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Frank Miller writes and Dave Gibbons draws this story of a woman who rose from a near future ghetto to become a warrior Some real wish fulfillment stuff, and sometimes a little heavy on the politics, but it s rollicking fun, and the art is wonderful. I loved this series Miller and Gibbons got it right Washington is believable, exciting, fleshed out and amazing She feels authentic I do wonder about her family Her mother and her brother were very undeveloped I also hated the very first page The way Martha s mother is drawn makes her look like a man Knowing these two artists and the way they can drawn white women, I knew this wasn t a problem of skill So that bugged me a LOT And why is she giving birth naked WTF And the one place that should be exposed is covered Seemedproblematic And why is she so muscular And the baby comes out in a weird way I almost put the book down after that first page THANK GOODNESS I DIDN T Martha, her story, the politics LOVE the politics , the way she s drawn she s beautiful but proportioned,strong yet feminine, not asexual, loved the hairstyles see black hair CAN be drawn that s an excuse that some have giving me for Storm s annoying straight hair that black hair is too hard too drawsuch b.s Storm doesn t look black to me, not her hair not anything else about her She doesn t impress me She could have amazing but she isn t She should have been like the Yoruba deity Oya and Martha s backside is not the focus something that happens to black female characters in comics way too much This is one of the best comic series I ve ever read and I m glad someone pointed it out to me Finally, something by Frank Miller that I can say I love love love Well, there s 300 but that had so many racial problems that I can t say I loved it though I loved it, lol I HIGHLY recommend this series Excellent [Read Ebook] ♂ The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-first Century ♵ A Masterpiece Nearly Twenty Years In The Making, This Archival, Oversized, And Slipcased Hardcover Volume Contains The Complete Life Story Of Martha Washington, The Twenty First Century Freedom Fighter Created By Comic Book Megastars Frank Miller Sin City, And Dave Gibbons Watchmen Our Story Begins In The Squalid Corridors Of A Maximum Security Housing Project, Where A Young Girl Will Rise From The War Torn Streets Of Chicago To Battle Injustice In A World Insane With Corruption Her Fight Will Take Her Far, From The Frontlines Of The Second American Civil War, To The Cold, Unforgiving Reaches Of Space She Will Be Called A Hero, A Traitor, And Nearly Everything In Between, But All Along The Way, Her Courage, Her Integrity, And Her Unwavering Commitment To That Most Valuable Of Rights Liberty Will Inspire A Movement That Will Never Surrender I borrowed this book thinking it was a graphical adaptation of an unknown black American woman only to discover it was the creation of Frank Millar and Dave Gibbons This was one hell of a ride through the birth, life and death of Martha Washington, an inspirational, determined black woman fighting for justice and liberty, who emerged and fought her way out of oppression.There s some great social commentary on race, power, environment, politics, war, technology Some of the story lines border on the outrageous but it s a great romp and what comics can do so well suspend reality and explore ideas.Despite the couple of cringeworthy dialogue moments and her love interest story arch in the space series, the whole book was a delight and pleasure to read through.Equally enjoyable was Dave Gibbon s prologues to each of the series giving insight into Frank and his artistic and personal states and where their thinking was heading There is also a great collection of working drawings and promotional material at the end of the book.I haven t come across any strong, positive black comic characters in my graphic novel reading thus far That combined with the pacy stories, wonderful artwork and vision of the future, this collection was a very nice surprise to see and very, very enjoyable. This was quite enjoyable It s nice to see Frank Miller s writing in a context that isn t as dark as Sin City or as gory as 300 I think what makes it work is the heavy emphasis on action, combined with an occasionally goofy sense of humor The various behind the scenes bits worked in between the chapter series breaks were interesting I also liked some of the amusing references and crossovers I spotted a mention of the Silver Surfer, and Big Boy made an appearance I d only watched the short lived animated series.Most of the story arcs were enjoyable, if a bit over the top in their emphasis on extreme political views I was a little sad to see that Ayn Rand was a big influence, on account of the community of bermensch going off to create a better world, but it worked in the allegory I think My biggest disappointment was with the last issue, the way they wrapped up her story, leaving a big gap I would loved to have seen of the Martha character, but I guess at this point they ve moved on to other projects.Also big points to putting together all of the series in one big volume, in an appropriate chronological order, with edits as needed Really wish other comic book titles would take that to heart I know they re supposed to be episodic, but I much prefer to consume the stories in bulk, to see the characters evolve and the plot move forward, without having to wait for the next issue.Another note I d make is that this is another example of recent past depictions of the near future going too far in some tech areas hard AI, energy weapons, space