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Nightmare Academy Monster Madness by Dean Lorey was my favorite book of the series yet Not only was the story book three in the series epic, but so was the setup for the next book as well The main plot consists of millions of monsters and their creator plotting an attack on Earth Charlie Benjamin the main character was born with the special ability of being a double threat , meaning he can both wield magical weapons and can create portals to other worlds This ability is extremely rare and allows only him to be able to use the Sword of Sacrifice to save the world without destroying himself.Throughout the action packed invasion of Earth by the monsters, Charlie and his close friends Theodore, Violet, and Brooke desperately search for the Sword of Sacrifice This all powerful weapon can kill any living monster, even their god like creator also known as The Fifth In order to understand this book, you must read the whole saga very carefully, because this book only briefly covers details of the Nether where these creatures live.I can relate this story to Harry Potter because both Charlie and Harry are both isolated from the real world due to their special abilities Both Charlie and Harry were invited a special school because of their special powers Both boys also made their first friends at their schools, and these friends turned out to be really important and good friends However, unlike Harry, Charlie is very close to his family who love him very much In fact, even though Charlie is constantly being chased by monsters, he family choses to guard over him and protect him, rather than send him away This is very different from Harry whose aunt, uncle and cousin flee their home in fear when the bad guys begin to grow very powerful Like Harry, Charlie is very concerned about not disappointing others, and making sure that he achieves his goals However, Charlie has a much better sense of humor than Harry, and his humor keeps the mood of this book pretty light even when things are really serious The most interesting part of this book is that in order to receive the Sword, Charlie s friends must lose what is most important to them You have to read the book to see what they lose I really enjoyed this book and thought that the plot moved very quickly, and kept me on the edge of my seat I did need to go back and re read parts of the other books because I had forgotten some details of the Nether So everyone should be aware of that one drawback, because you do have to know certain details in order to fully understand this book However, this book is action packed and very funny I would recommend it to everyone. A wonderful conclusion to the Nightmare Academy trilogy I m so glad that it ended well, though I am a little disappointed that it isn t completely resolved Of course, for it to all wrap up completely would be impossible and an unsatisfying stretch So for that reason, I m glad that there were a few loose ends that left the world open for stories later on I m excited to see what Dean Lorey comes up with next, and I hope he writes soon Charlie and his friends grow up so much and face so many dangerous and heart breaking challenges This one surprised me with how dark and difficult it got, and I was happy to see that even though the series is fairly lighthearted, it also deals realistically with how a monster invasion and war would go. FREE DOWNLOAD ♿ Nightmare Academy #3: Monster War ☼ Charlie Is In Big TroubleDangeroos, Mimics, Netherstalkers, And Worse Are Everywhere, And The Danger To Our World Has Never Been Greater The Named Have Succeeded In Summoning The Queen Of Nightmares, A Villain So Terrible That Only One Person Can Stop Her Charlie Benjamin, Armed With The Sword Of Sacrifice But Charlie Can T Get The Fabled Sword Without The Help Of His Friends Theodore, Violet, And Brooke And The Sacrifice It Demands From Them Is Even Horrifying Than A Roomful Of Ravenous Sticky Spitters Disclaimer When I started reading this book, for some reason, I believed it was the first in the series, so nothing made any sense and it gave me a bad first impression.Second Disclaimer It wouldn t have made any difference, because this book has no redeeming qualities and falls into the bloated genre of shallow, thoughtless, pointless Harry Potter wannabes And yes, wannabe is a real word Look it up OK, so here s a quick synopsis Charlie Benjamin is a magic kid who has no flaws whatsoever and is perfect in every way and battles a Super Rad Awesome Over Powered Mega Monster, who s really little than some cackling crone, named the 5th He s accompanied by his prepubescent buddies, Theodore, Brooke and Violet, who are equally flawless and perfect in every way They attend some sort of academy for magic kids, and the adults are all plotting either for them or against them and blah blah blah Headmaster blah blah blah magic sword blah blah blah Harry Potter Together, they all make perfect decisions throughout the book, always being wiser than the adults around them, and defeat the 5th The End.In all seriousness, the terms Mary Sue and Gary Stu have been thrown around a lot in the film and literature worlds lately because of the atrocity that was The Last Jedi, but if you wanted classic examples of what those terms mean, look no further than these characters I don t understand why so many authors who write books for young readers don t give their characters any depth, flaws, nuances, or internal conflicts whatsoever I could understand keeping the themes of their conflicts age appropriate, but to have none at all is just lazy and bad writing This story is just one horrible cliche after another The reason these types of books will never live up to Harry Potter is because Rowling made her characters so much believable and actually spent time weaving interesting character arcs I normally like to put a lot of thought into my reviews, but this book was so utterly freaking boring that I just can t put my normal effort into this.On the plus side, Brooke does seem to get around a lot and finds some very creative excuses to kiss boys So there s that. pinch got into a pinch Marginally better than the other two books in this trilogy, just enough to bump it up to two stars This novel reads as slightly cohesive I can better follow the plot lines even though there are still holes And I actually started to enjoy the scenes of the quest for the Sword of Sacrifice This opportunity is taken by the author to develop the characters a bit, and the novel has a better pace to it The ending is a bit too open for me, I understand this is so the author can write another book or series or whatever, but although this trilogy improve with this book, I won t be reading any material by this author. Found this book after its many years at the back of my bookshelf and re read it One of my favourite series when I was younger Still a satisfying read. So Slagguron dan Tyrannus berhasil memanggil The Name yang ke 5 alias Queen of Nightmare aka ibu para monster Charlie cs juga menghadapi tantangan dari Divisi yang seharusnya ada di pihak mereka Di terpa dengan segala isu dan pengkhianatan, bisa kah mereka menghalau semua ancaman ini Karakter Charlie makin dewasa walau tidak banyak perubahan Tapi aku suka beberapa spotlight justru di arahkan pada Theo dan Violet jadi memberikan penggalian karakter pada mereka tanpa sekedar jadi sidekick Charlie Mereka jadi team yang tangguh Formula buku ini akan gampang kamu temukan dalam buku film heroik anak anak tapi itu justru hal yang bikin ketahihan kan Plot dan alur masih pengembangan dari 2 buku sebelumnya Endingnya agak terlalu simple untukku tapi ada janji di situ bahwa ini jelas bukan buku yang terakhir Well buku yang ke 3 UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH I m sure this book and all it s characters were ground breaking in the early 2000 s The same cannot be said for the present day reader This series was filled with 2D characters, unnecessary suspense simply for shock value and paper thin plot devices.I give it a two star rating as a whole simply because I know had I read this series as it was published I would ve loved it and threatened anyone who said it was less than great But in saying that, I didn t finish the series when it was published and I m older now so, I know better.I m only sorry I didn t finish the series earlier when I still loved it.A shame really. Very nice ending of the story and it keeps an open end for the possibility to continue the adventures of CB, the DT and his friends.I really liked it as the whole series It gave a different approach about the monsters hiding under our beds