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|Read Pdf Ø Rude Awakening ⚞ His Training Didn T Cover How To Win Back A Woman S Trust Jaimee Turner Spent Most Of Her Life Trying To Be An Unassuming Pillar Of Virtue And Submissive Wife To A Man Who Demanded Nothing Of Her Especially Physically A Year After His Unexpected Death, She S Finally Finding Her Own Footing, Only To Find Herself Thrown Completely Off Balance By Lucas, A Man Who Awakens Desires She Never Knew She HadFBI Agent Lucas Grayson Is Relentless In His Quest To Bring Down Those Who Prey On The Innocent The Turner Case Is Unlike Anything He S Dealt With Before, And So Is The Widow Turner One Thing S For Sure Brent Turner Was Blind To Think He Could Outsmart The Collective And Blind To The Fact Jaimee Was A Gift He Threw AwayThe Collective Has Dirty Fingers In All Sorts Of Bad Pies, And The FBI Suspects Brent S Accident Was Anything But Jaimee Knows Than She Thinks She Does Lucas Would Sell His Soul To Extract That Information And Keep Her Safe But He Can T Save Her From The Devastating Betrayal She Ll Have To FaceWarning Some Mild Violence, A Very Sarcastic Best Friend, Sneaky Massages, Inappropriate Use Of Caramel And Some Occasional Back Door Lovin I absolutely adored this book Lucas was tough and sexy yet loving, gentle and protective Jaimee was strong yet appropriately vulnerable and accepting of Lucas s ways She wasn t the typical beauty we normally read about and it was that muchwonderful that Lucas fell in love with her so sincerely regardless of her imperfections It was truly sad and painful throughout the story to hear how people treated the big girl or the fat girl Yet Lucas saw past all of that He loved her and desired her so much he couldn t stop from showing her how special he thought she was I dreaded the moment she would learn the whole truth about her marriage to her dead husband When she found out the truth of her husband and Lucas s true identity, it was heartbreaking But Lucas hung in there like the true hero he is and proved to her how much he really cared for her and wanted her for his own It was INCREDIBLY romantic Loved it READ IT Excellent This book has everything you could want in an erotic romantic suspense Once I started I could not stop I was sucked in by the scrumptious Lucas Grayson, the perfect alpha male and my HERO A man s man and even better a woman s man Jaimee was a genuine, extremely likeable character that brought Lucas to his knees with desirethan once He loved every inch of her full figured body, over and overSomewhere along the way he d become a sappy, love crazed horn dog.That s right Lucas, you sure were, lucky us PHEW Aside from the passion, this was a very well written enjoyable story It was suspenseful with an unexpected twist Some really great secondary characters, like Maxine, Jaimee s snarky, in your face, tell it like it is, best friend Loved her Then there was the intriguing and elusive Pope I would love to read a book about him and was sad to see this was a stand alone, although the story did wrap up nicely with a sweet and satisfying HEA It had the potential to be a great series I know I will go back and visit with Lucas and Jamiee again and again 5 Scorching Hot Sexy Stars WOW this book packed a powerful erotic punch I loved Hh Lucas and Jamiee, and there were some great secondary characters, especially Jamiee s tell it like it is BFF Maxine.Lucas is a sexy Alpha badass FBI Agent working undercover, and Jamiee is his assignment Unbeknownst to Jamiee, her deceased husband was connected to some very bad guys and they think Jamiee has something they want.Jamiee s a quiet unassuming full figured school teacher, she and Lucas first meet at the gym and Lucas is instantly wildly attracted to Jamiee and ALL her sexy curves Trying to get her to trust him is a challenge as she is very self conscience and has body image insecurities.Once he gets Jamiee to trust, open up to him, and get her to unleash her wild side.holy hell things between them become scorchinghotand let me just say, I will forever think of this book when I see caramel Eventually Jamiee learns of both her husband s and Lucas betrayals and she assumes the worst, that she was nothing to him but a assignment So sexy Lucas sets out to get Jamiee to trust him again, to get her to believe in him and his feelings for her Great read, with an equally satisfying epilogue Thanks so much to Karla for recommending this read during my book funk It s great to have friends who know you so well This book grabbed me right from the start and kept me very interested all the way through It had a really good suspense story along with a very HOT and intense relationship with the Hh I liked the fact that the heroine was a full figure woman and that the hero who was a hulking hunk was attracted to her and loved all her curves The sex love scenes were scorching that is always a plus for me The ending was really good with a very HEA ending I really wish Veronica would havebook s to offer for me to read Hopefully she will writesoon.