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The plot is decent, not great, but decent It s also a fast and easy read, so that s nice, too Now I m going to pick on it for a second, so just bear with me The way the characters are drawn is just plain weird It was a train wreck that I couldn t look away from You know that poor crazy woman who gets in the news sometimes because she keeps having plastic surgery to make herself look like a cat Yeah. They look like that All of themBrrrrIt looks like the skin on their faces has been stretched into some nutty artist s version of sensual Think Heath Ledger as The Joker. Two things about this book Physically I like this book I m not much for comic books but they re a nice change from normal books They re really quick reads and it s cool to actually SEE what s going on It s just that sometimes I feel like the panels go by too fast Like, the characters see something happen and get over it way to fast And sometimes I have to kinda guess what just happened from what was implied by the picture I don t get the whole picture, figuratively speaking, in just one panel I still love it though The whole thing is illustrated amazingly.The story I love Tam I really do I think Dale is a little over his head, and if he can t accept what Rue is and what she s involved in, then he doesn t need to be with her I think she should just get with Tam, than she already has Even if he is human, he knows everything that Rue NEEDS to know He knows all about faerie and how to deal with them Now I just can t wait for the next one I don t know what will happen next, but it s gonna rock T I really like this series of books I wish there were Wonderful fantasy about the Fairy World. Good plot, but the art style throws me off. Nur minimal besser, als der erste Teil Man konnte der Handlung ein wenig besser folgen, aber so richtig logisch stringent war es immer noch nicht.Auch bleiben die Hintergr nde, warum wer wie was wann macht ziemlich nebul s. Sadly this installment was worse than the first I didn t understand the characters any than in the first installment and frankly thought many of their actions were unfounded and stupid to both their health and the overall plot.Overall I am just disappointed with this whole thing I expected so much considering the author is Holly Black The art is done fairly well but the actions of the characters are insanely jumpy since the words themselves jump from scene to scene without solid segues I figure I will go ahead and get the 3rd in the series since they only take about an hour to read and my library has it just to see the conclusion to the plot but I don t really have a hope for the characters to suddenly make any sense to me. .FREE ⚖ Kith (The Good Neighbors, Book Two) ♡ From The Amazing Imagination Of Bestselling Author Holly Black, A Mysterious And Wonderful Teen Graphic Novel MasterpieceRue Silver S Life Is Not What It Appears To Be Her Mother Is A Faerie, And Has Been Taken Back To The Faerie Realm As Rue Goes To Bring Her Back, She Must Travel Deep Into An Inhuman World At The Same Time, The Faerie Realm Is Venturing Into Our World Too, And Taking Its Toll On Those Rue Loves When Her Grandfather S Plans Threaten Rue S City, She Realizes That She S The Only One Who Can Stop Him But Is Rue A Human Or A Faerie Where Does She Fit How Does She Know The Difference Between Love And Enchantment Another fast read, this builds upon the last book I still really love all of the art except the faces, which continue to not be to my taste I again felt like this would have benefited by being longer. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comRue Silver is half faerie, half human Her mother died, leaving Rue and her father, Thaddeus, alone Or did she really Rue believes her mother is still alive somewhere.Using her faerie powers, Rue travels into the world controlled by her magical grandfather and discovers her mother is still alive Although she doesn t want to be tempted by this other world, Rue is entertained by her brief visit there She knows she must return to keep her friends safe from her grandfather s plot to take over the city.Relationships between Rue s friends are strained, making them vulnerable prey to the powers of the faeries Rue realizes her boyfriend, Dale, is definitely under their control, but her attempts to convince him to fight their power over him fail miserably Even with her ability to control plants, Aubrey, her grandfather, continues his plans to make the city his.Holly Black, along with illustrator Ted Naifeh, is the creator of THE GOOD NEIGHBORS series KITH is the second book, following KIN Fans of Black s fantasy style will appreciate the mystical world inhabited by good and evil faeries The twists and turns of the story are enhanced as the graphic illustrations bring the characters to life.KITH is sure to be a hit with graphic novel manga fans everywhere. I think after I finish the next one I need to re read these As the art style makes it hard for me to tell characters apart and I feel like they throw in characters at random parts and I dont remember them at all But now that I know the characters and have gotten used to the art style I think it will be easier to follow.Story wise it s pretty good Not the best fairy story but enjoyable.