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Thailand, running for your lifeneed I say Read ⚖ Even in the Darkness ♵ A Mother S Last Hope Alone In A Country She Didn T Know Well, Chased By Men Who Were Willing To Kill To Get What They Wanted, Lakeview Veterinarian Tori Riley Would Do Anything To Keep The Daughter She Gave Up For Adoption Safe Even Depend On A Man Who Might Not Be Telling Her The Truth A Hero S Last Stand Called Out Of Early Retirement For One Final Job, Former DEA Agent Noah Stone Didn T Trust Tori S Motives What Kind Of Vet Gets Herself Tangled Up With Drug Lords But There Was No Time For Questions, For Every Second Brought An Unscrupulous Enemy Closer To Tori S Daughter very well written.the story really kept you on your toes. LI Suspense set in Thailand, woman kidnapped by drug cartel. 3 The Lakeview SeriesWhat is so important about that lovely box she bought How can she convince the Wa she doesn t have it anyor the DEA that she is innocent and not a drug runner Well, she is just going to have to get that box back by herself She s not going to put anyone she loves in danger And of course, she can t trust anyone else to get itcan she Kidnapping, drug running, rescues yes, this is a fast paced, faith and action filled story will keep you turning pages as Thailand and the characters come to life before your eyes While this is 3 in the series, I found it fine to read as a stand alone without having read the previous 2 books.I now have on my wish list as I m very interested in finding outabout the haunting character Hawke Morran who helps out Noah and Tori in this book 09 29 07TITLE AUTHOR Even in the Darkness by Chirlee McCoyRATING 3 CGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Inspirational Romantic Suspense 2006 241 pgs SERIES STAND ALONE 3 in Lakeview SeriesTIME PLACE Present Thailand CHARACTERS Tori Riley veterinarian Noah Stone DEA AgentFIRST LINES The heat woke her That and the silence Until then there had been noise, movement, hushed voices sounds both terrifying comforting Tori Riley levered up, biting back a groan as she forced herself to a sitting position.COMMENTS Read n swap book chain Average inspirational romance.