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~Free Pdf ⚖ Bliss ☦ This Novel, By The Author Of Oscar And Lucinda, Tells The Story Of A Man Who, Recovering From Death, Is Convinced That He Is In Hell For The First Time In His Life, Harry Joy Sees The World As It Really Is, And Takes Up A Notebook To Explore And Note Down The True Nature Of The Underworld Just couldn t get past page 200 Starts off great magnificently actually and then degenerates into wholly unbelievable chain of events Actually, the events are believable the main character nearly dies, thinks he s in hell and then is thrown by his hideous family into mental instituion That I can believe instutionalization happens however, Carey tells it likes its one big joke except he doesn t really make it funny either If you really lust after satire, you might like this, but I got no feeling or emotion from any of these characters To me, they were cardboard and the author was just pushing them around for plot purposes. I am a bit of a sucker for black comedy and this book is exactly that I found the whole story entertaining in the extreme One thing Carey can certainly do is write well and the prose in this book is perfect Some scenes where he is describing the Australian bush are superb Add to that many beautifully drawn characters and I can understand why people are already calling this book a classic A most enjoyable read, highly recommended and I loved the neat little ending Wow What a bizarre and lovely book I can t tell you much about what happens, because there are too many twists and turns in the life of Harry Joy, and to mention them would be to spoil the story If you read it, just let it flow Don t think too hard about it It s like a window into a weird, paranoid, 80 s version of Queensland, where everyone wears white linen suits and is quite mad Great holiday read, especially if you re in the vicinity of a rainforest UPDATE I just accidentally found the movie version on SBS which is BRILLIANT The screenplay was adapted by Peter Carey, and I ve never seen such perfect casting in a book to film translation before I knew who everyone was before they were even introduced, it was like the filmmakers had looked inside my head and pulled them straight out of my imagination Betty should have been a brunette, but it was the 80 s so the blonde perm is appropriate I ll forgive that one I also LOVED all the visual gags that really enhanced some of the funnier parts of the book, taking a very literal approach to things that were conceptual on paper, e.g the scene in the restaurant between Betty Joel, followed by the sardines My god, those sardines flopping around are hysterical Read the book, then watch the movie. Reading Carey s tale of the Joy family and their acquaintances is like biting into a tantalizing piece of fruit only to realize it is rotten in the middle, and no matter how much effort one puts into erasing the taste, the foulness lingers Harry Joy subtle name, huh is a fat cat Australian in the early 80s who lives decadently off of his success in advertising as does his severely dysfunctional family He is known as a good guy simply because he chooses to ignore anything that might spoil his superficial life Joy ends up dying for a few minutes and that, dear reader, is what shakes his world, and from then on he believes he s in Hell once he sees his family for what they really are As has been written in numerous other tales, our protagonist must lose his life to gain it Of course, as we know the only thing that can appease rescue one from the dirty corporate world or the degenerate city is pastoral life Cue entrance of hippie pixie hooker with a heart of gold Honey Barbara Blah blah Tragedy and farce ensue. eh yes, we should love trees than silk shirts yes, producing successful advertisements for companies that manufacture damaging goods is ethically compromising but i m not sure what else carey is getting at here does he think it necessitates a stress induced mental break for someone who prefers silk shirts to learn to like trees do you have to think you re going to spend eternity in hell to become a better person should we all assume that those are our choices did no one know that whole grains were good for them in 1981 i was on the fence about some of the plot points and questioned their necessity in the overall arc but i did fleetingly consider moving to australia and joining a commune, so carey must have done something right. Peter Carey is one of the greatest living novelists, widely tipped to become both Australia s next Nobel prize winner for literature and the first man to win three Booker prizes In 2010 I read his second Booker prize winner, True History of the Kelly Gang, and found it to be a good book that only grew stronger in my memory So it seems like a good idea to read his entire canon.Bliss is his first novel, following the unfortunate circumstances of Harry Joy, who has a heart attack one day and dies for nine minutes before being resuscitated He comes back to find that his wife is cheating on him, his son is selling drugs and his advertising company has for years been promoting carcinogens He believes himself to literally be in hell.There s a strange, semi dreamlike feeling hanging over much of Bliss, as though you re reading it through a clouded pane of glass This is a stylistic choice apparently many of Carey s early works have an essence of magical realism to them Certainly, Carey seems to draw inspiration from Borges and Marquez South America is often mentioned, and the novel takes place in an unspecified tropical land which is probably Queensland, the prose thick with frangipani and jacarandas and banana trees.I guess it s a decent book It s the kind of novel that s difficult to review, because I personally found it boring yet I know it s objectively good I still want to read of Carey, and I own his next book, Illywhacker, but I may skip past that and read his Booker winning Oscar and Lucinda or the intriguing Jack Maggs. Peter Carey is a wizard with words The story is hilarious and not a little crazy, but it is told with a deep regard for humanity I guess you could call it a dark comedy, touching on things like industrial poisons, big business, advertising, and family dynamics I saw the movie nearly twenty years ago, and have wanted to see it again, but I can t find it There is a popular movie called Bliss , but it isn t the same one It wasn t at the library, but I did find this book I read The Tax Inspector before, but didn t take note of the author at the time.The Times review says it well Those of us who row in the galleys of fiction reviewing fall on a new author of such talent as on a refreshing and intoxicating drink.I was very moved by Bliss It s a long love story with many well developed characters Carey sees the humanity in each person, and tenderly exposes their inner strengths and weaknesses.He writes beautiful prose, descriptive and flowing I was delighted I ll read it again in a few years I recommend it to anyone with an open mind and appreciation for humanity and nature.The film was made in Australia in 1985 The characters are true to the book, and the story doesn t vary much if at all from the book.Next on my list is Carey s The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith. I met Peter Carey at a book signing in the small general books collection of the university textbook store that I worked at I told him that I had skipped a meteorology and weather class to see him He signed my copy of Bliss Plenty of nice weather in this book. This isn t my favorite of Peter Carey, and I d hesitate to recommend it to people who haven t read him it s definitely a first novel, stuffed with digressions and minor characters that don t quite work, and also the satirical tone has an aspect of contempt and despair that could be off putting even if you like that kind of thing sort of an early Martin Amis quality But it s often beautiful and surprising, and it covers a lot of territory Carey seems equally interested in the emotional and practical concerns of his characters whether they re in an ad agency or a backwoods hippie survivalist commune And I like stories about people who go through a life changing experience and reinvent themselves, but then aren t finished changing for all time, and hesitate and renege and have to reinvent themselves some.