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!KINDLE ♾ Kept Boy ☩ Kirkus Calls Him The Undisputed Doyen Of The Effervescent Gay Novel Of Manners Which, In His Characters Vernacular, Means He S A Total ScreamHaving Made A Career Of Deconstructing The Denizens Of The Modern Gay World, Robert Rodi Now Turns His Hand To And Twists The Knife In Yet Another Gay Archetype The Kept BoyDennis Racine Is , But Looks Which Might Be Considered His Good Fortune, Except That Even Is A Bit Old For His Chosen Profession Pampered Companion To The Fiftyish, Filthy Rich Chicago Theatrical Impresario Farleigh Nock Aka The Papp Of The Provinces In Fact, Farleigh Has Lately Become So Resistant To Dennis S Charms That He S Conferred The Ultimate Indignity On Him Demanding That He Get A JobDennis Proves Himself Astonishingly Unemployable, Then Learns That His Old Job Is In Peril As Well For Farleigh S Affections Have Been Snared By The Lithe Young Pool Boy Jasper Moran When Jasper Is Promoted From Chlorination Duties To Directing Farleigh S Production Of Lady Windermere S Fan, Dennis Knows He S In Danger Of Losing His Place In Farleigh S Life Not To Mention His Last Will And TestamentLending Him A Hand In A Spirit Of Common Cause Are His Two Best Friends Lonnie Roach Is The Kept Boy Of An Ancient Gossip Columnist Paulette Ng Is Retained By A Member Of Congress Whose Anonymity She Protects By Referring To Him Only As The Spanker Of The HouseTogether They Devise A Plan To Whisk Farleigh Away From Jaspers Influence, Landing Him In Greece, Where Dennis Can Re Seduce Him In Exotic Privacy The Scheme Provokes Bigger Repercussions Than Dennis Ever Expected And He Finds Himself Fighting For His Man And His Man S Legacy Fiercely Than Ever Before, Aided Only By Two Iowa Co Eds And A Maniacal Santorini GrandmotherHis Satiric Eye Sharper Than Ever, But Never Straying From The Deep Humanity That Makes His Characters And Stories So Appealing, Robert Rodi Once Again Delivers A Fabulous, Unforgettable Farce Of The Kind That Has Made Him So Enduringly Popular This novel is about the joys and perils of sleeping for your supper For a major part of the book, Dennis Racine comes off as being a selfish, self involved, cavalier little toad He s handsome, yes, and can be fitfully caring But his main focus is himself and it shows in passages when other people are talking about their problems.So it s with no small amount of glee that you read chapters in which Dennis becomes increasingly terrified when he sees his meal ticket the aging Farleigh Nock in danger of being snatched from him by a gorgeous little Adonis, the new pool boy Perhaps Dennis s selfishness to be expected Snatched from the streets when he s only 15 and cultivated to be the gigolo to the aging impresario Farleigh Nock, it s no wonder that he s never cultivated much in the way of an inner life or an elevated character He s lived for the joy of being squired from one expensive restaurant to another, to being dressed in haute couture, wearing expensive jewellery and having lovely little cottages in the Greek isles bought for him and he s never had to pay a dime for any of it How could anyone, reared in this fashion from early youth, possibly avoid being an absolute monster However, Mr Rodi manages, little by little, to win the reader to Dennis s cause His efforts to oust the new favorite are both hysterical he s never held down a proper job and can t even operate a modern copy machine and tinged with a touch of despair The threat of being usurped and thrown out of the streets, penniless and homeless, is very real and you gradually find yourself rooting for him to win back his place in his lover s heart Because Dennis does love Farleigh in his own way and shows it in little moments when the older man suffers the aftereffects of a coronary bypass.In the end, Kept Boy offers a surprising twist, one that you literally don t see coming and which I would be truly mean spirited to reveal However, it would mean nothing without being preceded by skillful dialogue, masterful characters and situations ribald, amusing and poignant, all penned by a really gifted writer of romantic experiences. Despite a bittersweet ending, this is a wonderful book by an author that treats his characters with humour and affection, and makes them totally engaging for the reader I was sorry when the book ended. Kept Boy is a light and easy read Totally unbelievable but fun. The writing style is breezy and funny, definitely entertaining The dialogue is also great This is the second time I have read this book I wanted pure entertainment, nothing too demanding on the brain cells This book fits the bill At times you do wonder how the main character Dennis remembers how to roll out of bed in the morning He can act insufferably stupid, but at least his character develops as the book moves to the conclusion.One thing I will admit, to me the secondary characters are entertaining than the main characters I love Christos, the diva housekeeper who, when visiting his native Greece, turns into Mr Macho I want to read HIS story. Dennis Racine, a 31 y o companion to a very rich Chicago theatrical impresario, Farleigh Nock finds himself in a big bind his sugar daddy has asked him to find a job.Not only is Dennis unemployable, but the aging boy toy discovers that Farleigh s new sexy boy toy is no other than their old pool boy, Jasper.Enlisting the help of his two best friends the kept man of a gossip columnist, and the kept woman of a sadomasochist member of Congress for Illinois, Dennis hatches a plan for revenge, romance, and re seduction so daring that it has to work His career depends on it.The plan takes the parties to Mykonos and Santorini and to a comedy of errors that is quite enjoyable.Robert Rodi writes about Chicago and Chicago always is a character of his books He is also known for stereotypes in the gay world, and kept boy is just another Like Drag Queen, and Fag Hag.The books are light, fun and a very easy and enjoyable read. I so get what Rodi is trying to do, but at the time when these cheeky books were written there wasn t much discourse about the way in which a particular sect of gayboy lived I mean there was no Will Grace or any of that I think without that context his books always came off a little harsh to me, but now they just seem dated and cliched. The first MM book I ever read, random chance from the library I like it lots, and have re read it several times Because of it, I have also several times started other books by Rodi, but I generally find him too caustic and give up. Another reviewer called this book candy and I agree A light story filled with charm and funny moments in a warm hearted vein The ending was a little too tidy and I didn t enjoy the trip to Greece as much as the author seems to have The best part was Dennis working the copy shop, loved that.I found 16 errors in the new Kindle version, which I thought to be a few too many. Silly to the point of absurdity Poorly developed and unlikeable characters.