CREEK, ARIZONA where secrets outnumber the peopleHe can t remember She can t forget Years ago, artist Tori Amherst was assaulted and now the man she accused of the crime has been found innocent and exonerated Consumed with guilt over her part in his sentence, she s desperate to make amends.Before Lincoln Caruso is released from prison, an inmate fight leaves him hospitalized, with no job, no money and no memory Determined to get his life on track, he accepts help from Tori, a woman who claims to be an old college friend But Luke doesn t trust himself DNA proved he wasn t guilty of the rape, but for all he knows, he may be as evil as the prosecutors claimed him to be As passion ignites and love grows, remembering becomes urgent Linc needs answers and vows to find the monster who took ten years of his life.Tori never imagined falling in love with the man she sent to prison, and his quest to find the perpetrator challenges their growing feelings Tori s wantsthan anything to see the monster behind bars, too, and agrees to help, but she knows when Linc discovers who she really is, she ll lose everything.Misguided loyalty, bitter betrayal, obsession seduction, covert passionsthe Secrets of Spirit Creek will astound you Remember Me was a book that I normally wouldn t read Yes it was romance and some smut but the cover is sort of what threw me off However, I did take a chance on this book because of a certain challenge I was participating in Thankfully I did because I ended up liking the romance that blossomed between Tori and Linc Even if it started off weird between the two.Maybe I should dive into what I meant So about ten years ago, Tori identified her attacker Linc and he went to prison Eventually the DNA was actually freaking tested and it turns out Linc was innocent all along However, he was actually beaten pretty badly in prison and ended up in a coma When he wakes up he doesn t remember a thing Which is honestly good for Tori because I would ve been livid if I went to jail for something I didn t commit Their relationship definitely felt like a game of tug of war She was keeping this secret all because she didn t want to ruin his healing process Linc doesn t want to admit or take her help while he s trying to figure out things and heal on his own They both have ghosts in their past and they need each other to move on from them.Since her attack, Tori s life has changed She triple locks her doors and shit which I can totally see happening realistically I have never gone through what she did but I can only assumed I would be much worse after living through it Then there s Linc, who I felt bad for because he didn t remember anything Plus her keeping this major secret which I just kept thinking would ruin everything that they had while he was healing.Once they confront their past. the forgiveness and the actual healing process had begun I really enjoyed how they called each other on their shit I also really enjoyed their relationship and character development Again, I honestly wouldn t have dive into this book to begin with but I m really happy that I took a chance on it.Overall, really enjoyed this book and the writing style I will definitely be diving into the another book from this author if it s on my KU.