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I really enjoyed the information provided about each animal from both a personal emotiobal standpoint and the fact science side. The book demands that one s attention is drawn to the terrible destruction of the jewish ghetto in WArsaw during the world war II era and the Holocaust it was amazing to me that the occupants of the zoo could keep so many people hidden in the cages without the Germans knowing about it The descriptions of the ghetto and the fight within were very interestingly written Although slow moving at times, it was worth the effort to get to the final section of the book. Although there are some enjoyable stories here about animals, this is a disturbing book on some levels as well It is the true story of a private zoo, operated by a family of people who are not professional zookeepers Although they no doubt mean well, it is basically exotic animal ownership and charging admission to support the habit, rather than conservation of species as professional accredited zoos focus on I often felt sorry for the animals in captivity here and cringed at storied of selling and shipping lion cubs to various private individuals If you don t support exotic animal ownership you may have similar qualms with the book Though I did enjoy some of the stories, the writing is only average and I can t highly recommend it. I ended up not finishing this book It appears to be self published and a final proofreading would have been good While the stories are about experiences most of us don t have, I felt like this was a for the family telling I have a particular interest in conservation and animal well being from a natural behavioral point of view, and I would have appreciated information about the zoo s qualifications asthan a farm turned zoo It felt a little judgy and defensive sometimes But that s just me, and I think others would really like it. This is a very good story I am amazed what this family did during the Holocaust to help the Jewish People For those who have an interest in the history of the holocaust, this is a must read.It isn t an easy read But it is a good one. This book was an easy, fun and interesting read I enjoyed it so much, I went to space farms and bought another book Lori Space Day was working that day and signed the book for me A wonderful lady with the gift of storytelling At times i laughes so hard and other times, my heart was touched A definate read for any animal lover. Very good book and well written too Unfortunately it was just a lot of details for me and I guess I hadn t really been in the mood for the subject Nonetheless I learned a lot and would recommend to anyone interested in the subject. This is a really good and informative book about Nazi occupied Poland, the loss and the hope of the Warsaw people, and the struggles and terrors endured to save themselves and their amazing Warsaw Zoo. This was an amazing book I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone When you read these stories you become immersed in the life of a Zookeeper, you begin to understand in a small way the difficulties in caring for animals and the highs and lows involved in the cycle of nature One of the things i loved about this book is that Lori doesn t downplay any mistakes made, she lets you in on the ups and downs, the triumphs and the pitfalls, all of the learning curves and trial and error Many people would not tell the bad stuff Space Farms Zoo has their share of nay sayers and most of them have never walked in the shoes of an animal caregiver, never had the responsibility of an animal life There are always people out there ready to critisize others from their armchair s After reading this book i have a greater respect for the hard work of this caring family of Zookeepers I really enjoyed the conversational way Lori writes and find that this is going to be a favorite in my book collection.If you have not read the book yet, order it, or better yet, go to the zoo and get your own copy, get it signed, and go out to the picnic area and start your journey You will feel like you are part of the family in no time. ^Download ☠ The Zookeeper's Daughter ↚ The Zookeeperas Daughter Is The Journal Of Lori Space Day, A Third Generation Zoologist Growing Up At Space Farms Zoo And Museum In New Jersey Has Given Lori A Lifetime Of Unique Stories About Individual Animals And Many Animal Related Adventures Her Unusual Lifestyle Has Enabled Her To Work With Numerous Different Species From Lions, Tigers And Bears To Otters, Opossums And Squirrels The Zookeeperas Daughter Is An Ongoing Story Of A Working Zookeeper Stories Of Daily Animal Care, Medical Procedures And Infant Care Are Peppered With Humor And Full Of Information On Many Different Species Animals Escape Or Get Sick And, Yes, Tragically, Some Die A Privately Owned, Family Operated Zoo, The Space Farms Zoo And Family Have Dedicated Their Lives To The Conservation Of Wildlife Through This Unique Animal Autobiography, Lori Is Able To Give The Reader A Glimpse Of The Behind The Scenes Activities At The Zoo