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Very good A fascinating look at creativity and an innovative company that doesn t follow the regular business or Hollywood mold Lots of good ideas of creating a creative work environment where people can actually have fun and made something of high quality. I liked this book because it encouraged me to be creative at work and to not take myself so seriously The authors had some fun ways to make the office cultureexciting However, the writing felt really biased, as if Pixar was an amazing company without any shortcomings I think they should have tried to write from a balanced perspective, but given that it is a business book and not strictly nonfiction, it is passable It is a fast read, but don t expect the writing to be very polished This is a good read for people who work in medium to large creative or technology companies. FREE BOOK ☢ Innovate the Pixar Way ♇ Praise For Innovate The Pixar WayThis Tremendous Book Brings The Magic And Genius Of Pixar To The Page And Lets Us In On The Secrets And Intuitive Synergy Of Such A Successful CompanyStephen R Covey, Author Of TheHabits Of Highly Effective People And The Th Habit From Effectiveness To GreatnessPixar Is One Of The Most Creative Organizations In The World Read Innovate The Pixar Way And Explore The True Beauty In How They Sustain The Environment Who Knows, Maybe A Little Pixar Dust Will Fall On YouJohn Christensen, Coauthor Of Fish And Playground Director AKA CEO, ChartHouse LearningCreativity Makes It Possible For Our Dreams To Become Real My Life Is My Proof This Book Puts All Those Possibilities In The Hands Of The Reader For Those Who Will Be Creating The FutureCarol Lawrence, Singer, Dancer, Actress, And National Spokesperson For The Opening Minds Through The Arts Student Achievement ProgramWith Great And Useful Tips From Beginning To End, This Book Will Inspire Workplaces To Have Fun AND Success I Guarantee ItGeorge Zimmer, Founder And CEO, Men S WearhouseThis Insightful Work Is A Great Primer For Leaders Who Are Looking To Unleash Creative Potential And Instill A Sense Of Joy And Playfulness In Their OrganizationsBrian Walker, President And CEO, Herman Miller, IncAnimate Your Team And Unleash Their Creative Power The Pixar WayCreativity Doesn T Follow Titles It Just Comes From Where It Comes FromEd Catmull, Pixar Cofounder, Pixar And Disney Animation Studios PresidentIn Movies From Toy Story To The Incredibles To WALL E To Up, Pixar Studios Continues To Set New Standards For Commercial And Critical Achievement Pixar Is A Place Where Collaboration Sets The Tone For Artists And Geeks To Work Side By Side In A Spirit Of Mutual Respect And Trust The Key Lies Not Just In Who Writers, Animators, Directors, Tech Wizards, And Others Makes Pixar Outstanding, But In How Pixar Creates The Ultimate Haven Where Creativity OverflowsIn This Eye Opening Book, Bill Capodagli And Lynn Jackson, Authors Of The Disney Way, Reveal How Pixar Has Reawakened The Innovative Spirit Of Walt Disney They Explore How President Ed Catmull And Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter And The Rest Of Pixar S Brain Trust Have Built An Organization On The Simple Philosophy That Quality Is The Best Businessplan It Makes No Difference If You Are Making A Movie That Takes Four Years Or Serving A Customer That Takes Four Minutes, You Have Only One Chance To Deliver That Magical, Magnetic, Enchanting Experience For Your CustomerIn This Concise, Accessible Book, Capodagli And Jackson Offer Examples Of How It S Done And Explain What It Takes To Get Your People To Achieve Greatness By Unleashing Their Power ToDream Like A Child Have A Vision, And Be Able To Clearly Communicate Your Objectives And GoalsBelieve In Your Playmates Hire Creative People, Trust In Their Skills And Judgment, And Inspire Them To Trust Their ColleaguesDare To Jump In The Water And Make Waves Challenge The Status Quo Encourage Risktaking, But Permit Your People To Fail, Get Back Up, And Try AgainUnleash Your Childlike Potential Focus On The Details Make Quality Work Your Business S Highest PriorityLearn Not Only From Pixar But Also From How Other Leading Organizations Google, Griffin Hospital, Men S Wearhouse, OMA Opening Minds Through The Arts Student Achievement Program, Nike, Target, And The Internet Shoe Giant Zappos Unshackle Their People S Imaginations And Do Outrageously Great Things And By Motivating Your Team To Innovate The Pixar Way You, Too, Can Discover The Magic That Will Help Your Business Stay Ahead