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@Read Ebook ⚤ Night's Cold Kiss Á The Tension Between The Aeternus, An Ancient Vampiric People, And Humanity Has Been Mounting For Over A Century But When Rogue Vampires Begin To Drain Humans In Order To Achieve An Illegal Blood High, All Bets Are OffAfter The Death Of Her Parents, Antoinette Petrescu Devoted Her Life To Becoming One Of The Top Venators, The Elite Hunters Who Destroy The Rogue Necrodreniacs Her Kill Count Is Legendary And Her Skills SuperbBut Now The Serial Killer Who Killed Her Parents Has Returned And To Stop Him Antoinette Must Join Forces Not Only With The Aeternus, But Also Their Most Legendary Killer One That Is Both Dangerously Attractive, And Involved In Buried Secrets Of Her Past More Dangerous Still, A Dark Attraction Grows Between Them One That Could Doom Both Races A sheep in a wolf s clothes No, I did not made a mistake I just wrote that A PNR doing its best, worst to appear UF Cover, heroine, blurb, plot every thing pointed toward UF I was already panting.Alas, this is a PNR and an old one at that I m sure lots of fans will be able to appreciate it UF fans, don t think much I found so many scenes boring, I skipped a few paragraph and almost went DNF.Unfortunately I prefer my characters sticking to their description, I m particularly fussy with my leading ladies I do expect them to be strong, intelligent, coherent Here we have the so called best hunter ever, who hates vampires and, what, it takes her 30 seconds to shag one in a scene so much resembling a date drug rape as in being slightly unpleasant Yep, if she is that drunk in thrall, it s not consensual and, even less, to start considering them human She has been compared to an early Anita, but it took her 6 books to overcome her hatred I really appreciate a character s growth, above all when she is growing out of bigotry But it has to be believable Here nothing is her reaction to a family betrayal actually than one , her reaction to Christian, her reaction to Christian s actions Rage is useless, but it is believable Betrayal is hurting, but again believable Behaving as nothing really happened after few token words Nope It s not She s supposedly killed 140 bad vamps, but she has to be saved every single time she meets the bad guys, once even by a dog And she can t really fight back How did she survive the killing if she is so easily thralled by one 2 considering the early bathroom scene with Christian Meh Christian, Victor they really make me miss the old style vamps And oh my God, can we please skip this mania of vamps as aliens, please And also repeating ten times a page pseudo freudian phrases like It s just sex, right She s not a teenager Definitely, he is not a teenager There are two kinds of vampire in the world the Aeturnus, who after centuries of bloodshed forged a treaty with humans to live peaceably together and the Necrodreniacs, those vampires who have become addicted to the high they get from killing humans, draining them dry It is a distinction that Antoinette Petrescu, the legendary Venator whose job it is to hunt down and execute Necrodreniacs, has never been able to see, not since her mother was murdered and her father died.But now a serial killer is running wild in New York, targeting women who look an awful lot like Antoinette, and she must team up with the Aeturnus Christian Laroque who used to bear the nickname the Crimson Executioner With the help of Christian s friend and fellow Aeturnus, Viktor, and a bear shifter called Oberon, Antoinette and Christian follow all the leads they can find But what Antoinette finds is than she ever could have expected she comes face to face with a ghost from her past, learns the truth of her family, and discovers that the difference between sexy Aeturnus Christian and a filthy Necrodreniac is as wide as an ocean.This book is marketed as Urban fantasy but I found it in the Romance section for once, I think the bookshop has it right Though it was gritty, it had the happy romantic ending that is the trademark of romance novels, and several sex scenes scattered throughout Looking at the cover and reading the blurb, I was prepared for a Night Huntress type book it s one of my favourite paranormal series, and I wouldn t mind something a bit similar, but this one can t compare.There were a few issues One, Antoinette could get pretty annoying in her stubbornness and her violence It didn t quite add up one minute she s an intelligent, deadly Venator, the next she s throwing a tantrum like a five year old It made it hard to give a toss what happened to her Secondly, I didn t buy the chemistry between her and Christian I wanted to like Christian he had all the markings of a dark, charismatic, enigmatic, powerful man vampire, but failed to deliver I didn t care for the way he treated Antoinette either the way he tended to treat her like a child, so perhaps it s not surprising she sometimes behaved like one.Parts of the plot were predictable it was easy to guess who was the mastermind behind it all On the other hand, the structure of government and parahuman departments etc were confusing as hell If the series continues with Antoinette and Christian as the main characters, it might work out, but it it doesn t it ll lose it s edge, and our chance to see these characters grow and develop and mature they need it.There were parts I liked as well, though it s been several days since I read this and it s not a good sign that I can mostly only remember the negatives The prose relies heavily on well worn descriptive clich s but at least the grammar is sound except it could have benefited from semi colons or the start of NEW sentences The pacing is good, with some nicely timed slower scenes amongst the chases and fights There s some good atmosphere dark and gritty and a bit smelly, violent and nasty Sadly, with under developed characters and a lack of emotional intensity, it doesn t work for me The potential is there, but so were my high hopes and, now, my disappointment It was a three star book when I finished it, but after writing this I have to lower it I simply can t justify 3 stars any. So I picked up this book with no expectations, it had mixed reviews but I figured I d give it a shot The first few pages describe Antoinette, and to a lesser degree her brother Nici, on a mission Antoinette is a Venator, meaning she is part of a group of humans hunting a type of creature called dreniacs Supposedly from the opening and the blurb on the back I understood there s good vampires and bad vampires with the dreniacs being the bad ones and a group called the Aeternus are the good vampires When Antoinette and her brother were children they were rescued by a Aeternus man called Christian Some kind of shady dealings are going on with the Aeternus and Christian looks into it This means Christian has to contact the Venators which gives him an opportunity to see Antoinette again Antoinette see s Christian and is visibly upset and Christian leaves About right there I couldn t take it any Antoinette seemed an okay heroine but Christian s POV drove me nuts He see s this woman whom he s barely seen since she was a little girl and immediately goes into descriptions of how he visions her naked and moaning Eww Maybe it s just me but he came off kind of sleazy to me And the over the top descriptions were killing me It just wasn t my cup of tea. Only one word to describe this book I almost dropped it, but the parallel story of the creepy serial killeri m talkin criminal minds creepywas enough to keep me hoping it would get better Did it get better Nope.First, Christian was mondo creepy He sees her take down some baddies and is in lusty fantasy mode after antoinette Then before the bloods even dry grabs some blood slave and boinks her Eeeewww It doesn t stop there Our heroine is forced to work with christian to bring in the serial killer who killed her mother and is now stalking her dreams She has some injury from her last fight and he goes all I ll be your doctor Ends up giving her his blood five seconds later they are both climbing the walls with lust That is one thing, but he actually takes it to home plate I mean he sexed her up in the bathroom Even though he knows if she wasn t drugged she would be spouting hate poems to him When she comes out of the haze does she kill him No She wants round two but doesn t go there THANK YOU I would have sent him out the airlock in little tiny pieces.Then later on after they have started whatever the hell it was they started. She is have sex with him and letting him bite and take blood from her She doesn t want to get too intimate What is too intimate you ask Sleeping in the same bed What The ups in this book are few and far, far, far between The fights scenes aren t half badexcluding the training scene when they rip each others close offYup, they went there The serial killer story line was fair to mildly interesting Creepier than some others I ve read I was so exasperated with the characters that it ruined the entire story for me.