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At the centre of this mistitled narrative is the fiery and emotional antagonism between Angelina, survivor of a brutal raid by American Indians that left her father dead and her mother dying, and Alex, nephew and heir to an English duke who adopts Angelina as his ward and brings her to England. In a classical tale of like repelling like, Angelina and Alex take an instant dislike to each other. Both being headstrong, defiant characters, the dislike escalates to hatred, loathing, and mutual fascination.

The verbal confrontations between Angelina and Alex are the high point of this book. Unfortunately Ms Dickson is unable to sustain or develop the emotional tension and slips into repetition. To maintain the pace of the narrative, she introduces misunderstandings and impulsive behaviour that jar with the intelligence and empathy of the two main characters.

Most disappointing was the intrusion of anachronistic vocabulary into the dialogues. Both Angelina and Alex use words and phrases that didn't exist in their time, or were used with completely different connotations. Any competent editor should have flagged and corrected these goofs. Nice The writing style for this book was a little unusual. The author wrote from multiple points of view with no break as to who was doing the thinking at the time. Otherwise the story was light, engaging and enjoyable. I couldn't care about the characters or their problems. Didn't want them to be together. Hated all the fighting and tension. A couple shouldn't be together with this much angst. Couldn't finish... That was just awful.

First and foremost. Rape is never ok, never romantic. Rape is still rape, doesn't matter if it's your wife and 'it's her duty', doesn't matter if some GOP senator wouldn't call it "Forcible" or "Legitimate" rape. It's not ok or 'romantic' because you waited 3 weeks while threatening her with the act and giving her the cold shoulder because she wouldn't sleep with youbefore forcing her to have sex when she specifically told you she did not want to. That was disgusting.

Secondly, a little too much of the plot revolved around racist fears and the tired trope of "darkies are out to get our white women". I get that attacks and atrocities by certain Native American tribes did occur in the frontier. I understand that the English at that time were racist and referred to them as "red skinned" and "savages". I get that scalping & rapes did occur. But the book's continuous demonization and fear of darkskinned savages was merely a shallow perpetuation of racism. Her instinctive fearful reaction to darkskinned gypsys who reminded her of the "indians" was extremely odd. (why are they automatically scary just because they have darker skin that you do?)

Basically the whole book was about a nearrape survivor who is experiencing PTSD over the death of her parents, her abduction, nearrape and having to kill someonegets a husband that then forces her to have sex (rapes her) and then everyone lives happily ever after.

I checked to see when this book was written, thinking maybe it was from the 60's, by a GOP senator or some pre2ndwave feminismnope, it was written in 2006 by a woman. Ick.

As an extra garnish to further annoy me the book was littered with grammatical errors and clearly lacked an editor. Starts with a duel and only gets better.

Alex Montgomery is a prize and he knows it. Between being an Earl, wealthy and handsome, he never has to ask twice before the woman he chooses falss in with his plans and into his bed. But he has never met Miss Angelina Hamilton before. She definetly does not want a rake and has the fortitude to tell him so.

She is his uncle's new ward and at first, he sees her as nothing but trouble. From the state of Ohio, he thinks she is nothing more than a scheming girl hoping to live in spledid comfort the rest of her life, at his uncle expense. Alex wants nothing more than to send her back but he loves his uncle to much to do that. Instead, he makes it perfectly clear to her that he is watching her.

Nothing could shock him more than discovering the young chit he has been argueing with has slowly worked her way under his shields. She is a beauty once dressed like a lady rather than a ragmuffin. She has grace and charm that she never showed him but everyone else declares her adorable. When he finally comes to the conclusion that she is for him and no one else, it may be to late to win her to his side for a lifetime. Love isn't something he believes in or wants. So lust is all he tries to offer which she will have nothing to do with!