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|Read Epub õ Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies ã Michael Adams S Book Is Great Fun No One Intends To Make A Truly Bad Movie, But When They Do, Michael Adams Will Be There To Watch Itand Make It Entertaining John Landis, Director Of Trading Places And The Blues Brothers In Showgirls, Teen Wolves, And Astro Zombies, Film Critic Michael Adams Embarks On A Year Long Odyssey To Discover The Worst Movie Ever Made, Which Mystery Science Theater Star, Writer, And Director Kevin Murphy Calls Disturbingly Comprehensive, Joyously Critical, And The Best Of Its Kind From All Time Cult Classics Such As Reefer Madness And Plan From Outer Space To New Entries To The Pantheon Such As Gigli And Baby Geniuses, No Genre, Star, Or Director Is Safe From Adams S Acerbic Wit And Hilarious Observations In The Vein Of AJ Jacobs S New York Times Bestselling Book The Know It All, And With The Snarky Sarcasm Of Television S Mystery Science Theater And The Soup, Showgirls, Teen Wolves, And Astro Zombies Leaves No Stone Unturned With A Foreword By Cult Director George A Romero Night Of The Living Dead And Dawn Of The Dead Super fun Adams really likes movies and people who make movies, so he approaches his project with a lot of good will And because he s a film journalist, he s able to get people to talk to him about their movies There is also much musing about what makes a movie bad, what counts as a movie, film history, and so forth It s a lot of fun discovering the worst movie picks of people like John Waters and David Sedaris I ve read quite a bit about weird, bad, and psychotronic film and even so, there were movies here I hadn t heard of I could have done with a little less about his personal life he s trying to do this in the format of one of those I spent a year doing some crazy thing books and it kind of clashes with the film orientation of his project, because watching bad movies is not something that inflects your daily life the way that trying to obey the Old Testament or what have you does. You have to be a fan of bad movies which I am to appreciate this funny, irreverent book of the author s search for the worst movie ever made..not the usual so bad they are good such as Plan 9 From Outer Space by the beloved Ed Wood, but the so bad they are bad These are films that are almost beyond belief in their ineptness.terrible acting,, no comprehensible story line, hysterical special effects look like they were filmed in your grandmother s rec room on a telephone, and the list goes on The author, who is an Australian film critic, ponders how they ever were released or why they were even made His quest was to watch one bad film a day for a year and he searched data bases, talked to directors and other writers to compile his list He admits that by the end of the year, he was almost reduced to a gibbering idiot but he indeed decided on the worst of the worst, a film of which the majority of the public is unfamiliar This is a must read for the bad film fanatic but be advised that it contains some pretty raw language which might offend. As a longtime MST3K fan, I have a real affection for bad movies, the sincere the better stuff like Sharknado, which is deliberately made to be bad, is just insulting This is a fun book, weaving in just enough of the author s life to make you feel like you re taking his year long journey with him He writes about the individual films very well and without condescension or smugness Where he can, he talks to the people who produced them, which I m not sure I d have the nerve to do If you enjoy list books, and or bad movies, then this is well worth your time. I dare anyone to find a entertaining book about the artistry of awful films The art of analyzing horrible movies is not as simple as you think What constitutes shit to one person might be gold to another However, I don t think a whole lot of people would protest what s good or bad with the films author and film reviewer Michael Adams researched They re all bad Real bad Basically, every movie he analyzes some of these films don t require much analysis are all pretty much bottom of the barrel shit Still, other than rock and roll and literature, bad films is a definite passion of mine A passion I ve fed like a slimy rat in the basement since my teenage years when I first saw the brilliant shitfest called Q The Winged Serpent And, yes, while James Joyce might have had his archaic longings for a late nineteenth century Dublin, or Fitzgerald longed for the old singsong days in Princeton, I yearn for the lost golden years of the 80 s when I could walk into my local video store and randomly pick up such luminary films as Children Shouldn t Play With Dead Things or I Drink Your Blood, or have you forgotten, Mommie Dearest, the masterpiece biopic of Joan Crawford in which a ghoulish Fey Dunaway beats her daughter with wire hangers and cleaning supplies Such films opened my eyes to the psychosis of life Yes, there are crazy fucking people out there and some of them are writers and directors and even actors This was a revelation I still hold very dear to my heart Anyway, I have read several books about bad movies, but none of those writers have the comical and sardonic chops of writer, Michael Adams, who set out to discover the worst film of all time in one month Yes, he trolled ebay and garage sales and every other vendor you can think of to find these pieces of crap And along the way he gives us small descriptions of these films, their history, the filmmakers behind them including Ed Wood and what consitutes their badness and basically, their hilarity Anyway, it s a funny fucking book Read it My favorite chapter was definitely about hot actresses in the 80s who were married to lecherous old men that made weird films about incest Two such actresses are Pia Zadora, who was married to an Israeli tycoon who basically bought her a Golden Globe for Best New Actress for one of the most discomforting films I ve ever encountered, called Butterfly, about a hot farmer s daughter and her relationship with her ahem father Yuck The second star in this category is definitely Bo Derek whose scuzzy older husband directed her in a slew of crap movies that all had the underlying theme of incest These films must be seen to be believed And yes, I ve seen them all And yes, I said Yuck Thanks to Michael Adams however I have a list of horrible, wonderful shit to see Adams hilarious accounts of such movies as Vanilla Ice s Cool As Ice, John Travolta s Perfect, and other such steaming turds just make me smile Hopefully they will for you too.