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SM MARRYING MINISTER RIGHT by ANNIE JONES is a sweet romance The storyline is unique, the characters different than others I ve read, and the writing is good I felt there was telling at times when there could have been showing I would have loved to have a deeper point of view for the characters I did find myself smiling at several unique lines.MARRYING MINISTER RIGHT is a quick and easy read.Heather Waters life is suddenly disrupted when she finds herself back in her hometown after a tornado ravages the town she ran from years ago Heather must face her fears of entering the very building where she was humiliated, and a man she had been disappointed in since she was last there.Reverend Michael Garrison puts out a call to an old friend to help clean up his town If he were honest with himself, he hoped Heather would never leave again Right from the start Michael senses things aren t right between Heather and him If only she knew of the love he has for herhas always had.A teenage girl and a town in ruins have Michael and Heather working side by side In time they admit their weakness, and let God s love triumph. [Free Ebook] ⚐ Marrying Minister Right ♞ It Was The Happiest Day Of Her LifeUntil Heather Waters Was Cruelly Jilted At The Altar Yet Now That Very Church Is A Beacon Of Hope For The Tornado Ravaged Town With Her Charity Mission, Heather Finally Comes Home To High Plains And Faces The Man She Believes Betrayed Her Trust That Day Reverend Michael Garrison As They Work Together To Restore The Town S Faith, Heather S Own Heart Remains In Tatters Until Michael, Along With His Precocious Niece, Helps Her Realize She S Truly Found Minister Right This is the 1st book I read by Annie Jones I m sorry I stopped reading this story at chapter 3 because it didn t hold my interest. Second book in the After the Storm Series.Heather Water comes back to High Plains after leaving 10 years before She ran out of the church after being a stood up at the altar She felt her good friend Michael Garrison betrayed her by letting her walk down the aisle knowing her groom was not there.Now the town needs her Helping Hands Charity s help and she must face the Pastor of the church, Rev Michael Garrison.The story also includes much about the niece who lives with Michael, Avery. Facing fears from the past, helping others through a tragedy, and waiting on the Lord s timing are all crucial in this book Avery, a young, troubled teenager, changes as she helps clean up after a devastating tornado, and Heather and Michael are forced to face things in the past in order to have a chance to renew their friendship This is great story, but sometimes I feel like the regular love inspired books need a littletime to tell the story that s there, and not be quite so limited by page count It felt that way in this one things happened extremely quickly, and, although it was well written, I think it could have been better withpages to tell it I am planning to read the others in this series I did enjoy it. cute and humorous love story 2 in After the storm series Books written by different authors.Deals with Heather Walters and Rev Michael Garrison, her childhood friend. I ve read a couple other books in the After the Storm series by Love Inspired Each book is written by a different author This was easily my least favorite of the 3 I ve read so far To me, Avery s character was grating Though another reviewer pointed out that her pairing people up is pretty normal for a 14 year old girl I m sure she feels she s being punished by being sent to stay with her Uncle Michael Based on how her parents handle the news that they want her to stay in High Plains, I m guessing they don t communicate well with their daughter I think Michael really does love his niece, but for whatever reason, he tries to communicate with her the same way he used to communicate with Heather and he doesn t seem to realize that his one style doesn t fit all Avery tries several times to tell him that she feels like no matter what she does or tries to do it is never right Michael doesn t seem to get it I agree with another reviewer that Heather s MO when confronted with something she doesn t want to handle is to run away She also expects Michael to be a mind reader and know what he did wrong so many years ago without having to be told Unrealistic expectations and I agree with that same reviewer who pointed out that this method of coping isn t conducive to a Til death do us part marriage I can understand Michael wanting to marry the female he s loved for years I m not so sure I understand Heather agreeing since she didn t seem to know he loved her until Colt Ridgeway pointed it out to her She does protest, but not very strongly, before agreeing to marry him In real life I m not sure this relationship would work out long term without some real behavioral changes that might require some counseling to accomplish. started slow but had a good ending overall enjoyable I would recommend it