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se sigue poniendo linda la cosa Tremendo. [E-pub] ♪ PLUTO: 浦沢 直樹 x 手塚 治虫 004 ♿ A Powerful, Destructive Force In The Form Of A Tornado Is Killing The Great Robots Of The World One By One Who Or What Could Be Behind This Whirlwind Be It Man Or Robot, It Now Has Its Sights Set On Atom, The Most Advanced Robot Ever Created And Atom Is Ready To Dive Right Into The Eye Of The StormContains Chapters To dang Great cliffhangerwith weirdness Tortured characters Robots humane than humans in many cases Interesting Smart Lots of peripheral messages Enjoying this On to Volume 5. Truly one of the best series I ve read Drama, action, moral and philosophical dilemma Interesting questions and unparalleled art I can t wait to devour the rest. 2019 reread Ochanomizu receives a visitor An unexpected death More members of the Bora Survey Group are targeted Things develop in the anti robot group s plot against Gesicht This is the volume that makes me feel derpy In this episode of the Aslan is Jesus Whatchronicles, Urasawa slaps us literal minded folks in the face with this Ochanomizu It was the rumors about Professor Goji that started the 39th Central Asian War Rumor had it that he built an army of advanced robots for the Kingdom Of Persia Some of these robots were said to be potential Weapons of Mass DestructionGoji And who provided that information Ochanomizu The United States of Thracia.Goji And is everything Thracia says always correct Ochanomizu That s why we formed the survey group to find outGoji Well Did you find anything Ochanomizu No, nothing Only a huge pile of discarded robots.Goji So the United States of Thracia went to war, even though you didn t find anything Having found nothing, they still reduced the Persian Kingdom to AshesOther allusions symbolism continue to be lost on me Like why Thracia is run by Teddy Ruxpin Or why Ochanomizu ends every sentence with an ellipsis But this kind of storytelling, in this case overlaying a story arc from a 1960s kids manga Astro Boy on top of the 2003 Iraq War, always impresses me Interesting that one of the 7 acknowledged WMD robots belongs to Japan. Pero que brutal Como me rompe el coraz n WHAT IS IT ABOUT Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka, Volume 004 by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki is the fourth book in an eight book science fiction manga series Pluto The whole series is based on The Greatest Robot on Earth, the most popular story arc in Astro Boy series by a legendary manga master Osamu Tezuka.A mysterious force disguised as a tornado is after the four remaining great robots of the world, while the former members of Bora Survey Group are being killed one after another And it seems that both Atom, a.k.a Astro Boy, and Professor Ochanomizu are next on the list Meanwhile, detective Gesicht is searching for clues about the killer s identity and the motive, but he himself is in danger, and not only because he is one of the seven great robots of the world.THUMBS UP 1 Perfectly paced and surprising. As I mentioned in my previous review, the story building in Pluto series is excellent The plot is full of twists and turns, but despite the fact that A LOT of thing are happening all at once, it is surprisingly easy to keep all the storylines straight I admit though that Pluto, Volume 004 didn t provide all the answers I really hoped for at the end of the third book, but I cannot really complain I still have four volumes to go By the way, I am still in denial over a couple of events in this volume I really didn t see it coming and still can t believe it really happened 2 Depth.In addition to being thrilling and suspenseful, Pluto series is also moving and thought provoking For example, the first act in this volume is very simple yet very powerful emotionally Although Pluto, Volume 004 does not offer nearly as much social commentary as the previous volume, it still raises a couple of interesting questions, such as what makes a robot perfect.3 Beautiful artwork.It s time for me to finally acknowledge how gorgeous Urasawa s artwork is Although I previously complained that the adult characters most of the time are drawn with their mouths shut while talking and have a limited range of facial expressions, it doesn t really bother me any or maybe the illustrations DID get a little bit dynamic In either case, the artwork is very realistic and simply stunning.COULD BE BETTER 1 Ruined surprise.Towards the end of the book the authors introduce a new character and put some effort into hiding his face up until the last page Such a maneuver is supposed to build tension but it clearly fails to do so because a we ve never seen this character before, so finally seeing his face doesn t have much of an effect, and, importantly, b his face is plastered on the cover of the volume and you can easily recognize him just by seeing his hair, beard or