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READ PDF Î The Promise He Made õ Since When Does Be Right Back Mean In A Few Years Serena Matlock Has Been Asking Herself That Question Ever Since Cole St Germaine Took Off And Now That He S Back In Spirit Creek, He Ll Have To Pony Up A Lot Of Apologies Before She Ll Even Consider Forgiving HimThe Real Heartbreak, Though, Is That She Still Loves The Idiot Despite All The Poor Choices He S Made, She Knows He S A Good Man But Can They Move Beyond The Chain Reaction Those Choices Kicked Off Or Will He Constantly Remind Her Of The Life Altering Decision She Had To Make 4 Stars Pulling herself up from teenage tragedy, Serena is finally doing well for herself Moving back to Spirit Creek had been her wisest decision Serena thought that dealing with her twin brother s drug addiction and his failing business were her only challenges That is until Cole returns to town She s shocked to see him and evenshocked when she learns he s helping her brother, Ryan, in his tour business When Cole s mother called to say she was about to lose her house, Cole had to come Learning she d loaned her savings and co signed a mortgage for Ryan s business, he knows the only out is to get the business in the black Cole has a lot of 13 year old apologies to make to the Sheriff for causing the accident that killed his daughter to Ryan for nearly causing him to lose his leg and to Serena for shattering her dream of a life together But he s bitter too, because while he was waiting for his trial for the girl s death, Serena had broken off their relationship and she had refused his letters and calls And so his dream of a life together was also shattered There s still some spark between them, but Serena keeps Cole at a distance until she has to enlist his help when Ryan gets involved with newcomers to the area that reek of drugs and danger Working to save Ryan, they discover they still have feelings for each other, only Serena is sure Cole will never forgive her when he learns her secret from all those years ago.Serena had to make some tough choices as a teenager and these choices have shaped who she has become She walks a fine line between protector and enabler when it comes to Ryan and this is something she struggles with Having Cole return forces her to look hard at herself and she regrets not telling him about the child she gave away Cole pays everyday for the choice he made as a teenager Facing the towns people again after 13 years, is something he needs to do in order to forgive himself Seeing Serena, he quickly realizes that he s never stopped loving her, and his dream starts to live again Ms Style brought great depth to Serena and Cole s characters I enjoyed very much reading their story I also enjoyed visiting Spirit Creek again and look forward to another visit with Natalia s story. THE PROMISE HE MADEby Linda Style Review by Charlotte Liebel c 2011 The Promise He Made is another of Linda Style s complicated and romantic novels She follows the lives of several friends whom readers will remember from her previous book, The Mistake She Made .Although I ve read the book and returned to read favorite passages, I have delayed to write a complete and worthy commentary I hope to return in a reasonable time with a full account of this exciting story I promise Charlotte Liebel The Promise He Made by Linda Style