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!DOWNLOAD ⚖ Sperm Counts: Overcome by Man's Most Precious Fluid (Intersections: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Genders and) ⚖ Choice Outstanding Academic TitleWinner Of The Passing The Torch Award From The Center For Lesbian And Gay StudiesIt Has Been Called Sperm, Semen, Seed, Cum, Jizz, Spunk, Gentlemen S Relish, And Splooge But However The Tacky, Opaque Liquid That Comes Out Of The Penis Is Described, The Very Act Of Defining Sperm And Semen Depends On Your Point Of View For Lisa Jean Moore, How Sperm Comes To Be Known Is Based On Who Defines It A Scientist Vs A Defense Witness, For Example , Under What Social Circumstances It Is Found A Doctor S Office Vs A Crime Scene , And For What Purposes It Will Be Used In Vitro Fertilization Vs DNA Analysis Examining Semen Historically, Medically, And Culturally, Sperm Counts Is A Penetrating Exploration Of Its Meaning And PowerUsing A Follow That Sperm Approach, Moore Shows How Representations Of Sperm And Semen Are Always In Flux, Tracing Their Twisting Journeys From Male Reproductive Glands To Headline News Stories And Presidential Impeachment Trials Much Like The Fluid Of Semen Itself Can Leak Onto Fabrics And Into Bodies, Its Meanings Seep Into Our Consciousness Over Time Moore S Analytic Lens Yields Intriguing Observations Of How Sperm Is Spent And Reabsorbed As It Spurts, Swims, And Careens Through Penises, Vaginas, Test Tubes, Labs, Families, Cultures, And PoliticsDrawn From Fifteen Years Of Research, Sperm Counts Examines Historical And Scientific Documents, Children S Facts Of Life Books, Pornography, The Internet, Forensic Transcripts And Sex Worker Narratives To Explain How Semen Got So Complicated Among Other Things, Understanding How We Produce, Represent, Deploy And Institutionalize Semen Biomedically, Socially And Culturally Provides Valuable New Perspectives On The Changing Social Position Of Men And The Evolving Meanings Of Masculinity Ultimately, As Moore Reveals, Sperm Is Intimately Involved In Not Only The Physical Reproduction Of Males And Females, But In How We Come To Understand Ourselves As Men And Women How can you go wrong Although this book may not present any radical theories or reveal anything too shocking, it remains a sharp examination of semen sperm Each chapter has a different focus, and the topics are refreshingly diverse I especially loved the chapter on children s books. Qualitatively, I really expected her writing to possess spark, less cheeze Overcome Seminal etc From a theoretical perspective, I am still not entirely clear on her final interpretation on the meaning of sperm in US culture sperm is at once anthropomorphized so we see it as endearing dangerous sex work and STIs male fantasy wants women to love it and be marked by it evinced by adult film but at the same time, many men are threatened when women want the sperm, but not the man same sex IVF, IUI, etc I see some of these items as irreconcilable, and I don t think Moore resolves them or pulls them together in any cogent or forceful way Aside she sees potential in the commodification of sperm for women to assume a cultural connection with technology, and move past their entrenched connection with nature This reading ignores certain cultural conflations of women with machines and dangerous technology.Overall, I did enjoy it, and I am in favor of University presses publishing titles with pop crossover appeal. often campy as hell which is greatly appreciated in contrast to the dense readings in graduate school , i absolutely enjoyed this book about the cultural meanings attached to sperm sections on pornography, DNA testing, and sperm banking provided a lot of information on an unknown territory for me i fell in love with chapter three physical representations and characterizations of sperm in children s sex education books check it out Great narrative on the derivation of masculinity from sperm Highly recommended for anyone interested in Masculinity Construction. Part of my review in the fall issue of Bitch. Informative, but a bit repetitive at times Had a friend lend this one to me after reading it for a Sociology course It was fairly interesting wittingly written and fast paced but I felt at times that some of Moore s ideas weren t fully developed Though it was 150 pages on sperm alone, I think she could have done inquiry into some of the issues she was raising For instance, she had a chapter that dealt with sex work pornography, but it was as though she only gave an overview of the basics rather than really delving into things She gave a few brief testimonials from sex workers, but failed to look into their feelings on the subject at hand how a culture of semen can extend into gender construction She talks about how they manage men by managing the potential toxicity of the johns cum, but doesn t ask them what they believe that says about their performances as women, as women in their specific occupation, and the men they re dealing with But though it had its flaws, namely my problem with Moore s seemingly incomplete study and articulation of this culture of cum, I think the book was at the least a really fascinating and entertaining read, and if a bit half hearted at points she attempts to be really comprehensive in her analysis.