Of The Competition, Attract The Best Talent, And Fatten The Bottom LineIn , Bill Capodagli And Lynn Jackson Cofounded Capodagli Jackson Consulting In West Olive, Michigan They Have Helped Scores Of Organizations Revamp Their Customer Service Experiences And Develop Innovative Products, And They Also Have Developed Performance Strategies To Impact Organizational Change Using Walt Disney S Dream, Believe, Dare, Do Success Credo Bill Capodagli Is The Most Requested Keynote Speaker On The Creative Cultures Of Both Disney And PixarVisit The Authors At Capojac Over the past year, Jamestown Community College has been tightening their belt as they adjust to a declining enrollment Smartly, they have also been pursuing a culture of innovation in an effort toefficiently use the dollars they have as well as create an environment that is attractive to students and businesses alike I am a fan of continual process improvement, which I blame on my career in the Air Force Oh, by the way, Happy 69th birthday, United State Air Force.When I look for books to read, I look for companies to benchmark in terms of processes and culture I am a huge fan of Google and how they operate but I am also a fan of Pixar based on what and how they do things When I saw Innovate the Pixar Way Business Lessons from the World s Most Creative Corporate Playground in a used bookstore, I knew I wanted to learn from them I was not disappointed As a bonus, I have a signed copy a benefit of shopping at a used bookstore Read I actually read this with a backdrop of my breakup depressed playlist so. it s a weird mix Mostly this just makes me feel like I m missing out on such great company culture Where do you even find places that breed such creativity To be in a place that is dense with innovation and ideas alienus non diutius A little simplistic makes you think like where is the chaos and bad stuff that happens with all these free rein but I guess nobody wants to publish that. Good reminders about how to create environments where good ideas can come about Maybe the single biggest personal takeaway is that it s easier to innovate when you re having fun Also, a good failure one from which you learn a useful lesson is better than a mediocre success one from which you don t learn a useful lesson Since none of us work in isolation, the people with whom we surround ourselves really matter Get the team right and the ideas will follow. O livro em si tem um formato de escrito bem tradicional, mas o conte do fant stico impressionante como a Pixar conseguiu ser uma inje o de criatividade e inova o nos moldes da Disney original na veia da Disney dos dias de hoje Muita coisa em que pessoalmente acredito em termos de ambiente de trabalho, motiva o, imagina o, e principalmente muita inspira o para seguir A short and simple book on the PIxar Way of doing things Lots of interesting observations and lessons that can be used in managing a company Wished there werespecific details related to the animations movies themselves or visuals that show the work place or the work environment Some good lessons to take away. Full of fun stories, practical advice, and usable leadership lessons. Whimsical analysis of Pixar s fun is work corporate philosophy Despite a blue sky tone, this book offers a fascinating window into the singular culture of Pixar, the world s foremost animation studio Management consultants Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson balance their accounts of technological advances, cutthroat corporate politics and astonishing profits with descriptions of Pixar s arcane approach to strategy and human resources The tale of how Pixar s leaders exercise their determination to run the shop their own way while standing up to interference from Disney, their corporate parent injects narrative drama into this straightforward presentation of Pixar s in house philosophy Its leaders willingness to accept failure, and their faith in their own judgment about products and people, prove inspiring The lessons offered at the end of each chapter err toward the simplistic and don t usually demonstrate how conventional businesses might apply Pixar s methods Instead, the authors mostly leave extrapolation of Pixar s business teachings to the reader A lengthy index citing other companies that thrive under a fun matrix helps make up for that shortcoming getAbstract finds that those examples, plus revealing quotes from Pixar executives, will enable readers to emulate Pixar s strategy as they enjoy this inside the theatre corporate profile.