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. It s very interesting how mythology, history and religion can be connected and have overlaps.It is said that myths are the religions that were used to be practiced. This was assigned for a college course on mythology It is AMAZINGLY bad There are so many errors in it, I can t tell you The explanation of the origin of Christmas Trees is completely wrong from beginning to end, for one example For another, the Finnish goddess Ilmatar is mentioned and her name is assumed to be something mother on the logic that matar sounds like mother It does sound like that, but this is not an Indo European language, so you can t make those kinds of linguistic assumptions The author is apparently ignorant enough to do so What a shame. Just what I was looking for something to use for quick referencing Not for theadvanced student of mythology, it s a pretty light read. ( Download Book ) ⚇ Parallel Myths ☧ Unusually Accessible And Useful An Eye Opener To Readers Into The Universality And Importance Of Myth In Human History And Culture William E Paden, Chair, Department Of Religion, University Of Vermont For As Long As Human Beings Have Had Language, They Have Had Myths Mythology Is Our Earliest Form Of Literary Expression And The Foundation Of All History And Morality Now, In Parallel Myths, Classical Scholar J F Bierlein Gathers The Key Myths From All Of The World S Major Traditions And Reveals Their Common Themes, Images, And Meanings Parallel Myths Introduces Us To The Star Players In The World S Great Myths Not Only The Twelve Olympians Of Greek Mythology, But The Stern Norse Pantheon, The Mysterious Gods Of India, The Egyptian Ennead, And The Powerful Deities Of Native Americans, The Chinese, And The Various Cultures Of Africa And Oceania Juxtaposing The Most Potent Stories And Symbols From Each Tradition, Bierlein Explores The Parallels In Such Key Topics As Creation Myths, Flood Myths, Tales Of Love, Morality Myths, Underworld Myths, And Visions Of The Apocalypse Drawing On The Work Of Joseph Campbell, Mircea Eliade, Carl Jung, Karl Jaspers, Claude L Vi Strauss, And Others, Bierlein Also Contemplates What Myths Mean, How To Identify And Interpret The Parallels In Myths, And How Mythology Has Influenced Twentieth Century Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, And Literary Studies A First Class Introduction To Mythology Written With Great Clarity And Sensitivity John G Selby, Associate Professor, Roanoke College Interesting, but some of the myths were different from how I learned them There are a multitude of factual errors, regardless of the version of myth being referred to I believe that this was not intentional, as there is a blur between storytelling, explanation, and opinion in the presentation of the myths This blurred change of narrative ruins the flow, and abruptly interrupts the feed of information, becoming either distracting or misguided, leading to the errors.However, my main complaint is the lack of detail in many of the myths Certain stories such as the Greek and Biblical ones will have an abundance of information, yet others such as the Americas or African stories will lack detail many are simply glossed over without any thought It comes across as lazy or misinformed, but I believe it was Bierlein s choice to focus on popular myths for reader interest as he clearly has done a hefty amount of research.This was not what I was expecting when I picked up Parallel Myths, and I am disappointed I wish I could recommend this book, but it may only be suitable for an introduction to mythology. The eclectic Bierlein crosscuts the myths shared by many of the ancient cultures To his credit, it s not just the Norse, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans You ll find sub groups like the Hawaiians and various tribes of North American Indians Further, the pool he draws from to explain this phenomenon is equally diverse. Loved the variety of myths and read many I had never heard of before