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I don t normally post children s books unless they really catch my attention I was a little shocked when I picked up this book from the library It s a rather young children s book and not the juvenile literature I was expecting However, it was a really fun read There were maybe 10 poems in this collection but every one caused me to giggle It reminds me of Shel Silverstein and made me really wish it was longer.It s an early reader book so nearly anyone can read this book It s silly and funny so it should appeal to anyone with a sense of humor. Poetry This was a fun read I loved the different rhymes and the way they all connected by being on silly street I also liked that it made silly things sound fun and acceptable There are some words that students may not understand or be able to read without help. #DOWNLOAD Ä Silly Street Ú Anything Goes On Silly StreetThere S A Flying Squirrel Circus, Pink Elephant Races, And Even A Pony That Eats Fried Baloney At The Candy Booth You Can Buy Gummy Yum Noodles And Rainbow Jaw Busters At The Hat Store You Can Purchase A Helmet, A Tiara, Or A Halo If You Happen To Be An AngelFrom The Comedic Mind Of Jeff Foxworthy, Author Of The Bestselling Dirt On My Shirt, Comes Another Hilarious Collection Of Poems Kids Will Have So Much Fun Reading These Poems, They Ll Wish They Actually Lived On Silly Street Awards None Appropriate grade level K 2ndOriginal summary Silly Street is filled with silly poems about silly things and silly places.Original review This is full of easy to read funny poems that are easy to remember My favorite is Magic I laughed out loud The illustrations are adorable and very detailed Possible in class uses 1 Create alliterations 2 Poetry writing and drawing The genre of this book is poetry The age range for this poem 3 8 This poem are funny and silly poems by the author Jeff Foxworthy, this book is really great for all ages The plot of this book circles around a young boy set on many adventures in one day, hes here and there hes everywere There where alot of characters in this book, you had a young boy, other young children, parents, and animals The theme of this book is just havng fun The illustration in this poem was very good, the color was bright and vibrant colors Very detailed pictures The language was sutiable for young readers, but this would really be a great poetry book for all readers Young readers would enjoy this poetry book because its funny peoms that children would enjoy reading and getting a great laugh from it. This book is a collection of poems written by Jeff Foxworthy, all centered around Silly Street The first time I read through it I skimmed it and read the poems out of order Doing this, I was not too impressed by the book in general I soon noticed though that all of the poems are related and are best read from the beginning Once you start reading from the beginning you see that it tells of a day on Silly Street and each poem is built upon the previous poem The poems are enjoyable and silly and my 5, 8 and 9 year olds seemed to enjoy them but never laughed out loud or asked for after I stopped reading The illustrations are fun and go along with the poems well but are not especially memorable I do like the format of this book, how each page is a different poem yet it is all one story Kids will not learn any real life lessons from this book but they would enjoy it. This is a book written by Jeff Foxworthy with a collection of poems about a silly street in a town Jeff is a comedian who likes to write poetry for young readers The poems in this book are quite comical and fun to read My favorite one in this book is called Butterflies it is about a tree with leaves that are made of butterflies The poems are a mix of fantasy and contemporary The illustrator, Steve Bjorkman, creates the perfect illustrations to accompany the poems His watercolor illustrations make the poems come to life in this book I would recommend this book to any young reader to spark a love for fun poetry. Silly Street by the comedian Jeff Foxworthy will be sure to entertain and provoke laughter from elementary aged children In this collection of about 30 poems, Silly Street s everyday occurances will be sure to cause giggles The uncertainty and uncanny are common throughout this book The rhyme and rhthym is mediocre Yet, the cartoon esque illustrations are visually appealing Sometimes, I feel that students think that poetry is serious, personal, or confusing I like to incorporate and introduce many different poetry categories This book was light hearted and joyful one that will be perfect for younger readers. Genre Poetry Unique Feature I think this is a good poetry book for emergent readers This is a book of short high interest poems that uses rhyming, silliness, and some alliterations to capture the reader s attention This book is part of the I Can Read leveled reading series Obviously, this book creates illustrations and text in such a way to make it silly , but there aren t any unique features besides that Grades 1 2 This is such a fun book It rhymes and it s funny.