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A wonderful transformation of a spoiled child, Cerridwen is mature and exudes confidence, befitting of the true Queene of Faes First, she must deal with Danae To fufill her destiny, she needs be patient and wait until the time is right to fight Cedric, his character as always strong and loyal His relationship with Cerridwen getsintense and bittersweet.A page turner of a read the struggles, the deceits, the fights and best of all, the love between Cerridwen and Cedric. So I finished up this series Lightworld Darkworld a trilogy by Jennifer Armintrout The first book had a lot of character and world building, but still managed to be a good read I really love to read books on fae and that was the reason I chose to read this series The second book was fabulous and I loved it The third book just fell short I didn t feel fulfilled I didn t have any warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy I just didn t feel much at all I read it I finished it and I really didn t have much of an opinion on it didn t hate it but didn t love it I still gave it 3 stars, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the final book in the series I was expecting muchI would recommend this series to peeps who like this genre, but know going in that it isn t going to blow your socks off It is a good way to pass some time an enjoyable way I do plan on readingbooks by this author. Well I have to admit with the conclusion of Queene Of Light I was concerned whether I would enjoy this series Some elements were present from the get go The writing was beautifully crafted, the Lightworld Darkworld areas were intriguing, the politics were different than I have run across before But I never felt close to part fae part human Ayla or her lover, the fallen angel Malachi, perhaps because they didn t have enough humanity for me to connect to Plus, you know, first novels always have a tendancy to be bogged down withbackground set up especially in a world so vastly different from our own By Child of Darkness I knew I was hooked Child of Darkness see Ayla ruling over the Fae Lightworld and her daughter Cerridwen flirting with an Elf who doesn t know who she really is But Cerridwen is young, and had never been trained to take over her mother s throne because the fae are nearly immoratal But Cerridwen accidentally betrays her mother and her people and a war starts between the Elves and the Queene s lightworld The Elves call upon vicious blood thirsty creatures called waterhorses to attack the Lightworld Soon there are very few of the fae left living The end of Child of Darkness and the beginning of Veil of Shadows see Cerridwen and her appointed future mate consort Cedric leaving the destroyed kingdom underworld and attempting to meet up with another group of Fae living above ground in an area hidden from the humans and their enforcers by magic Their is another Queene ruling these fae but Queene Danae was never a part of the line of the original Queene and Cedric and Cerredwen plan to gain rule over those people First they must make sure to keep themselves alive and to play at Queene Danae s games I think I still enjoyed the story to Child of Darkness best of the three novels, but Veil of Shadows was a wonderful book in its own right and a very worthy finale to this series I felt closer to Cedric and Cerredwen and I approved of her reasons for wanting the throne It was amazing watching the transformation from spoiled child to unselfish and strong queene Equally exciting was watching the relationship between Cedric and Cerredwen change In the first book he was with Queen Mabb and the second with a human gypsy so to see how he changed with each relationship also made for an intriguing character I like this series leaps and bounds over Blood Ties although I like it too and if this is the true end of Lightworld Darkworld I look forward to readingof anything by Jennifer Armintrout If she ever has an opportunity to continue this story though, I will be first in line to pick it up I hope fantasy readers will not hesitate to read this series. Enjoyed the series. At first I thought that the author skipped parts of the life of the series, but now I realize that she was just choosing the best parts, the important parts so to speak, of the generations seen in this book The books sums up the series nicely You are left with hope There was also a little misleading by the author I didn t expect that Cerridwen s solution would be so simple and when it seemed it was I was disappointed I literally thought, Boy, that was the climax of the book But Armintrout does have surprises This book definitely haveromance stuff in it Armintrout focused on the physical relationship b t Cerriedwen and her lover alot, but in the end it makes sense since it was an integral piece of the series Though it was still a little gross that he was so old. I ve just finished the Lightworld Darkworld saga, and well, thank goodness it s over Overall, these books were disappointing and really didn t live up to their full potential There s a novel concept here, but really, the three books together were not cohesive, and honestly, mostly the characters made me really mad I hated all of them probably 90% of the time Which isn t a great way to spend 900 pages worth of time So, I probably wouldn t recommend this trilogy to anyone But if you re reading it now, you might as well finish Veil of Shadows because personally, I think it s the most likeable out of the three And at least you get a few answers at the end of it all. This has to be my least favorite out of the trilogy Cerridwen was still a spoiled brat and reacted to things before deciding if it was is the smart thing to do I honestly felt sorry for Cedric to be stuck with her knowing full and well that they were going to end up together anyways This book kinda fell flat without Ayla and Malachi but it was enjoyable with a weak ending that was a little to cheesy pie to me. *DOWNLOAD PDF ☠ Veil of Shadows ⇬ With The Immortal Denizens Of The Subterranean Lightworld And Darkworld Societies Locked In Battle, The Heiress To The Faery Throne Is Exiled To The Human Realm Above Accompanied To The Upworld By Her Mother S Most Trusted Adviser, Cerridwen Is Bound For Eire And The Last Fae Stronghold On Earth But Even This Fabled Colony Is No True Haven In The Absence Of The True Fae Monarch, The Formidable Queene Danae Established Herself As A Ruler And She Does Not Wish To Relinquish Her Power, Especially Over The Devout Humans Who Live Among The Fae As ServantsTorn Between Her Own Beliefs And The Ideals Her Mother Died For, Cerridwen Searches For Clues To Her Destiny Is It On Earth Among The Humans, Or Beyond An Ethereal Portal, In The Immortals Ancestral Home Neither Path Can Avert Bloodshed And The Choice May Not Be Hers To Make What kind of cop out novel was this The first two were amazing, I couldn t stop praising them, but then there was this forced romance, forced plot, contrived villains and treachery Everything about this screamed amateurish while the first two were a pleasant dark force of nature I m saddened by this ending. I would ve never thought that Cedric and Cerridwen would ever get along.but I just hate the ending when she dies and comes back as an angel But I always wondered what would ve happen if Ayla didn t pair them up in the second book