glasses FAIL 2 Lack of color.Yet again only the six first pages are colored and the remainder of the book is black and white Why the teasing, I ask VERDICT 3.5 out of 5 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka, Volume 004 by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki is perfectly paced, surprising, moving and thought provoking It is as good as the previous two volumes, so if you liked the story so far, don t stop.POST SCRIPTUM Check out my reviews of the previous three volumes 1 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka, Volume 001 2 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka, Volume 002 3 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka, Volume 003. Stuff I Read Pluto Vol 4 reviewVolume four of the manga definitely takes this series in some unexpected directions Not that it does anything that I didn t like or agree with, but it does do a few things that I know are basically going to be undone in the next few volumes It also has an extremely hilarious build up going on through the entire volume that is completely undermined by the cover Namely, Professor Tenma is introduced in this chapter As Atom s creator and one of the most powerful minds in this world, he is rather important to the story as a whole As such, the volume goes to great lengths to hide his face for the duration of the volume, revealing it only on the last page Which is all well and good, though I can freely admit that I didn t really understand why they were hiding the face But the thing that undermines this effort is the fact that Tenma s face is plastered right on the cover of this volume Kind of defeats the tension built up.But yes, this volume continues the rather dark and complicated mystery that has been growing over the first three volumes This time the focus shifts over to the Japanese Minister of Science and his confrontation with the group that is trying to kill all the members of the survey group he was on And that is the one thing I still don t get about this series, is why that group is being targeted I get that the robots are being targeted, as they fought in the war and as such helped to destroy the country But what I don t get is why blame would be put on a group that went in to look for weapons and didn t find anything It wasn t like their survey was really used as justification to start the war If this is the whole Iraq War analogy, then the group didn t find anything and the U.S went in anyway So I don t get why the grudge The volume itself doesn t really provide a good answer for this, basically saying that the findings of the group might have been misinterpreted as having led to invasion and so they re really just victims of other people s ambitions Unless they are being targeted for their connection to robotics as a field, in which case it would make a little sense, as these were the men largely responsible for the creation of the robots used in the war But yeah, the beginning happens in Japan with the Minister being confronted, and that part ends with Atom coming face to face with the tornado robot Pluto that has been killing everyone This ends, surprisingly enough, with Atom being defeated quite easily And I know I said surprisingly, but it is a long standing tradition that in any story the good guys have to lose the first round That Atom died is the surprising part, but I suppose that means that he will have to be brought to life.The interesting part of the story is still happening in Germany with Gesicht Here the man trying to kill him, the one who belongs to the anti robot group, gets on the wrong side of his superiors and they try to kill him This leads, ironically enough, to Gesicht being put as his bodyguard The man eventually reveals some interesting information, and the interactions between the two are quite telling Despite the man s racism, he does have a good point about a lot of things, and does seem to be legitimately wronged by the establishment Though his hatred of robots cannot be sanctioned, we do see that the establishment is not giving him a good time They use his brother s crimes against him And there does seem to be to that story, and at this point signs are pointing to the fact that Gesicht might have actually done it.And on top of it all we have commentary on what would make the greatest robot in the world, and some weird stuff about Gesicht and Pluto being similar According to the series, the greatest robot would be capable of strong emotions, something that has been banned because it would lead to robots breaking the not killing humans rule And it seems like that might be true At least in the case of Pluto, who seems quite capable of hate and rage, and Gesicht, who seems also able to feel those emotions, they are two of the most powerful robots around Where that will lead the story is unknown right now, but it makes for a very good read So the fourth volume nets an 8.25 10.