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Much confusing story line So ridiculous Too many princes I want a story about the giant clam Poor thing. #FREE á Selfish Mr. Mermaid, Volume 2 Ö The Perverted King Of The Seas Never Ceases To Make Kanan Cry When Making Love To Him In The Kingdom Of The Merpeople, What Will Happen When Young Kanan, Struggling To Express His Feelings To His First Love, A Human Boy, Is Compelled To Get Beneath Me By The Worst Possible Man I was a little disappointed with the storyline but for my first yaoi manga I really liked it. Review originally published at mangaupdates.com in April, 2010.Soft dacryphilia kink The publisher, June DMP The did a great job The sfx are all left in the original Japanese language art, but with English translations on the side The quality of the paper and print is beautiful The original title was left in the raw text as well Very lovely.Oh, Nabako sensei, you are a quirky one I like her art style it s very exaggerated The uke is uber cute, round and big eyed with a stereotyped personality awkward, sweet and kind, but hesitant, insecure and slightly simple The seme gets the same treatment all long, angular limbs and sharp eyes with a mean, teasing not bully, possessive personality, that is a soft, kind centre Puuuuuurfect sampling of silly, fun, light hearted yaoi with all the clich s you could ever roll around in with utter disregard for cerebral, academic, psychology Don t get me wrong it s a very creative and fun story that made me burst out laughing that s all it seems to be meant for and what s wrong with that, eh The second pairing in this story was especially delightful It was the story of a merman who was picked on and teased as a child by guess who His became deep friends with, and found comfort talking to a giant clam at the bottom of the dark, lonely sea This clam, many years later, upon seeing this merman crying in frustration as an angry adult, wishes for hands to comfort him Poof We have your wide eyed, kind and gentle wee little person It was the ultimate kawaii story All it in all, it s a predictable story without being boring, a silly story without being plot less and a clich d story that is still compelling and strangely fresh With extensive and very ogle worthy sexy art scenes with lots of tongue action although the uke s a bit too much like Twiggy Besides, I can t help but love a gruff merman who has a dacryphilia kink ROFL Although, it was oddly sensual when he possessively licks tears of his little crybaby A series of yaoi vingettes Much preferred this to the first volume, both in terms of content and artwork Still disappointed about the lack of fish tails, but a nice sexy and whimsical read all the same.