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This is a prequel and sequel to Beyond the Veil which was reviewed earlier on the Blog.Like the first book, it s a fast paced adventure story, with emphasis on the plot, and not the sex which is how I like it, but because Malik s story is not as tender and kind as Robert and David s, readers might find it a harder read And not in a good way Malik doesn t have an easy time of it captured by pirates and instead of being forced to crew, he s taken by the wicked captain as a sex slave This was something I d read so often, I found myself rolling my eyes when I discovered what Malik s fate was, but I suppose the whole rape fantasy does appeal to some people I didn t find the captain anything other than entirely two dimensional almost one d if that s possible, he s a monster pure and simple and while that s quite believable because the POV we see him from is Malik s I wouldn t have minded have seeing something of the man as well as the monster.This first section of the book is pretty unrelenting there s nothing nice or titillating about Malik s predicament and that s entirely as it should be imho but when Malik sinks into remembrances of his relationship with his beloved Robert, I would have liked a lot tender eroticism to balance the dark of Malik s current torment.However, it s a brave stance, and I see why Woods did it this way Malik s past, and the softer traits of his personality, are gradually razed, and he becomes a harder, darker man in himself, he stops being the kind of crew member who tries to save the victims of the pirate s predation, and becomes one of the pirates I applauded this, because some writers would have made Malik a 21st century man, baulking at the horrible things he had to do You never get the feeling that Malik revels in his activities, but he certainly realises that it s his life, and he needs to make the most of it Not only that, but he feels he can t accept any male contact again.The friendships that Malik eventually makes were rather rushed and this is probably due to the length of the book it s 80 pages or so whereas Beyond the Veil was full sized at 220 pages and Drawing the Veil would not have been at all damaged from extension Once Malik is discarded by the Evil Captain and joins the crew proper I found myself wondering why he and another of the crew who complains that he is nothing than a prisoner don t or can t escape The ship makes landfall pretty often, and no escapes are made, and no reason is made for this.After Malik s freedom from his sex slavedom, the book takes a turn, and for me that s where the characterisation disintegrates Malik goes through the fire of two years of rape, and becomes this hardened bitter man, but in no time at all he starts to lust after someone else, and we find he s actually a sulking, weepy, whiny man and one that falls in love after just one fuck which simply doesn t gel at all with the man he d grown to be, shutting himself off from emotion and male lusts.I know nothing much of the Age of Sail, and perhaps I should have asked one of my AoS reviewers to review this, but as a layperson in the genre, it worked ok for me, and it s clear that Woods has done a hell of a lot of research and if there are sea battle errors or ship description problems they certainly didn t show if you aren t an expert It s the characterisation rather than the historical detailing that weaken this novella for me If you ve read Beyond the Veil first and found that Malik was in fact in love with a woman, you d be confused too because the canon simply doesnt mesh.However, I do recommend this book, as it s a roaring good read and stands on its own ^E-PUB ⇧ Drawing the Veil ↾ The Exciting Prequel To Beyond The Veil Read How The Young Malik Was Torn From His Lover, Robert, And How He Was Forced Into A Life Of Pain, Fear And Violence Following His Capture By The Corsairs Until He Became The Pirate Captain Who Attacked The Windjammer