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I love medievals in general and King Arthur stories in particular, so I thought I d give this book a whirl It s a time travel story featuring an English professor who travels back in time and crosses paths with Sir Galahad Not a bad idea, but the humor fell pretty flat with me and the book just didn t hold my attention I m glad to know the heroine is modern and sarcastic and that Galahad has Such Big Muscles, but this just wasn t my thing. Honestly, the character was fine, theplot was okay. but the chemistry was bleh.Jadi saya tertarik dg unsur time travelnya. sedikit fantasy karena ada merlin sang penyihir disini yg ikut campur dalam takdir para karakter Plotnya pun lumayan, petualangannya seru Bahkan saya suka dengan karakter Tessa yg cerdas, cerewet dan keras kepala Percakapannya dg Galahad juga lumayan, meski si Galahad ini karakter ksatria tulen yg menjunjung tinggi kehormatan, kejujuran, dan kesetiaan Well, saya terhibur dg Tessa Lucu sih..Sayang chemistrynya payah bgt T.TPadahal saya berharap banyak lho.Secara ini petualangan keren. Tessa karena diseret Merlin tiba tiba muncul di kapel kecil di abad pertengahan Cek,Trus bersama ksatria dlm legenda, si Galahad, ia harus mencari Cawan Suci Mereka berdua pun bertualang Cek.Menemui berbagai rintangan Cek.Percakapan lucu. cek.Bahkan penerjamahannya pun menarik, bisa nangkep kelucuannya..Romance Bad.I m sorry I have to give only 2 stars. Like it Awalnya emang gak terlalu menarik tapi pas pertengahannya ini novel mulai berhasil menarik perhatian aku sampe aku selesai baca Tessa St James and Galahad, Merlin, and Arthur X3 Pertama kali pengen banget ini buku karena dibilang ada Merlin dan zaman Arthur I love Merlin and Arthur Tapi pas akhir novelnya ini lho yang bikin sedih Kenapa yang nutup novelnya malah si Merlin dan Viviane Bkannya tokoh utama itu Tessa I m very dissapointed That s why i gave three stars Ultimately, this is how I feel about the book Personally, I liked it I m a fan of the medieval era, a fan of the King Arthur legend and also a fan of ideas of time travel All three in one and you ve got my interest Jensen Ackles, hello The book is centered around Tessa St James, who receives an ancient looking book from her mother and ends up being hurtled through time to the medieval era by a very smart ass, back talking Merlin Wizard Extraordinairewho apparently resembles Fred Astaire and taught him everything he knew Basically, view spoiler she was sent back through time to assist Galahad in his quest to look for the Grail A quest that was initially frowned upon by King Arthur himself and laughed at by Lancelot but all had to eventually agree to it because Merlin said so hide spoiler I don t normal write BAD reviews I will complain about a couple things here and there but very rarely do I find a book I can t even finish Unfortunately this is one such book.First of all Tessa, the Heroine is such a crass, ditzy thing I mean I like a girl who is sometimes a space brain cause heck, I AM A SPACE BRAIN But for Gods sake this woman just would not shut up And the main male character, talk about a testosterone laden idiot Hey look, I m all for a good cheesy romance at times but it has to at least be READABLE I could not get past the first two chapters, I gave up It was that horrible for me Please tell me I m not the only one I bought this on a whim last week for a holiday read well I am having a hard time finishing this one It has a hunky knight, wizards, dragons whatcan a girl ask for For starters for Tessa to SHUT UP She annoyed me so bad making it hard for me to put myself in her place or relate to her For someone supposedly so educated she is a college professor , Tessa talks like a cab driver from Brooklyn Obviously, if you travel back in time and spout things like senior prom and duh no one will understand you yet Tessa CONTINUALLY spouts off modern day cliches Merlin has about as much charisma and character as my neutered male cat This story could have been a really cool concept Quest for the Holy Grail, Arthur, Knights of the Round Table but the characters were underdeveloped and just totally unbelievable for me sometimes even annoying Tessa St James teaches a class on ancient legends and is stuck teaching the one legend she absolutely hates King Arthur and the knights of the round table After getting an ancient book as a gift from her mother, strange things start happening The pages of the book keep changing and out pops Merlin himself It s laugh out loud funny when Merlin appears and yanks Tessa back in time right into the legend she despises Now she s expected to go on a quest with Sir Hunk, erSir Galahad This is a really funny book and Galahad is truly a knight in shining armor once he gets over his you are woman and belong in the kitchen stick. *READ DOWNLOAD ⇞ Believe ⇰ All She Had To Do Was Believe Tessa St James Thinks That True Love Is Nothing Than A Fairy Tale, And She Is Absolutely Certain She Will Never Encounter Someone Worthy Of Her Attentionuntil She Meets Her Knight In Shining Armor His Eyes Are Blue, The Set Of His Chin Is Defiant, And He Carries Himself With Unquestioned Confidence And When He Kisses Her, He Sends A Wicked Desire Through Her Body Tessa, The Beautiful Skeptic, Has No Choice But To Join Forces With This Man Together They Begin A Quest That Might Restore Her Faith In The Power Of Loveeven If It Costs Both Their Lives And Happily Ever After Could Only Be The Stuff Of Fairy Tales After All A long time ago, I had a bootleg copy of this novel, and I remember being so charmed by the tale, so amazed by the inventiveness scholar goes back in time and helps Galahad find the Holy Grail And I was mad with the delight of rediscovering this and then Oh god, oh god, oh god How could my expectations then have been so low No worries, everyone I am unrelentingly judging the Sasha of A Long Time Ago. I just couldn t read any First off, hate Medievals Second, hate the modern woman gets sent back in time trope Third, the dialog is unbearable Glad I only waste half an hour instead of a few hours Blech.