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Read for class On the whole, an enjoyable and interesting read. The author writes with a light touch, poking fun at himself, making fruit fly sex jokes, and describing the tortured trials of the fruit fly my favorite is his depiction of drunken fruit flies too soused to fly The book is designed to be comprehensible to all It s a light overview of the evolution of biological thought in the 20th century, through a framework of how fruit fly research pushed biological thought forward He brings in the stories of assorted fruit fly researchers, and how genetics plugged the holes in the theory of evolution He writes of fruit fly experiments that taught scientists how man s internal clocks work, how man learns, how man ages He doesn t bog down the explanations with loads of technicalia, but one comes out feeling enlightened.I found his explanation of genetics a touch strained he was trying to keep it light and non textbook y , but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book Plus the fruit fly experiments described in there are utterly fascinating and make great conversation topics. Enjoyable read There were a few moments toward the beginning where it felt outdated having been published in 2001, no surprise and where the author fumbled some portrayal of American life, but that became less of an issue as the book went on Super interesting learning about the history, science, and interpersonal drama surrounding the birth of genetics and its reconciliation with evolution and natural philosophy. It s a charming little overview of the history of fruit fly science The author does frequently use humor, and it lands most of the time, but some of the jokes fall flat trying to hard, too corny, subtly sexist Luckily it doesn t detract from the story It almost feels like there is a complete story hiding in here, but he decided to just get the book out fast You have this overall loose kind of frame of the author himself traveling around to get information about the history, but it just acts as a way to transition things, or add information If flies are going to draw you to one book, let it be Time, Love, Memory A Great Biologist and His Quest for the Origins of Behavior But if you re like me, and read Time, Love, Memory long enough ago that you forget it, this book is a nice refresher on how freaking cool fly science is. Why isn t this book popular Anyone not working or studying in a Bio related field would not have known the importance of fruit flies in human development A must read, although it was a bit dumbed down for my taste. This has been on my bookshelf for a long time With Sarah Palin belittling the funding of fruit fly research, I thought it was time to finally read it Written in 2001 today there are few areas of biology that have not felt the fruit fly s influence You will find it being used in the search for cancer cures as an early warning system for global warming and climate change in the study of neurogenerative disorders such as Alzheimer s disease and Huntington s chorea and in understanding the genetics of alcohol and drug addiction, sleeping disorders, and jet lag Since the early part of the last century, fruit fly research has been well established as a staple of genetics Everyone, at least everyone with a science advisor, ought to know that This book is, thus far, both clear and entertaining If you don t have a science advisor, check this out This was a neat little book I learned that humans predilection for alcohol is a remnant of our evolutionary history, that there is a mutant fruit fly named cheapdate, and too much sex can kill female fruit flies What could you ask from a quick read Well, I read it through to the second chapter then made the decision to stop reading it It really tries to be interesting, but I think it would be better enjoyed by a science major The part about creating mutant flies was nifty, though. this would have been 4 stars except the author INSISTED on using multiple nonsensical analogies.a good analogy should bring understanding by comparing an unknown concept to a known concept this does NOT work if you compare an unknown concept to something that doesn t exist or make sense the Author also had a tendency to wax poetic about what certain scientists may have been doing or thinking but I ll give them that as artistic freedom in a piece that clearly is not meant to be read as science literature.Otherwise, I did enjoy it I liked how it was sort of written like a travel book but through history and science instead of a physical place. `Download Pdf ☔ Fly: The Unsung Hero of Twentieth Century Science ↞ There S A Buzz In The Air, The Sound Of A Billion Wings Vibrating To The Tune Of Scientific Success In Biology Labs Across The World, Fruit Flies Are Turning Up Answers To Some Of The Basic Questions Of Life It S Business As Usual For The Fly, Which For Generations Has Been Defining Biology S Major Landmarks From Genetics To Development, Behavior To Aging, And Evolution To The Origin Of Species, The Fruit Fly Has Been A Key Player In Some Of The Twentieth Century S Greatest Biological DiscoveriesTechniques To Pinpoint Genes That Play A Role In Human Disease Depend On Genetic Mapmaking Principles First Established With The Fly It Was Experiments On Fruit Flies That Opened Our Eyes To The Dangers Of Radiation To Human Health In Fact, Everything From Gene Therapy To Cloning To The Human Genome Project Is Built On The Foundation Of Fruit Fly Research Despite Its Many Achievements, The Fruit Fly Remains An Unsung Hero In The History Of Science At Last, Here Is A Book That Gives The Fly Its Long Overdue CreditIn A Highly Original, Witty, And Irreverent Style, Martin Brookes Takes Us Through Successive Stages In The Life Cycle Of The Fly, Each Illustrating An Important Concept In Biology Some, Such As The Fundamentals Of Heredity, Are Well Established Others, Such As Sexual Warfare, Learning, And Memory, Are Still In Their Infancy But Whether Flies Are Getting High On Crack Cocaine, Enjoying The Pleasures And Pains Of A Boozy Night Out, Being Trained By Punishment And Reward, Or Struggling With Insomnia, This Book Provides A Glimpse Of How One Short Life Has Informed Almost Every Aspect Of Human Existence The Result Is A Broad Introduction To Biology With Insights Into The Practical Realities Of ScienceOften Dismissed As Irrelevant Outside Academic Circles, The Fruit Fly, Through This Distinctive Biography, Will Come To Be Recognized For What It Really Is An Icon Of Twentieth Century Science And A Window On Our Own Biological World