travel, etc and yet mostly missing the cultural impact of the Web and mobile communications Granted, Martha s world is kinda screwy compared to ours, but I wonder if the authors just didn t picture the changes we have experienced.Overall quite a fun read. I really couldn t get into the dark worldview presented by Frank Miller in this series, and the Ayn Rand influence turned me off as well However, there are a few good anti war messages. I heard of this book during a Black Tribbles podcast I never heard of it before, but reading it now, I m blown away by it It s a Frank Miller Dave Gibbons collaboration, same dudes that did Sin City and Watchmen It s not so dark and grim as those graphic novels, but definitely gritty There s still violence, there s still bloodshed But it s a fascinating look at an alternative United states, and it s all done through a black woman s viewpoint.Life and Times starts off with Martha being born with Cabrini Green reimagined as a maximum security housing project Right off the bat mixing unfamiliar with familiar People sleeping in rows of bunk beds behind locked bars Living quarters the size of closets Dirty sidewalks, and rampant crime The shift of years of the same president, his continuous reign marching from cautiously cheering crowds to arm guards and tanks with guns.We follow Martha as she goes from Cabrini Green survivor to mental institute patient, to soldier Interesting that for all her life, She s not shown with relaxed hair No black women are Can t tell if this is deliberate But We see Martha with an afro, a buzzcut, cornrolls, locs, and no hair at all And the other thing we see Martha has faith in God This is something that s never shaken from her, even though she is sent to war and sees atrocities and wrongs, her belief in God, and her sense that she was put there for a reason, never shakes The way Martha is drawn is interesting Most of the time, she s drawn unsmiling, a snarl if she s fighting, or just the badass stare She s drawn as a mature woman, and most of the book, you forget that by the time she joins PAX, she s only a teenager A good chunk of the story is her as a teenager, and yet she goes through stuff that makes her age quickly into a gritty war veteran There s this one picture of her standing in full uniform, bald and confident, with a slight smile It is the youngest I ve ever seen of her She almost looksoptimistic Cheerful Turn the page, and she is shooting a huge gun, muscled arm, gritted teeth, chiseled, torn jeans, a ripped bandanna tied around her head There s nothing sweet about her now She s got a job to do, and she does it, not with pleasure, or with hate It s a job and it needs to be done.That s how her story is Martha makes for a good soldier Rising up the ranks for her is slow, not because she is incompetent, but because mostly her superiors are corrupt She keeps her mouth shut and she does her job Unless it interferes with her values And Martha s values are strong She protects the Brazilian rainforest from being napalmed and is placed under the corrupt sergeant s contingent, who tries to rid her any way he can, but dang it, she keeps on surviving She refuses to take blood from an alternate Captain America And when the people she work for become utterly corrupt, she turns traitor in order to cleanse it, then turns traitor on her allies when they turn corrupt Here and there, there are little bits to soften up the hard story Martha looking down at the Brazilian rainforest and her face going soft How Martha always treats her mother How she manages to win over one Valkerie enough for her to become devoted to Martha, developing a crush and always fighting by her side, even though she knows Martha doesn t feel the same way There s even romance, sort of She meets up with Wasserstein, the only Navajo left They have adventures along with an enigmatic psychic named RaggyAnn Too bad RaggyAnn drops from the story with no explanation She s an underutelized character.Miller and Gibbons gives us a United States that fractures, and it s believable The Pacific NW is governed by the New Calvinist Initiative, California becomes an Evil Wonderland, Colorado and Arizona are ruled by Fat Boy Burgers, in league with the Mexican terriroty Texas beccomes an entity of its own that s frightening , while Florida is being taken over by Cuba The east coast is splinted into a bunch of groups that tear each other apart, and the midwest iswellstill considered the united states Go figure.At times, the alternative timeliness seemed too insane The Nazi Gays, for instance, seemed goofy There also appeared to be a thing where the Ku Klux Klan was populated by blacks Going for too unbeleiveable But the constant warring between the states was intriguing There s one story where Martha leads her troops over Texas lines into Fat Boy territory to get her and her troops burger and fries, because the sell of red meet is forbidden by the 94th amendment There s also the breakdown of technology, which turns into a plot point in itself Fighting suits break down Transports blow up The only story I felt lacking was the last one, simply because it raised a lot of questions for me It appears Martha lives to be 100 She explored a bunch of worlds Supposedly she met God And yetwho is the black dreadlocked woman with the scar Why does she call Martha Gannie A play on raggedy ann, perhaps Why did Martha go back to earth What happened to her husband and sons Who is the enemy they re fighting against Why is there a nun when there are no churches Are the dreadlocked woman, and the two other black folks Martha s Grandchildren I really, really, really wanted to see that story