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Question Why does GoodReads eat my review every single time I write a negative review I m beginning to think it s a secret program hidden within GoodReads Ha Now I sound like a conspiracy nut Anyway Picture this Single woman meets a man, falls immediately in love, and is struck by lightening a few moments later True love, mind you, in three minutes.Woman has miraculously switched bodies and lives with another woman, a mother of four, while retaining her own personality completely Only one child recognizes that she is not their mother Even the husband is clueless.Conveniently, woman falls in love with children and new life, but not new husband She has a dream man, after all You know, the guy she knew was the one after just three minutes Woman manages to ignore her former life and the grief of her own parents and leave them entirely behind Even impressive, original husband conveniently dies without traumatizing his own children overly much Now lightening struck woman is free to get back with the man of her dreams And they all live happily ever after.BLECH Please, tell me is there a way to give negative stars I really liked this book all the way up until about the last chapter I couldn t wait to find out how the author would get the character s out of their pickle but felt the end was a disappointment Not sure how else it could have ended though #FREE PDF ⚣ Could It Be Magic? Ã When Jessica Taylor Is Struck By Lightning One Afternoon Whilst Walking Her Dog, She Has No Idea How Dramatically Her Life Is Going To Change Lucky To Survive, She Wakes Up In A Hospital Bed But As Someone Else Apparently She S Now Lauren Richardson, Wife And Mother Of Four Young Children I was in the mood to read time travel romance that s when I came across Could it be magic Ms Rose did a great job by writing such a unique story This is a contemporary so don t expect erotica The concept of the book is cheesey and hard to believe Something that you would read and think this can t be possible or this won t work But Ms.Ross worked quite hard and development a unique story She juggled two stories and described them in a way that readers never got confused.What I liked the most was the ending it was flawless, thoughtless It just went smoothly as this story needed to be I kept thinking how will this end but thanks to author I was left with 0 disappointments.Would I recommend this book yes it s a light easy breezy read.I see emilie Clark as Jessica and Ian somerland as Dan This is an interesting and different take on the time travel body switching trope No time travel, but body switching involved Though there is some romance, it s not really a romance per se, which is also a nice change from the usual fare If you like the body switching figuring out how to live someone else s life plot, this book is worth a try. 3.5 This was actually a really unique, interesting story I was so curious to see where it would go The ending, I didn t like at first, but then the VERY end happened and it turned out a little satisfying I was left wondering one question that will unfortunately never be answered, but that s okay This book would make an awesome movie I don t think I would have chosen to read this book if it was not a book club pick However, I was intrigued by the premise of this book and the first few chaptes hooked me The I read the I had to suspend my disbelief Usually I am the one reminding others to suspend their disbelief and try to just enjoy a story This was TOO much of a stretch for me I kept hoping that the soul switching bodies thing would turn out to not really be happening be the cause of a coma or a mental breakdown or something SPOILER ALERT It is just ridiculous that this girl s sould keeps switching bodies and she is not completely freaking out that she doesn t have a complete breakdown or talk to a psychiatrist or either of her medical doctors It is preposterous that a very content single girl who doesn t care much for children is suddenly thrown in as a mother of 4 and within a week gets the schedule down perfectly, knows exactly how to calm down and parent these children and they respond so well to her innate parenting ability and then has NO idea how to deal with the man supposed to be her husband The ending wraps everything up SO neatly yet does not leave me satisfied in the least Suffice it to say that there is too much death It is strange to wrap things up so nicely with so much tragedy I would not recommend this book to anyone kind of a waste of a couple hours of my life I could go on with complaints but why waste any of my time on this book I really wanted to love this one, but it was like a flutter of heartbeats followed by a flat line I read it as a read alike to Cecelia Ahern, one of my favorite authors It worked in tone and set up two women struck by lightning at the same time, one dies and the soul of the other begins alternating between their bodies but the substance of Ahern a term I use loosely in relation to chick lit was lacking.The premise was promising but Rose never took it anywhere The characters seem richly drawn until you really think about it and then you realize they re completely static with little motivation assigned to the shifts they do managing to experience The situation Jessica is thrust into and accepts with few psychological ramifications becomes a bit much The literal love at first sight experience between her and Dan no, just no There was no need to grow their relationship since apparently they went from strangers to destined for long lives together in 5 seconds flat.And don t get me started on the ending I will grant that it didn t let me down the way I thought it would, rather it was a totally different yet equally painful kind of pain.Clearly not everyone agrees Maybe you re one of them You might give it a try if you re an Ahern fan or a fan of chick lit but not a character driven reader. 3,5 5 DE UAWhat can I say Total unerwartet hat mich die Geschichte bon Anfang an gefesselt, obwohl es an ihr nichts Besonderes gibt Die Sprache ist auch nicht markant, die Charaktere nicht immer glaubw rdig, bzw der Plot Doch im Gro en und Ganzen glaubte ich der Schriftstellerin Allerdings hatte ich ein paar Fragen, die bis zum Ende des Romans unbeantwortet blieben Und das Ende konnte mich nicht begeistern Es gab leider keine Erkl rung, warum Jessicas Seele zwiegespaltet wurde und Lauren einfach verschwand Das hat mich entt uscht sowie die Tatsache, wie die Geschichte endete wietna wci gaj ca ksi ka poch oni ta w kilka godzin Mieszanka fantasy, romansu i obyczaj wki Polecam