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I really enjoyed the plot and the characters as well First book by this author but I ll try to read . (((Epub))) ↵ Killing Her Softly (Griffin Powell, #5) ✐ WHEN A KILLER DOESN T WANT TO GET CAUGHT The Woman Has Been Waiting Impatiently On Her Satin Sheets Her Lover Knows Exactly How To Satisfy Her But This Time, He Has Something Else Plannedsomething That Will Really Take Her Breath Away THERE S ONLY ONE WAY TO ELIMINATE HIS VICTIMS In The Courtroom, Defense Lawyer Quinn Cortez Has A Reputation As A Ruthless Predator Who Always Gets What He Wants In The Bedroom, It S No Different Quinn Is An Accomplished Seducer With A Long List Of Conquests But Now, Someone Has Brutally Slaughtered One Of Them, And Quinn Has No Memory Of The Night He Was Found In Her Home SOFTLY Annabelle Vanderley Wants Justice For Her Murdered Cousin, And If Quinn Cortez Swears He Can Find The True Killer, She S Willing To Give Him The Benefit Of A Doubt But Then Another Body Is Discoveredand Anothereach Victim An Ex Lover Of Quinn S Now, Consumed By Dread, Annabelle Wonders Just How Close She May Be To A Twisted Psychopath For Whom Her Pain Would Be The Ultimate Pleasure I enjoyed this book quite a bit Mostly for the suspense plot than for the romance or the characters.The summary description on the book page gives a good overview of the book so I won t bother to write another summary.At times during this book, Quinn isn t exactly my favorite character Not that I disliked him But he s a total man whore player and it s a bit of a turn off when the hero is someone who admits he just likes to fuck women whenever, wherever he can During the book, he is even involved with another character, and almost yet another Even after he develops an interest in Annabelle, he goes off and screws someone else because Annabelle had him so out of whack and he needed a release When a guy acts like that, his ability to be monogamous is rather questionable So I never quite developed an emotional attachment to Quinn, but he was likable enough.The romance is okay For 3 4ths of the book, it is pretty much non existent Then suddenly they are all over each other I would have liked something a littlegradual A few stolen kisses or whatever, instead of the lust explosion that within like a page has Annabell telling him she loves him.So those two aspects of the story weren t the greatest for me But the suspense plot was really good It s not particularly intense It sof a winding mystery with a moderate level of intensity Barton tries to direct suspicion onto various characters and it works to a certain degree I had a fairly good idea in which direction the bad guy was going to come from The plot and the way it was written kept me interested in the story.I loved the use of connected characters in this book For people who have read other of Barton s romantic suspense releases, you ll find a number of familiar characters Griffin Powell The Murder Game is a secondary character, along with Judd Walker The Dying Game , Jim Norton Close Enough To Kill And there are numerous mentions of Johnny Mack Cahill After Dark It s great to see those characters again or see another aspect of them.If you re looking for a book with a solid romance, this may not be the one to read But if you like a good romantic suspense plot where the suspense isprominent, then this is a good one to pick. Perempuan perempuan yang punya hubungan dengan Quinn Cortez, pengacara terkenal yang ganteng seksi latino boo suka perempuan tapi ga mau terikat, terbunuh.Tudingan tentunya ga jauh jauh dong, Quinn lah yang kena, apalagi ada polisi yang haus jabatan pengen banget bisa jerat Quinn demi karirnya.Ada tokoh Annabelle Vanderley, sepupu salah satu perempuan yang terbunuh, malah tertarik pada Quinn. jadi ada romance romance nya dengan bumbu penyelidikan pembunuhan..Untungnya porsi romance ga terlalu parah, jadi masih lumayan menghiburlah. hahaEndingnya mah agak sedikit ngagetin, tapi tentunya Quinn ga salah dong ya. mana mungkiiin..katanya ada serinya, tapi kaya nya gw males ngelanjutin. bacaan ibu ibu banget ah ngumpet When a killer doesn t want to get caught there s only one way to eliminate his victims softlyThis is how the back cover describes this novel, and I have to say that it was quite ingenious The book was quite well written, one of those books that you have to read to the end to find out what happened The doubts the author placed in the reader s mind was impressive There were constant hints that Quinn had murdered the women And then there was also Jace and Aaron who could have committed the murders The detectives investigating these murders try their best, and Beverly draws the reader intothan just Quinn and Annabelle s minds We get an indepth look at Chace and Jim, the detectives investigating, in addition to the women who are killed throughout the book.I have never seen so many different view points taken in a novel, but Beverly made it work I liked seeing into the minds of every main character as it causeddoubts and scenarios to run through my mind than normal, making itdifficult to determine who was the murderer.Although the sex scenes are explicit and are often, this book is quite well done I skimmed those sections of course, making the book a lot better Great read if you don t mind the sexual scenes. Killing Her Softly is exactly what I expected Beverly Barton to come out with A mystery that keeps you guessing until the end, a beautiful plot, and a satisfying romance between two of the main characters Barton is a fabulous writer and can tie a murder plot around anything.Yeah, the romance was good, if not sudden One minute, they re trying to decide if they trust each other and the nextyou can figure that out It was good, but it wasn t my favorite Barton book. The main character, Quinn, is a character from the Cherokee Pointe trilogy FYI I love the author writing style, but the hero was just a disgusting man Whore Another new author that I ve picked up several books into the series seems to becoming a habit The story behind this book was certainly an interesting one and all clues seem to point in one direction, however as a character Quinn isn t the most likeable as a love em and leave em kind of a guy There were plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing but the romance side of the story just didn t fit for me. Tidak sesuai ekspektasi The way the serial killer kill his victims doesnt give me any special feeling, tidak membuat saya menahan napas atau tercekat, seperti novel beverly lain yg saya baca Novel ini terasa flat bagi saya, selain rasa penasaran siapa dan kenapa pembunuh berantai ini beraksi, tidak ada lagi hal yg menarik.Bahkan hubungan Quinn Cortez dan Annabelle menurut saya dibangun terlalu cepat.