And that s why I ll only give it four out of five Pax helmets And if Siri starts taking the form of a blue skinned woman, we might be in serious trouble. This reads a lot better as one big narrative, at least better than it did as a series of strung together minis back in the 1990s Gibbons commentary makes for a real nice explication of what he and Miller were trying to achieve with Martha Without that commentary, you go into it expecting a certain story based on how GIVE ME LIBERTY was executed, and that s NOT where Martha Washington goes Also this is a GREAT format for Gibbons art huge, intricate, detailed Lots of fun. I honestly don t know where to begin with this review because there is simply so much going on in this book which contains all of the collected stories of Martha Washington first published in 1990.This comic starts at the beginning with the birth of Martha in 1995 to a poor family in the Cabrini Green Housing Projects The projects are characterized as nothing than a prison and so, here begins Frank Miller s none too subtle very critical social commentary He makes a very bold analysis of poverty, politics, environmental issues, and classism Yes all of that and you don t have to probe too deeply to hear the messages here, they are as vibrant and in your face as Martha is.Despite dire circumstances in which, among other things, Martha must learn at a very early age to navigate the dangerous streets of Cabrini Green, we see that she is an intelligent girl and a computer whiz She could have a bright future, and she does, but not without great pains along the way The Life and Times of Martha Washington is by no means a happy go lucky collection of stories While there are a few laughs along the way, there really are quite a few tears This is a dark tale, but certainly not a hopeless one.I love what Frank Miller did with Martha because through her so many stereotypes and misconceptions are thrown out of the window about women, and also about women of color Martha is one of the few women can we call Martha a superhero in comics that aren t hypersexualized, dressed in titillating body hugging gear with over sized body part on prominent display Nor is she the lurid object of men s fantasies Martha is a soldier, she is a loyal friend, she is a fighter and a warrior, she has integrity and intelligence, she is appreciated and hated, she is a woman who is loved and desired She is so very much, and a wonderful role model if ever we want to find one in a comic More importantly though, Martha is easy to relate to because she wasn t born with superpowers She is a normal woman, who under extraordinary odds, manages to maintain her sense of self worth and her desire to succeed And she is a black What a trail blazer Some of the circumstances we find Martha in are a little over the top, but this is a comic with a shameless blending of SFF along with action adventure so practically anything goes.This collection ends with Martha s death on, of all days, her 100th birthday I totally appreciate being able to close out her miraculous life by seeing her death, sad as it may be, but I don t like that what came right before was Martha at about 20 years old We watched Martha accomplish so much between the ages of 14 20 She was still so young when we leave her off before the last one shot that completed this collection We are told that she went on to have a husband and three sons and that she went on to do , but that leaves about eighty years of life practically unaccounted for and, perhaps I m greedy, but I wanted of her.Initially I was a little turned off by the art I can t really put my finger on it except to say that it was so bright and crisp and I generally prefer a subtle art style with muted coloring But, I soon grew to truly appreciate the style as well as the fact that the art itself seemed to mature right along with Martha It is truly beautiful to look at.I plan to read this collection again at some point in time, because I don t doubt that there is so much that I missed in this deeply nuanced collection of stories, deeper meanings, grander messages I don t want to miss any of them.I am such a fan of Martha Washington and I only learned about her on a whim through a Twitter friend s recommendation to me I can t believe that I had this book on a shelf for a year before actually reading it Collects all of the Martha Washington appearances from 1990 well into the 2000 s Part social commentary, part satire, part science fiction, all fantastic This is Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons at their pinnacle It s every bit as good as Sin City or Watchmen I read the issues as they appeared over the years and it s great to have them all collected with commentary from Gibbons gibbons was one of the first artists to experiment with computerized coloring and his pages are still beautiful today.Martha Washington was born in Caprini Green, the projects of Chicago, her only way out to join PAX the army and is sent off to the Hamburger Wars in Brazil Fast Food companies have militarized and are trying to destroy the rainforests Martha quickly proves herself to be an exceptional warrior and rises through the ranks The series is littered with crazy characters such as the Presidents brain and a surgeon general who thinks a lock of morals is a disease and talks in clipped, partial sentences In later books, she fights against several different factions in the 2nd American Civil War and finds the origin of mankind when she heads to space.One of my all time favorite books Not to be missed.Received an advance copy from Dark Horse and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.